Ruined on Principle

One must really hate conservatism to ruin things by trying to prove it fails.  The real-world consequences of silly principles cause more blues and bruises than some anticipated.  Hypotheses about the perfectibility of man and the inherent kindness of the Castros were doomed to fail, as those with the slightest interest in news could’ve told them.  The radical social scientists are so desperate to demonstrate a properly-limited government causes harm that they’ll impose the order they figure humanity craves.  We end up hoping only for relief from their help.

Some who are competent enough to tie their own shoes and order from restaurants turn into rabid obsessive lunatics when opposing those diabolical Republicans.  Facts are irrelevant to those convinced of their own righteousness, especially considering they’re the same ones who ironically often condemn Christians’ blind faith.  Instead, leftists worship opposition to ideas they dislike.  They find them mean.  Persisting in thinking other philosophies inflict pain distracts from the actual bloodletting they’ve caused.

Giving up victory is a sure way to stick it to those who won.  The Iraq War is demonized as Satan’s crusade by those too rabid to notice the good guys prevailed. To be clear, Americans were the good guys. Eventually killing enough scoundrels led to a relatively stable nation, especially considering the neighborhood.  That’s not even to mention a residual presence of our nation’s badasses which would’ve deterred future jerks.  Saddam Hussein’s erstwhile domain held elections, for Heaven’s sake. Voters didn’t have to vote for his corpse.

But representative government was irrelevant to those peace-loving souls consumed by frothing hatred for Tyrant Bush’s victory over someone who totally wasn’t a cartoonish international villain. And the weapons that were there weren’t there, as anyone devoted to evidence knows. Unnecessary surrender isn’t a new habit for some: abandoning the win is a Democratic specialty learned in Vietnam. This nation can come out on top in any war until that one party decides we’re better off abandoning the trophy. We don’t want anyone thinking we’re arrogant.  I’m sure nobody naughty will fill the vacuum.

Liberals have a different idea of paradise than your harps-and-wings take. They prefer junkies fighting with hookers over who gets to mug tourists after panhandlers get their cuts.  Murderers bide their time.  Welcome back to the sweet ’70s, where the tunes are syncopated and walking around means risking one’s life.  New York City is getting that throwback feeling, and it’s not about garish polyester threads and decadent discotheques.

Gotham got more dangerous by wholly random chance after electing socialist twerp Bill de Blasio to serve as executive. The city is jammed with monuments to capitalism, which will soon be abandoned as tributes progress. The worst part about letting criminals police neighborhoods is we already have ample examples of decades lost to the same pitiful principle.  Governance in the social worker model has led to many victims for municipalities to support. It’s okay, as the money of rich citizens will never dry up for as long as moving remains uninvented.

Rotted hulls of once-great metropolises don’t provide enough evidence that only scumbags thrive when virtue is denounced as policy. Hippie-intensive decades were spent proving crime-loathing citizens right as they ruefully hid while thieves preyed.  Innumerable examples are easy to cite even if they’re layered with graffiti.  But stubborn progressives are so unwilling to accept that felons are the victims of vigorous law enforcement that they’ll stab urban centers with sharpened screwdrivers again.  We don’t even get punk out of it. Nervous citizens can only hope widespread arson won’t come back into vogue as a pastime.  At least real estate prices will drop.  Liberals can only reduce costs by making things useless.

Nothing outrages our moral betters like people making different salaries depending on the task.   Purported income inequality is the only thing worse to them than Ted Cruz.  In fact, Democrats hate salary disparities so much that they widen the gap to ensure they have an injustice to mend. Watch them try to take from the rich to give to the poor, a quite novel idea. Never mind that it motivates both to stop working: we need balance.

I just wish we had examples of what works and doesn’t like widespread improvement during the Atari Age and massive stagnation during the Candy Crush Era.  We won’t let facts about suffering derail progress.  Our guardians decided they oppose moral outrages like the wicked cowering in fear and the virtuous having enough money to buy things.  For the sake of their discredited beliefs, they’re willing to defy results.  Now that’s dedication.  Ideological purity just happens to cost income and safety.

Why not let such kind beings care for you?  It’s not like you have a choice if you’re out to avoid starvation.  To the benevolent restrainers, once-hardworking Americans dropping from the workforce is a triumph, as it means the savior can direct the famished to the loaves and fishes exchange.  Progress is the enemy of those out to condition humans to rely on assistance.  They’ll ruin lives in a vain attempt to demonstrate the validity of their goofy notions.  Commitment has limited value as a virtue.  Contributions to their church are mandatory.  If you don’t want to donate, don’t make any money.  See? You have choices.  There’s an upside to imposed brokenness.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at

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