Hard to Breathe

For smug bastards who purportedly love the Earth, liberals sure are polluting the atmosphere.  A crummy attitude changes everything, as you can sense from the stifling reaction to reduced oxygen levels. The White House thinks it’ll make our lungs stronger.  Instead, we’re presently strangled by restrictions on interaction that would be comical were they not so onerous.  Laughing about them will get you targeted by some droopy federal stooge who is not about to go back to temping just because you think workers should be doing something valuable.  Intimidation fuels this biosphere.

You may not be enjoying the era of attacking enterprise if you like paychecks and things to buy.  It’s the fault of businesses for making the government look bad by comparison.  Simple transactions are quite offensive to your political bosses, as they prove you don’t need guidance.

Take how your self-appointed decision-makers demonize Uber, one of the few things presently working.  Finding someone willing to sell a ride is as easy as human interaction gets; to an invasive government, that’s a problem.  Simultaneously, the baby face-stabbers at Planned Parenthood are not only free to sell pieces of its kills but also needs to access the public kitty.  Violating your conscience with compulsory donations is demented test to see how far sickos can spread germs.

A rotten ambience can drag down even places built to reach the sky. Take the world’s once-greatest city, a place where you could dare to use the sidewalks without fear of being super-murdered and extra-raped.  Rudy Giuliani’s New York was a shockingly glorious urban oasis where only criminals were scared.  Being able to thrive was much easier without fear of stepping on a syringe or passed-out hooker.  And you could still be an artist even with clean sidewalks.  If you don’t like the Disney Store, hang out somewhere other than Times Square. Filth was better organized.

To be fair, the thought of walking wherever you please is a radical one. You can do the same in Bill de Blasio’s city; it’s just that you’ll be mugged by a member of his coalition.  As a best-case scenario, you will encounter aggressive panhandlers and those choosing to slumber in public. The nappers seem tamer, but they take up seats and are cranky when awoken.  Forget the air quality: a scrubbed metropolis is back to being polluted.

The attitude you should and can care for yourself has been suffocated. The government graciously tolerates your shallow breaths.  Still, expecting Washington to do anything is problematic if one first attempts to cite a single successful federal intervention.  There are uncountable examples of meddling from which to select, with a couple more added daily by an administration that determined without evidence they make life fruitful.  Finding an instance where they succeeded should be easy.  Take your time.

Those who say the free market can’t do something make the prediction true through callowness and idleness.  The actively lazy could affect things positively just by minding their own business.  Doing nothing is sadly challenging, especially for such indolent humans.  But professional busybodies can’t let others go about their days.  Bothering those who are productive is a coping mechanism for those who aren’t.

All politicians are useless.  The truly bad ones won’t admit it. Marginally less awful leaders know that their only role is to preserve circumstances that permit the useful to invent worthwhile goods.  Instead, we get pompous dopes who think they provoke fruitfulness.  Interfering with helpful humans has made life miserable.  Elections are for people who can’t get respectable work.  Too few winners have the nerve to acknowledge that.

Liberals can help the environment.  It’s not in the manner of condemning us to primitive lives because of superstition about making Earth uninhabitable or even hoping pinwheels generate enough power to keep the air conditioner humming.  Rather, they can act beneficially by refraining from interdicting on those who are.  They must stop restraining effectiveness because of that frustratingly persistent notion that government is useful.  Drop this anvil on your china to keep it from breaking.  Dragging down others because of their own struggles doesn’t even make them feel better.

Smug-powered Gaia warriors think they’re helping by making themselves nature’s bitches.  In reality, they’re trying to save the planet when they can’t even lower the unemployment rate.  Making people quit the workforce doesn’t count.  Well, getting people to give up on the idea of simply seeking work is clever, in a way. Sitting there without a job shrinks carbon footprints.  And money only gets spent on greenhouse gas-creating luxuries like ceilings.

The real green solution is for eco-goons to stop polluting the world with their noxious ideas.  Rewarding criminality while raging against those who prefer to heed the Constitution is crushing the American ecosystem.  Don’t leave the baby in front of the tailpipe while moaning about exhaust.

It’s poisonous to tell a fragile species that those who got ahead did so through chance, grift, and white privilege.  Being locked in a room with filthy potheads is the worst sort of pollution.  The situation calls for smashing windows.  Emissions are at their worst.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/505996.

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