Obama Versus Democrats

The sane people left worry because Barack Obama’s successes have been such a failure.  But his example doesn’t necessarily mean future Democratic triumph. The smug incumbent’s uncanny ability to grin through catastrophe certainly doesn’t mean we’re doing okay, especially since he managed to sucker the same tourists at three-card Monte twice.  His party may not be able to pull off the same con.

Negative conservatives blame him for the crash just because he’s in the driver’s seat hugging the deployed airbag in between Jim Beam swigs. Well, it’s important to stay hydrated after someone causes you to ruin a lamppost.

It’s important to recognize patterns, especially considering what happens when the White House is run by brats who don’t.  East Germany’s economy is no more fun than its foreign policy.  But those hoping to hop into the West can’t allow themselves to be conditioned to think that cynical Democratic ploys to buy votes with money we never had will always work.  The Chinese won’t pay for it indefinitely, especially once they start blackmailing us with what they took either through security incompetence or a Secretary of State who hid corruption by letting everyone have a turn with her server.

Speaking of Bill Clinton’s spouse, we’re accustomed to feel like she’ll get away with it every time she does something atrocious.  Grandma Hill is such a putz at concealment that she’d strangle an unpaid intern for bringing her decaf on camera.  But those conditioned to see life as a horror movie fear the utterly corrupt, utter leftist could still sucker enough voters.  After all, Obama ruined the economy while disregarding the law and got in again.  But she can’t seduce voters any more than she can Bill.

Those who remember the Constitution exists are shrewdly wary of the dangerous power of allurement, especially among those willing to be fooled.  Some sad lumps of humanity are so desperate to feel love that they’ll turn to the guy who emptied their wallets and made copies of their keys because he tells them of their comeliness. Dignity may come back into fashion.

Our election results aren’t as rational as one might surmise, unless getting others to buy your things can be seen as shrewd.  Those paying your way won’t ever get sick of it.  I’m sure presuming those getting screwed will continue to lie there and take it is not a fatal flaw in the very selfless process of demanding entitlements. Democrats offer a unique appeal to lunatics who either think we all presently access wealth or that there’s value in destroying it.

Hillary’s selling the same garbage barge as a yacht to people who think there’s nothing more to life than wallowing in trash.  These cult members have awfully low standards.  Blessedly, she peddles awful ideas without charisma, which makes it hard to convince recruits to sign over their labor for the next billion years.  The shrill felon’s campaign could still could be troublesome because enough fools think free is better than paying. But more people are realizing she’s not worth listening to for more than one reason.

The wisdom of getting off the tracks before a third train hits us is not enough to ensure safety.  It’s natural to be scared that we may face a 50 percent extension of an era renowned for financial despair and crushed purpose.  The deflating scheme is especially plausible since enough fools have remained in New York and California to ensure their lamentably ample electoral votes go to the Democratic stooge.  But retaining magical control by promising to buy your votes may not be sustainable, as even those receiving the sales pitch may tire of the emptiness.  Some may not want their financial spigot controlled by Bill’s doormat of a spouse.

We’re a government of laws, not men, with the example of the present executive man to serve as eternal example number one.  Building around one charlatan’s personality is bad for his team, too.  Obama made the party all about him when he’s not claiming Republicans are selfish.  He can only sell himself, as seen by losing the House and Senate along with many governorships and state legislators. Maybe some village aldermen are still proud of their Obama bumper stickers.

Overall, few are willing to associate with the side responsible for both stabbing Americans and smooching dictators from the back.  The shyster has been as ruinous to the nation as his party.  We could do without the symmetry, although Democrats deserve everything they get for supporting such noxious nothingness.

Our president is good at positioning himself to do bad things.  That counts as credit.  His puzzling ability to win despite utter incompetence paired with proficiency at installing his atrocious ideas will always scare Republicans.  But there are no Democrats on the horizon who can reproduce his cult-like status, meaning his is ultimately a pyrrhic victory.  The fact he doesn’t know enough about history to be aware of what that means will make undoing his demented revisions that much more fun.

It’s too bad for the trickster’s party that he cares about nothing other than ramming through what he perversely figures will be a memorable legacy.  You may be shocked that the man who’s inflicted incalculable damage doesn’t care about what happens to his party once he’s living a full retirement on Hawaii’s beaches looking for misplaced necklaces with a metal detector.  An avid endorser of communality only worries about himself.  His ideas will be part of the campaign without him next year.  Good luck to those who believe what he says.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/505996.

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