No Rules or Progress

Doing as one pleases is now only for people who say you can’t do the same. The childish desire to act without fear of the results is the dream of unpleasant brats.  Take those presently drawing on the White House’s walls.  The crayon brigade has banished the daycare supervisor with expectedly joyous consequences.  Kids think running around is the ultimate expression of freedom until they’ve all stuck each other with scissors.  The question is why we let the patently immature boss us around.

If we get one more archetypical case of a useless government telling you by law it’s useful, we’ll have enough for a pattern.  For now, there are only one jillion examples of the randomness that follows rule by decree.  Take how Obamacare’s boundaries are redrawn minute-by-minute, which is a true inspiration to doctors.  Why retain what was learned in medical school when you can just wing it upon opening the poor sedated fellow?  See what looks like it fits together.

The improvisational medical spirit means setting aside deadlines, mandates, and promises.  But at least it’s all to not make us healthy and rich. The White House is certain that they’ll keep you whole at a fair price.  The exemption list can’t be amended at pace.  If Obamacare pimps have to lie in a futile effort to make people like it, the actual service is bound to be amazing.

Some lucky Americans have been issued get out of jail free cards.  Anyone shrewd enough to vote for the jailers is now above the law.  The Justice Department presently emphasizes their name’s first word by checking voter registration as part of evidence review.  Or maybe Hillary won’t get away with it this time.

A donation to a politician who thinks this is the real recovery summer is especially helpful for anyone looking to skirt prosecution. As a result, wish good luck to anyone hoping for a federal investigation of someone with an Obama sticker on a MacBook.  If anyone from Organizing for Action has heads in their freezers, now is the time to confess.

Ghouls who let ailing veterans and an ambassador in distress die are still being paid, if not working hard.  Someone like Lois Lerner should be getting her hair pulled in the prison shower.  But she broke the law to help her side, which makes her a folk hero to country-ruining dastards out to intimidate people who dare to want less federal spending.  Meanwhile, the last secretary of state treats destroying evidence like an accomplishment.  That’s what happens when you let someone who can’t understand that crime decreases as criminals are incarcerated be the warden.

Words are meaningless, at least to those who disapprove of standards for personal competence reasons.  Take treaties they won’t even admit are treaties.  Handing Iran all the uranium they could with both hands was a warmup for lying about it afterward. The White House disregarding truth impressed the Islamic lunatics they befriended, and common ground is crucial to any deal.  Sadly, these noxious dolts agreeing with each other will lead to genocidal chaos in the name of global equality.  But at least this White House proved that all it took to arm an international villain was prostration.

Autocrats do as they please.  It’s because they’re better than you, as seen by the outright competence leadership displays daily.  Similarly, people who discourage personal responsibility never exhibit any themselves. There are limits to the benefits of consistency.

The bossy types act without limits for as long as the public refuses to hold them accountable.  Most maddening of all is that regular people have the tools to pester jerks in power.  Instead, our more sanctimonious fellow citizens use magic glow screens which can access everything we know to spread claptrap on Facebook about how everyone has affordable insurance now.  Who cares if it never happens?  It just means a doomed nation.  But at least there’ll be no reason to worry about who’s got nukes.  Will Trivia Crack still work after the apocalypse?

Liberty now means politicians doing what pleases them.  Even worse, their top goal is restraining everyone not in office.  The libertines won’t extend the privilege of decision-making to regular Americans.  It’s not even like the ends justify the means: the White House breaks the law to hassle us into poverty.  In addition to being as warped as possible, they’re really setting a very good example.  Point out the precedent to your auditor.  After all, you’re only being targeted for your rattlesnake flag.

We may as well amused by absurdity even as we’re crushed into despondency.  The Poles would encourage us to laugh even while suffering due to the fits of rudderless bullies who would be even more oppressive were they not so oafish.  Do as they say, not as they do, even as what they say changes to accommodate what they didn’t do.  The toddlers in charge need their juice.  They’ll lecture you about how much sugar you spoon into your coffee.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at


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