We’re All Miserable

Life sucks for us all under this president. We have achieved equality just like Barack Obama sort-of promised.  I do remember him mentioning how every human would experience eternal bliss if he got more electoral votes than Republicans, but that’s just quibbling about details.  It is probably we who failed the Savior, anyway, what with our insistence upon separate checking accounts.

The lack of trust restrains those helpfully shoving us forward.  Humans do indeed have universal interests.  But they involve exclusive goals in diverging directions.  Everyone is out for separate things, which is very confusing to those who have been vaccinated for complexity and thus think everyone participating in the human race should finish at the same time.  The results are irrelevant compared to the opportunity.

The desire to be left alone brings us together.  Americans want to earn without being treated as villainous schmucks. If those who notice the country is sinking don’t want to be insulted by Obama, they should try to nuke Israel. In an era where those in power exploit the superficial differences they claimed they’d make irrelevant, individuality is even more important.  Give the finger to your federal minder with both hands for emphasis.

Start being yourself by stopping those defining you by your shade.  Star Trek taught us the folly of aligning with those of the same color, so let’s learn tolerance from the nerds even if Sulu turned out to be a nasty little racist. The automatic alignment is sad for both those who are and aren’t participating.

Everyone is hurt by some living as separatists.  Tell visiting aliens that most people of one shade support one side, and the visitors from a nearby galaxy would conclude said party has made life wonderful for them, right?  Next, good luck trying to explain to extraterrestrials what a Kardashian is and why it’s famous.

We’ll know race will be irrelevant once blacks discard the tendency to vote by complexion.  This sadly parochial ritual should be as obsolete as the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds.  Familial-based sorting is despicable when used to treat some as inferior and merely unfortunate when used to perpetrate the same poverty-bankrolling programs that have mired so many minorities in a presently inescapable rut.  Selling the end of hope has been good for Democrats, if not their voters.

Everyone’s hurting, which is socialism’s secret cruel twist.  Removing classes is the only way to ensure sadness is universal.  The present president teaches tolerance in his typically inadvertent way by showing pain is spread everywhere regardless of skin color.  Sadly, some bruises ache more.  The lousy economy has been especially challenging for blacks who simply cannot withstand any more federal assistance.  Obama must be racist against himself.

Idiotic economic goals affect everyone.  See? We are equal.  Income reshuffling is especially painful in areas where government aid has beaten prospects to death.  There’s more to life than not making enough to be free of assistance despite what the Party of Kindness may assure us.

Trying to overcompensate for obstacles is unhelpful. Crushing boulders with bigger boulders may have a downside.  People of all backgrounds need a government that paves roads and protects against crimes.  Presuming the apparatus designed to provide basic municipal services should guide our interactions is patronizing to all.

It’s hard enough to face challenges without having to overcome the urgings of lunatics.  You know things aren’t about to get easier when the notion that all lives matter is deemed offensive. Looking for racism in every phrase or gesture has made our reality the sort of thing that used to sound like parody.  We can’t mock what’s too absurd.

As for more grave ridiculousness, all Americans suffer when the White House props up tyrants who were finally being counted out. Now, the ref sticks his heel on Rocky’s throat. This revamped ending is awful.  Iran and Cuba are menacing all Americans regardless of the circumstances or lousy nations from which our descendants traveled.  If you’re not scared enough about leaders who aid the bad guys, know they see you as troublemakers for striving.  What’s been made is to be shared instead of sharing how to make more. All men should be sick of this.

Be glad the president broke the color barrier even if he’s rotten at his task. Now, we can consider candidates by merit no matter how scary that seems. Wondering which contender will screw up the nation the least is more in the spirit of elections than thinking the black guy should be executive for eight years because that would just be the coolest.  Why check to see if this particular individual is qualified? That’s bigoted.  With that profound qualification leading to sadly expected results, we can focus on electing someone skilled. That’s bad news for grinning doofuses impressed by the Buzzfeed selfie session.

Noting which politicians are more full of it than usual shouldn’t be a novel notion.  That process includes challenging the party that takes minority votes for granted.  Now that we’ve almost gotten having the first black president out of the way, we can focus on electing the first good one, or maybe a decent executive regardless of ancestry.  Vote for anyone who rejects the condescension this president has shown to all decent people.  Race riots aren’t surprisingly unrewarding as a longterm career.

The somehow radical approach of assessing a person’s character means not voting for, say, the corruptly unaccomplished lady because of the parts with which she was born.  Looking inside offends the party that sees humans as nothing more than components of groups.  Try something new if you tire of being classified with one look.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/505996.


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