We Lose, Woo!

Boasting of failure is a natural result of a screwed-up world.  Blame a frighteningly effective sales pitch.  Dolts who think capitalism doesn’t work are tacitly admitting they fall for any ad copy that sounds appealing, which explains every moment since 2009.  Dang: maybe they have a point.

But the adults want an opportunity to exchange labor for something worthwhile even if the kids are shrieking about the action figure the commercial made them want so badly.  Who’s going to earn to buy the fun plastic contraption? These sick brats are proud of taking down the economy along with the sense you should earn things.  They think others will keep subsidizing idle time even as they discourage effort.  I can’t envision the cash well ever running dry.

For the boasters, winning is an accomplishment even if if it means defeating good ideas.  You may relish the opportunity to point out when Supreme Court decisions lead to lousy circumstances, but it means ample suffering first.  Besides, statist crusaders will have forgotten their self-righteousness by then.  They’ll be condemning Antonin Scalia for dissenting against the gender pronoun ban by the time Obamacare has turned our incomes and insides to mush.

Those captaining us downward enjoy bellowing about how love is love is subsidies that aren’t in the law.  And the Iran deal will outlive this presidency, along with perhaps millions of free people.  The warm feelings of those shuffling America will have long faded by the time the frightening consequences of their goals are fully experienced.   To them, it’s not a good result that’s important but rather how they got what they wanted.  They can brag of a win without listing the merits.  After all, that’s the only reason their party is still around.

Your jaw may drop upon realizing that things falling apart is their plot. But astute observers suspected that was their script all along.  These deviants want babies shrieking instead of adults working, as they just happen to have a federal apparatus in place to control allowances.  By chance, hopeless people will vote for those who promise enough not to go hungry.  Life lately feels more uncanny than usual.

The lust for obscurity all makes sense, sickly.  An irrelevant America doesn’t need to spend on defense, as it can sink funds into making poor people rich.  The trickle-everywhere economy should’ve dripped us to prosperity by now.  Clearly, we need steeper taxes.  A fairer massive burden will at last bring that elusive equal feeling.

Selling decline is a sort-of impressive skill, especially for people with no other useful qualities.  But bullying helps, too.  Those putting America in reverse have amoral tactics on their side, which aligns with their enthusiasm for forcing humans what to do.  Shady executive orders are fun. But what’s really exciting is ignoring the rule book altogether. Amateurs evade laws, while true pros disregard the Constitution.

Sadly, too many have decided it’s a worthy goal for people who have never run a thing to run our lives. Worst of all, cheaters know the refs aren’t watching.  The underhanded competitors think nobody on the other side loathes the constitutional process enough to undo all this rotten junk, which is what it might take.  Those who merely wish to no longer be bothered are handicapped by respecting protocol as pushy statists have not. The general welfare is unwell.

Expert redistributionists who buy votes with fat entitlements and fatter pensions don’t worry themselves about constitutional niceties.  Their violations are inherently pushy.  As a result, we will have to wedge freedom back in to place.  The difference is we don’t hope to abuse the power we take with brutishness.  Claiming back what they stole is noble to those who read Robin Hood correctly. People who take liberty are eager to take income, too.  They expect praise for maintaining their standards.

They practically beg for pushback, so don’t let them down.  It may go against our nature to, say, crush their sick health insurance scheme with a simple majority.  But we’d just be restoring liberty confiscated in the same manner.  Deep down, statist fetishists will respect the force. And, although they won’t appreciate learning that virtually unrestrained personal autonomy is America’s default setting, they can learn to like it.  If they don’t, who cares?  It’s not like they queried us about letting a government that can’t protect rivers or your assigned number micromanage everything.  They’ll have to learn to work for what they get, which will provide extra entertainment.

It’s time for a history lesson, especially for those who don’t seem aware it exists. America faces Hamiltonian circumstances where we need to get a little pushy to get decent things back in place.  It’s no wonder this scumbag White House dishonors the first Treasury Secretary by trying to take him off money. Erasing history is a specialty of this administration, as concealment is easier than doing something worth remembering.

You’d think the depression caused by having to beg for allotments would signal to them that they have no idea what they’re doing.  But they’ve either convinced themselves things are nice or that not-nice things are the best we can do.  Both sound fun.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/505996.


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