Ticking Off the Right People

Republicans are losing battles with less style than they think.  Democrats getting what they want is a loss for dignity no matter how genteel Senate procedures seem.  Taking a stand against maniacal spending on insane projects would help both party and country, so forget it.

True progress is going to upset some confused voters. But they’ll win over fans of integrity and enemies of becoming Greece.  If John Boehner’s homeboys keep assenting to feeding a welfare state that fares poorly, they’ll alienate even more people who miss earning. At least the Surrender Party knows they didn’t stick to their ideals.

The erstwhile advocates of being left alone won’t make cuts due to cut-off balls.  Far too many GOP senators spend wretched terms cowering in fear of tantrum experts who don’t want to lose entitlements.  There’s not a chance of slashing truly expensive stupid programs when the pro bowers won’t even stand up to Planned Parenthood’s baby mills or the Export-Import Bank’s corporate dole. The flood’s up to the attic, and the Party of Coolidge is too afraid to bail out with tablespoons.

Mature adults should have conditioned themselves to ignore the whining.  Those made to fend for themselves will be naturally upset, and so what? It’s about time for whiners to hit the supermarket, where crossing items off the list will be easier once the damn economy isn’t being strangled by, oh, outrageous Washington spreading. A better job market is a reward for not paying people to idle.  But Politico and the network news might call them mean for realizing that money trees aren’t blooming, and they didn’t run for office so they could have their feelings hurt.

We can’t sink the republic for the sake of those with Democratic values. Congressional dwellers worried about offending the usual suspects should know debt will consume us as a practical matter. On a philosophical level, the purported small-government party should want to irk those out to hook healthy people to federal IVs.  That’s just about enough of thinking the government creates productivity by taking productive people into submission.  But the ostensible opposition is unwilling to stop the war on profits.

The financial experts are sure the bribes will pay off soon.  But humans need income, not lump sums, as seen from trying to dole allotments to individuals, companies, and industries in a spectacularly vain attempt to make them rich.  Getting checks instead of asking for change in an empty coffee cup means having to work, which isn’t as fun as begging.  Unfortunately, getting to float about without toil only happens in Heaven.  At least one side should recognize eternal paradise can’t be recreated on this stupid physical plane, so let’s apply for some jobs.

Refusing to cater to people angry about constant overreach shows elected Republicans don’t understand business.  It’s not even ironic at this point.  Most of the public doesn’t want a government that blows at everything running almost everything.  By saying “uncle” at the slightest Democratic brush burn, there’s effectively one party in Washington.  Then, Reince Priebus wonders why betrayed conservatives stay home. A party that will keep its promise to raise spending versus a party that will break its promise to lower it isn’t much of a contest.

Standing against the half-assed pinkos who think they’re qualified and entitled to commandeer spending is atrocious for the country, which you may have heard is founded upon not being bothered.  But the public will also respect boldness. Republicans remembering they’re allowed to be principled will perturb fans of money grabs.  But they should know the right people will be angry. Brats will have to feed themselves.  It’ll be good for them as they learn to grow up.

As it stands, both parties enable babies.  At least one shouldn’t do so, unless there’s no point to elections.  Actually, a vast segment of registered voters think that’s the case.  Republicans are trying to appeal to everyone and failing to appeal to much of anyone. Hoping ideas will win out is great, but you must have them first.  They should at least be able to come up with less awful plans.  But shell-dweller Mitch McConnell won’t even stand behind those.  Backing down is totally convincing citizens you’d be courageous with power.

Democrats win with brute force, which should at least inspire their alleged foes.  Sure, it’d be nice if Obama’s Delta Force would stand up to, say, America’s enemies the way they do a slight decrease in a spending increase.  But they just push through what they wish in defiance of courtesy.

At least one party should have some dignity and refuse to back unearned personal subsidies that can’t continue indefinitely.  The willingness to acquiesce to pilfering means the country sinks even deeper.  We don’t get an option because they don’t exercise theirs.  Having one de facto choice leaves no hope.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/505996.

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