An Obvious Future

Sorry for the spoilers, but we know what’s going to happen.  This presidency’s unfortunate consequences could’ve been predicted in summer 2008 by anyone capable of paying attention.  That’s the tricky part. This has not been an era for historical awareness.  There are apparently too few popular apps for it.

The contemporary ignorance of ancient ways presents an advantage to those who recognize reoccurrences.  The only problem is convincing enough people that we can tell bad things are in store. We can also accurately forecast that Katy Perry’s next “song” will need several cowriters, all of whom should feel ashamed of the output. All you need is access to a track record.

Noticing patterns is now a revolutionary talent.  Like all other skills in 2015 America, it’s to be regulated and disparaged.  We better tax practitioners as well, especially since this White House’s critics keep dangerously noting that spreading money keeps making it disappear. Why would people who didn’t earn something be careless with it, wonder those who’ve never dealt with kids?  The adult children in charge assure us they should be entrusted with what you’ve earned.

Big spenders of your checks have dangerously concluded the present level of federal spending is the proper baseline, which is discredited by anyone who knows none of the first 43 at this post didn’t need to spend so maniacally to fail. Somehow, many of them were able to make the government semi-function without continually flipping the debt clock.  Leaving people be was very unsophisticated.

The current staff is trying to help with methods that’ve only failed every time ever.  You can lower prices artificially for natural shortages, if that’s your sick fetish. Good intentions have only make daily life bad one million previous times, which means we’re due to break that streak.  Jump from a bridge and fall up next time.

Try being human for a change.  By lamentable contrast, our president acts like a computer program: the same data will always generate the same results.  Even worse, he’s the Windows of executives.  The latest crashes stem from goons dictating foreign policy.  Handing lunches to bullies is bound to make them stop.  At least spend high school learning why it’s miserable.

Those who were born before yesterday realize that projecting strength spooks the nefarious, who respect strength more than virtue.  Trying to slap them some skin to prove we’re cool doesn’t forge friendships, unless evil people no longer exist.

The pernicious suckers in charge think they can convince anyone to be swell despite frightening evidence to the contrary.  Noting the bloodthirsty jerks in Iran will cheat is as true as it is obvious.  But that won’t convince those modest minds who’ve concluded they’re going to usher in peace on Earth.  Why did nobody before now try to go without war?

We should burn these demon soothsayers who keep being right that things will get crummy. They dare to proclaim that government should stand up to miscreant Persians, not Americans with bills.  Barack Obama is scared of how his foes keep knowing what’s going to happen like inscrutable wisemen in dusty corners of bazaars. The benighted executive should open his mind to realize everyone counting the days until January 2017 merely notices how the tea leaves aligned in the past.

The president compensates for fear by acting unnervingly confident in bafflingly misguided predictions about his programs. Sure, none of them have come true. In fact, the precise opposite happens. It’s uncanny!  If one’s archival awareness begins in early 2009, one should still be able to tell that this president is full of it.  Now, someone tell him.

This reality-based White House is not involved in wizardry like those diviners who accurately claimed he’d make the economy stall and the Castros thrive. Conservative warlocks clearly used spells to ruin his dreams just to win elections and out of racism; it can’t be that their political foes took note of earlier dunces flaming out spectacularly with the same agenda.  At least those floundering geezers didn’t have examples from which to learn.

Noting the government isn’t good at anything spurs jealousy among those who refuse to accept results are consistent.  Shove an MMA champ, and maybe he won’t put you in a submission hold next time. Ignoring the experiment results has been a regular situation during Doctor Obama’s time in the lab.  I thought he liked science.

The future’s rotten, but not because of the internal combustion engine. Despite Criswell-quality prophecies, human progress won’t turn a multibillion-year-old planet into a dump after a century of comfort. Instead, heed those readers of entrails who are able to spot similarities.  It’s hard to accept humans even existed before this glorious era of cooperative stagnation.  But legends persist that people not only were around during those dark times but thrived while largely unsupervised.  Create the same conditions, and it can happen again. That augury does seems distressing. Let’s see if the next trillion borrowed from the Chinese and our grandkids is the sum that turns the economy.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at


Governing Still

The ideal politician is a lazy jerk. I want an inspirational luminary in charge who never does anything. Everyone else can get work done if the president focuses on his actual responsibilities such as reminding mullahs we have more nukes than we can store and watching for shoplifters in the Smithsonian gift shop. Signing bills to cut 10 percent of government agencies after first cutting half should only take until lunch.

As with everything else, Barack Obama’s image of a work-averse slug is a facade. Sure, this president is serious about recreation. But he’s lamentably active during the banker’s hours presidency. Life would be a lot easier right now if he didn’t pack so much harassment into those brief moments when he can summon the energy to abuse the office. You know you’re blessed with an uplifting boss when you hope he goes back on vacation. He can be miserable while indulging in unimaginable luxury like someone who knows he’s blessed.

A truly legal and decent president would spend his working hours on Periscope flipping off his phone to remind other countries who’s boss. He constitutionally can’t just invent rules no matter how awesome it’d be to have car engines run on positive vibes. Such restrictions of code and physics are unconscionable to a man who must’ve been appointed based on how he acts.

Obeying the proper responsibilities means not bothering us, and he won’t stand for either. A properly lackadaisical president is all we want. The absence of irritations shouldn’t seem like such a desirous outcome. But we live in unpleasant times where independent decisions are as antiquated as private revenue.

The right to breathe isn’t spelled out in the Constitution. But we can go with a broad interpretation in this one case and say it’s implied. All today’s right-wing zero-government radicals want is for the boot to come off the neck. Pretending liberty presently flourishes is a tacit admission that one doesn’t follow the news or interact with the world.

You don’t realize how nice your brain feels until the headache goes away. The simple lack of stifling pressure will feel like relief. It’s a testament to the thorough foulness of present conditions that just getting back to normal will be a victory of sorts. Permitting acts of voluntary commerce should not be a revolutionary notion in this nation, so let’s reestablish them and dance around discussing these years in future conversations.

The president has relatively easy job, which differs from this particular one’s brief moments of vigorous bitchiness. The incumbent works as little as possible to screw up as much as he can. He appreciates efficiency in only a single sick manner. By comparison, a decent president just has to stick to the employment requirements.

The present hire tries to cook and serve your food as he busses your table, which is especially problematic considering he works at a bank. The next one merely has to stop doing atrocious things. Leave the hard work to us, especially since the government only makes it harder. Duct-tape hands if necessary.

Enduring agony makes life seem special after, so at least there’s some value from these dumb times. Less suffocation is going to seem nice. We’ll feel better with the mere absence of crummy insurance by order, a billion edicts from a million twerps with plastic badges, and your money being spent on things you’d never buy to purportedly help you. Mandate Nation has inflicted incredible discomfort on those it’s supposed to assist. Cutting the strings is a relief once you’ve coped with these special sinister puppeteers.

Voters should seek an inspiring leader to loathe just a bit less. The Cuba-hugging, entrepreneur-punching sons of bitches presently in power serve as a reminder to hate every politician, including and especially ones for whom you vote. Those who are aware power is supposed to be limited are trying to pick the one who will screw up things the least. Kicking down barriers that the last dope erected for progress is a worthy goal. We should still loathe whoever wins to keep same wretch in line, even if we’re marginally appreciative.

Avoid worship regardless of how awesome the next person seems. We’re not talking about Lemmy here. Look where people thinking they elected Jesus Junior got us. One can respect the shepherd who knows growth can actually make the ominous debt clock tick down. But those placing faith in politicians are presuming government can be used to make it all better. I’d say that level of thinking is for five-year-olds, but I don’t want to insult any kindergarteners.

Those who are aware Washington only annoys shouldn’t be idolizing anyone sent to rot there. Prudent restraint is embodied by those smart enough to know they can’t do it all. You just may have tired of someone who tries to do everything and bites at all of it. This country has earned a guardian who trusts us enough to let us spend out allowances. After all, it is the law.

Legal niceties like the Constitution don’t bother this chump, which is another reason to select someone who will actually behave. Federal help never is. Our next president can do nothing except cross out words and still call it work.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at

Words Inaction

Most people learn that doing and saying are different things by kindergarten.  But we live in an era where some never grow up. Paying your student loans is as obsolete as getting insurance.  Enjoy your comic book films.  The worst idea is that good ideas alone make the world better.  Never mind how crummy the concepts in question actually are.

The deleterious effect of leftist dogma upon semi-implementation should temper enthusiasm.  While shocking, we must face the possibility that politicians sometimes promise things that won’t happen.  The only elected officials who can skip confession are those who assure us they’ll do nothing.

Please stop fretting over the end of the world.  It’s only human life that’ll end. Peacemongers say they’ve got a way to keep Iran’s atoms whole. After all, they wrote it down.  You think a proposal could go wrong? That’s anti-science nonsense.

The clownish teachers’ pets say their paperwork will stop certain parts of the globe from glowing green.  The difference between us and them is that we’ve actually read what Iran gets in exchange for smacking us about. Buying term papers off the internet is finally biting these academic frauds in the keister.

The Iran deal will follow the flowchart, as the rotten bastards sympathetic to our enemy in a war to preserve society took a vow to not hide anything during the weeks before inspections.  Checking under their rugs is Islamophobic.  Do you think they’ll fly away on them in their turbans and curly-toed boots?  It’s no sillier than thinking America’s sworn antagonists will turn into angels after we give Starbucks gift cards to their diabolical nuclear scientists.

Words can’t bring peace, especially when spoken by John Kerry. Take this windy administration’s regrettable habit of reaching out to countries who have a history of wishing America was destroyed and doing everything in their feeble power to make it so.  We’ve done what we’ve can to isolate those whose sick beliefs are contagious.  But global citizens now bond by virtue of swapping illnesses.

The problem with reaching out to our enemies is that they’re jerks. The chicken-and-egg quandary isn’t as perplexing as it seems, as rotten paradises like Cuba picked fights with what remains a sort-of beacon for decency and liberty.  The goons are smashing eggshells because of chicken behavior.

President Costanza thinks it’s not a lie if you believe it.  The Jerk Store called, and you’ll never believe who they’re running out of.  He still truly believes making everyone get insurance would provoke quality. Obamacare was supposed to keep us healthy at a bargain.  Yet, forced participation somehow raises prices, as if government inexplicably can’t manage costs.  Could it have something to do with how there’s no reason to watch spending when customers can’t shop elsewhere?  I also miss the funds we had before the government spent them. They don’t seem to have reappeared.  Well, it’s good to focus on spiritual life instead of worldly concerns.

It’s so much fun to associate with folks who say they’ll do amazing things.  You can find many of them attached to barstools.  Bellowers of grandiose plans assure us everything would work perfectly if they had just a little power and money.  But it turns out even a lot doesn’t help.

This White House still maintains they’re going to ensure everyone at a discount, turn Iran’s centrifuges into pita dough spinners, and improve internet speeds using the government that brought us the post office.  Bettors could make fortunes wagering every single thing the party in power says will fail to happen if gambling weren’t illegal.  Uncannily, the same politicians took your right to wager.  They don’t seem to trust you.

A written plan always works perfectly; ask anyone who’s been to war. It’s fitting that such a pompous executive epitomizes a mouth that moves faster than feet.  Someone who gabbed his way into global prominence persists in insisting he’s cool because he says so. The ultimate poser fooled enough suckers to get elected student council president.  He’s not just making the cafeteria miserable.  This world’s as dumb as high school. The idiotic cliques and pointless classes are almost as bad as getting hassled by teachers who think it’s important. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.  The remnants lecture.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at

Obama Versus Democrats

The sane people left worry because Barack Obama’s successes have been such a failure.  But his example doesn’t necessarily mean future Democratic triumph. The smug incumbent’s uncanny ability to grin through catastrophe certainly doesn’t mean we’re doing okay, especially since he managed to sucker the same tourists at three-card Monte twice.  His party may not be able to pull off the same con.

Negative conservatives blame him for the crash just because he’s in the driver’s seat hugging the deployed airbag in between Jim Beam swigs. Well, it’s important to stay hydrated after someone causes you to ruin a lamppost.

It’s important to recognize patterns, especially considering what happens when the White House is run by brats who don’t.  East Germany’s economy is no more fun than its foreign policy.  But those hoping to hop into the West can’t allow themselves to be conditioned to think that cynical Democratic ploys to buy votes with money we never had will always work.  The Chinese won’t pay for it indefinitely, especially once they start blackmailing us with what they took either through security incompetence or a Secretary of State who hid corruption by letting everyone have a turn with her server.

Speaking of Bill Clinton’s spouse, we’re accustomed to feel like she’ll get away with it every time she does something atrocious.  Grandma Hill is such a putz at concealment that she’d strangle an unpaid intern for bringing her decaf on camera.  But those conditioned to see life as a horror movie fear the utterly corrupt, utter leftist could still sucker enough voters.  After all, Obama ruined the economy while disregarding the law and got in again.  But she can’t seduce voters any more than she can Bill.

Those who remember the Constitution exists are shrewdly wary of the dangerous power of allurement, especially among those willing to be fooled.  Some sad lumps of humanity are so desperate to feel love that they’ll turn to the guy who emptied their wallets and made copies of their keys because he tells them of their comeliness. Dignity may come back into fashion.

Our election results aren’t as rational as one might surmise, unless getting others to buy your things can be seen as shrewd.  Those paying your way won’t ever get sick of it.  I’m sure presuming those getting screwed will continue to lie there and take it is not a fatal flaw in the very selfless process of demanding entitlements. Democrats offer a unique appeal to lunatics who either think we all presently access wealth or that there’s value in destroying it.

Hillary’s selling the same garbage barge as a yacht to people who think there’s nothing more to life than wallowing in trash.  These cult members have awfully low standards.  Blessedly, she peddles awful ideas without charisma, which makes it hard to convince recruits to sign over their labor for the next billion years.  The shrill felon’s campaign could still could be troublesome because enough fools think free is better than paying. But more people are realizing she’s not worth listening to for more than one reason.

The wisdom of getting off the tracks before a third train hits us is not enough to ensure safety.  It’s natural to be scared that we may face a 50 percent extension of an era renowned for financial despair and crushed purpose.  The deflating scheme is especially plausible since enough fools have remained in New York and California to ensure their lamentably ample electoral votes go to the Democratic stooge.  But retaining magical control by promising to buy your votes may not be sustainable, as even those receiving the sales pitch may tire of the emptiness.  Some may not want their financial spigot controlled by Bill’s doormat of a spouse.

We’re a government of laws, not men, with the example of the present executive man to serve as eternal example number one.  Building around one charlatan’s personality is bad for his team, too.  Obama made the party all about him when he’s not claiming Republicans are selfish.  He can only sell himself, as seen by losing the House and Senate along with many governorships and state legislators. Maybe some village aldermen are still proud of their Obama bumper stickers.

Overall, few are willing to associate with the side responsible for both stabbing Americans and smooching dictators from the back.  The shyster has been as ruinous to the nation as his party.  We could do without the symmetry, although Democrats deserve everything they get for supporting such noxious nothingness.

Our president is good at positioning himself to do bad things.  That counts as credit.  His puzzling ability to win despite utter incompetence paired with proficiency at installing his atrocious ideas will always scare Republicans.  But there are no Democrats on the horizon who can reproduce his cult-like status, meaning his is ultimately a pyrrhic victory.  The fact he doesn’t know enough about history to be aware of what that means will make undoing his demented revisions that much more fun.

It’s too bad for the trickster’s party that he cares about nothing other than ramming through what he perversely figures will be a memorable legacy.  You may be shocked that the man who’s inflicted incalculable damage doesn’t care about what happens to his party once he’s living a full retirement on Hawaii’s beaches looking for misplaced necklaces with a metal detector.  An avid endorser of communality only worries about himself.  His ideas will be part of the campaign without him next year.  Good luck to those who believe what he says.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at

Ruined on Principle

One must really hate conservatism to ruin things by trying to prove it fails.  The real-world consequences of silly principles cause more blues and bruises than some anticipated.  Hypotheses about the perfectibility of man and the inherent kindness of the Castros were doomed to fail, as those with the slightest interest in news could’ve told them.  The radical social scientists are so desperate to demonstrate a properly-limited government causes harm that they’ll impose the order they figure humanity craves.  We end up hoping only for relief from their help.

Some who are competent enough to tie their own shoes and order from restaurants turn into rabid obsessive lunatics when opposing those diabolical Republicans.  Facts are irrelevant to those convinced of their own righteousness, especially considering they’re the same ones who ironically often condemn Christians’ blind faith.  Instead, leftists worship opposition to ideas they dislike.  They find them mean.  Persisting in thinking other philosophies inflict pain distracts from the actual bloodletting they’ve caused.

Giving up victory is a sure way to stick it to those who won.  The Iraq War is demonized as Satan’s crusade by those too rabid to notice the good guys prevailed. To be clear, Americans were the good guys. Eventually killing enough scoundrels led to a relatively stable nation, especially considering the neighborhood.  That’s not even to mention a residual presence of our nation’s badasses which would’ve deterred future jerks.  Saddam Hussein’s erstwhile domain held elections, for Heaven’s sake. Voters didn’t have to vote for his corpse.

But representative government was irrelevant to those peace-loving souls consumed by frothing hatred for Tyrant Bush’s victory over someone who totally wasn’t a cartoonish international villain. And the weapons that were there weren’t there, as anyone devoted to evidence knows. Unnecessary surrender isn’t a new habit for some: abandoning the win is a Democratic specialty learned in Vietnam. This nation can come out on top in any war until that one party decides we’re better off abandoning the trophy. We don’t want anyone thinking we’re arrogant.  I’m sure nobody naughty will fill the vacuum.

Liberals have a different idea of paradise than your harps-and-wings take. They prefer junkies fighting with hookers over who gets to mug tourists after panhandlers get their cuts.  Murderers bide their time.  Welcome back to the sweet ’70s, where the tunes are syncopated and walking around means risking one’s life.  New York City is getting that throwback feeling, and it’s not about garish polyester threads and decadent discotheques.

Gotham got more dangerous by wholly random chance after electing socialist twerp Bill de Blasio to serve as executive. The city is jammed with monuments to capitalism, which will soon be abandoned as tributes progress. The worst part about letting criminals police neighborhoods is we already have ample examples of decades lost to the same pitiful principle.  Governance in the social worker model has led to many victims for municipalities to support. It’s okay, as the money of rich citizens will never dry up for as long as moving remains uninvented.

Rotted hulls of once-great metropolises don’t provide enough evidence that only scumbags thrive when virtue is denounced as policy. Hippie-intensive decades were spent proving crime-loathing citizens right as they ruefully hid while thieves preyed.  Innumerable examples are easy to cite even if they’re layered with graffiti.  But stubborn progressives are so unwilling to accept that felons are the victims of vigorous law enforcement that they’ll stab urban centers with sharpened screwdrivers again.  We don’t even get punk out of it. Nervous citizens can only hope widespread arson won’t come back into vogue as a pastime.  At least real estate prices will drop.  Liberals can only reduce costs by making things useless.

Nothing outrages our moral betters like people making different salaries depending on the task.   Purported income inequality is the only thing worse to them than Ted Cruz.  In fact, Democrats hate salary disparities so much that they widen the gap to ensure they have an injustice to mend. Watch them try to take from the rich to give to the poor, a quite novel idea. Never mind that it motivates both to stop working: we need balance.

I just wish we had examples of what works and doesn’t like widespread improvement during the Atari Age and massive stagnation during the Candy Crush Era.  We won’t let facts about suffering derail progress.  Our guardians decided they oppose moral outrages like the wicked cowering in fear and the virtuous having enough money to buy things.  For the sake of their discredited beliefs, they’re willing to defy results.  Now that’s dedication.  Ideological purity just happens to cost income and safety.

Why not let such kind beings care for you?  It’s not like you have a choice if you’re out to avoid starvation.  To the benevolent restrainers, once-hardworking Americans dropping from the workforce is a triumph, as it means the savior can direct the famished to the loaves and fishes exchange.  Progress is the enemy of those out to condition humans to rely on assistance.  They’ll ruin lives in a vain attempt to demonstrate the validity of their goofy notions.  Commitment has limited value as a virtue.  Contributions to their church are mandatory.  If you don’t want to donate, don’t make any money.  See? You have choices.  There’s an upside to imposed brokenness.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at

The Life of Edward Lichtschein

Edward Lichtschein

Edward Lichtschein would have had a lot of fun with today’s pods, pads, and other gadgets. A computer engineer by trade, he was quite proficient at diagnosing and repairing machines that weren’t being cooperative.

He had a knack for making electronic machines go. But fixing broken technological items was only what he did for work, not who he was. Edward was a modest, attentive, and funny person who solved problems while enjoying life.

Edward was a New Yorker through and through. People who choose to stay in the city like him give it character more than anything else. Edward sounded like the sort of person that tourists would be lucky to chat with if they happened to talk to a local on the sidewalk. Hard workers who also live in the city help make it vigorous and vibrant.

Simultaneously, part of New York’s fun is experiencing divergent lifestyles on the same day, which he exemplified by living and working in different boroughs. A resident of Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, Edward worked as a software designer for a Manhattan-based company called eSpeed, a subsidiary of financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

Edward certainly made sure he was qualified to pursue his career. And he did so without leaving the greatest city in the world : the Knickerbocker did all his schooling in New York City, too, getting an undergraduate degree in engineering from Columbia before obtaining a masters degree in physics and engineering that was jointly awarded by New York University and Cooper Union. He got a tremendous education without ever having to cross the Hudson River.

Even then, a resulting impressive career was just the start of how he maximized his hours. Edward enjoyed activities such as writing and drawing in his spare time. The latter served an important part of the most important part of his life, namely his family.

He liked doing sketches for his siblings’ children, especially when it came to his specific hobby of creating hand-generated pictures of fun family situations. Edward’s relatives, who knew him as Ari, enjoyed spending time with him as much as he did with them.

His interaction with relatives also entailed reading to his younger nephews and nieces. When it came to the older ones, he liked talking about The Simpsons and rock music in addition to trading videos and CDs with them.

The way Edward connected with the nine children of his brother Mark and sister Vera stands as a most admirable accomplishment. We may not choose our respective families, but Edward chose to love and spend time with his. It was a big part of how he spent his life.

Edward was murdered by terrorists one decade ago after going to work in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. He was 35 years old, and was just living his life on his last day with us.

Of course, he was taken far too soon. But Edward accomplished so much in three and a half decades. Those who knew him say that he was as smart as he was kind. The impression left by people who knew Edward and publicly shared stories about him is that they felt fortunate to have been part of his life. Those who learn about him now should consider his life as an embodiment of everyday joyousness.

By all accounts, he truly appreciated the activities in which he chose to partake such as traveling and listening to music. Even further, he was given many gifts which he developed and shared with others. Working hard to maximize what we have is what we should all do; Edward did a fine job of demonstrating this fulfilling maxim.

We should be thankful for people like Edward and strive to emulate how he lived well whether working hard or cherishing family time. Simple things can’t be appreciated enough. Edward Lichtschein’s life should be remembered by the high standard he set for the rest of us. Nobody can ever take away what he did or the example he left.

Originally published September 11, 2011.

Liam Colhoun, Always Remembered

Liam Colhoun

Liam Colhoun’s final resting place is plot N-73 of the National September 11 Memorial. The 11 years since his death haven’t dissipated the pain of his loss. But the atrocity’s anniversary is a chance to recall not only the loss of a beloved worker, father, husband, and consumer of enjoyable moments but also celebrate that such a courageous person added so much during his time on Earth.

He was at work on September 11, 2001 as an operations supervisor at the Bank of America. But the seemingly typical day actually reflected the schedule of someone who figured out how to adeptly assemble his life. Stationed on the North Tower of the World Trade Center’s 81st floor, he had come to the job from a Wall Street firm in part so he could have more time with his family. Liam’s ability to balance time between a rewarding profession and unpaid yet far more rewarding time can best be classified as inspirational.

Excelling at a profession enables the opportunity to pursue the aspects of life one chooses. Liam’s actualized abilities were evidenced by the fond words shared by his employer after his passing where doing a good job was only part of the story shared.

The clear impact someone with an eclectic range of interests had on those around him is reflected by how so many people have taken the time to leave kind words about him at a guest book established in his honor. Such postings about his likeability and kindness reflect the nature of someone whom others were lucky to have known.

All accounts note that his skills as a manager were only the beginning of who he was. Anyone should admire how a great worker still managed to be a wonderful family man to his wife Helen and his daughter Brigid, who was five at the time of his passing. Those in his life have noted how wonderful he was with his child in the ultimate sign of any father’s success.

Without any inkling that his years would be diabolically abbreviated, Liam showed what kind of person he was in the time he had. And he did so right up until and especially at the end: the last reported sight of Liam in the tower after the attack and before the collapse was of him helping an elderly woman down the stairs. How many people have an opportunity to set an example of how to live life at the end of theirs? We should always remember that he acted unbelievably chivalrously in a moment of lethally perilous chaos.

Someone who represented the best of New York City was intimately connected to it. Liam was from Flushing, Queens and an alumnus of Manhattan’s Baruch College.He helped reinforce the image of Gothamites as people who thrive in challenging fields and yet don’t really get to their days until they’re out of the office.

And he will always serve as an example of a person with a successful career who didn’t let his successful career define him as a person. As an embodiment of a wild side that he professionally kept latent at work, Liam was known to wear a motorcycle jacket and earring after the workday’s end and indulge in rock music at home. Free time is valuable to those who have earned it.

Liam was 34 when mass-murdering terrorists took his life. It will always remain horrifying to think that each of the thousands killed lost the things they enjoyed and everything else that made them people. Meanwhile, everyone else lost the gifts the victims brought to the world, a pain most acutely felt by their families and friends who achingly endure eternally empty voids.

But commemorating the lives of individuals is the best way to celebrate the apex of humanity represented by those who were victims of intolerable injustice. Liam worked hard at something for which he had a talent while caring for those close to him, which will always remain a range of traits to which to aspire. All we can do is remember the amazing impact he had in his absence.

Eleven years later, nothing can make up for losing Liam. But being aware of how much he did before he was murdered should make anyone grateful for the time they have. His grave is also the site where he excelled and achieved a striking level of success as a person, in part because an impressive career was only a portion of what made him notable. A day that ended with unfathomable sadness began seemingly ordinary as part of his extraordinary life.

He did a tremendous amount in the years he had. Living life to the fullest wasn’t a cliché for Liam. The only thing we can do is honor him by appreciating what we have, working hard to accomplish what’s worthwhile, and aiding those in distress even at personal risk. Anyone should hope to live like Liam did.

Originally published September 11, 2012.