Meaning to be Mean

The nastiness really distracts from the dearth of income and sensible foreign policy, so thank your president for the casual insults. Those who dare notice this administration eats it at everything are going to be punished for making things worse.  We wouldn’t sense the agony without all these loudmouths pointing out the ouchies.

The utter adults in charge use the power they’ve accumulated for revenge, which is the most noble reason to pursue public service. They aren’t going to do anything crazy like leave people alone.  Why have the arsenal of sharp sticks if you can’t jab people with them, especially the haters?  The Constitution clearly tells those elected to represent the people to reward their lackeys while inflicting puncture wounds upon those who remember America has written guidelines.  Honor our nation by ignoring what it’s about.

This checkered White House attacks critics of big government with it, and they’re not even clever enough to be ironic. You’d have lost the wager that the IRS couldn’t have grown more contemptible no matter how sensible it seemed to place. Try to justify deducting the losses at your next audit. We better give unaccountable bullies massive amounts of oversight to ensure its critics can’t spread total falsehoods about it targeting the other side. When your job is to shutter critics, bonuses follow when you do it well. Critics who say the government stinks at everything should note success at pummeling resistance.

The benevolent tax angels just happened to shut down their opposition, who were thankfully out to destroy the country through less debt. Those muzzled must’ve been very bad.  This administration rightly loathes such forces of heinousness who happen to disagree.  They wisely and virtuously picked the behaving side; why can’t we stubborn conservatives heed the example?  I blame our patent racism.  The referees are also playing, so it’s good news that they’re really fair. First Amendment rights aren’t for anyone subversive enough to think present levels of governmental control are less than optimum.

Add utter bravery to things we adore about our elected autocrats.  They attack those they know won’t start a military conflict with them in return.  Iran deal supporters are classic cowardly bullies who prey on those who will only reply by pointing out how insane it is to arm the insane. Comparing those who note the deal lets maniacal mullahs get nukes with same mullahs only makes sense if you’re smug enough.  Barack Obama is unsurpassed. That’s not necessarily positive.
At least psychologists have a prominent case to discuss.  Studiers of politics and the human mind recognize that someone so vain as this president must necessarily be deeply insecure.  Yes, he’s just a fascinatingly complex fellow.  We simpletons are unable to grasp how enhanced our lives are, as being poor and scared are worries for simply minds.

Those with more practical concerns fret about what Obama’s given away than how he acts like a horse’s ass toward reasonable critics, although both are signs of a cataclysmically awful presidency.  It makes sense that they are companions in a sick way.

Don’t you loathe these narrow-minded anti-Obama bigots who assign the most diabolical motives to the other American party?  Wait: the arrows point the other way.  Claiming Republicans see things without subtlety is pure projection.  Nothing says tolerance like forcing someone to bake a cake they feel will lead to their damnation.  Thuggish progressives have learned that the only thing government does well is attack. That’s a useful virtue when, say, Germans need to be removed from France.  But it’s less helpful for taking on the cause of poverty, especially since they inflict so much collateral damage.

Lashing out at those with quite legitimate differences has helped create the pleasantness we’ve enjoyed since 2009.  Those slimed to massage the president’s ego aren’t the only victims.  The crummy ensuing atmosphere makes everyone grumpy, including those who are just misguided.  We can’t have a nice discussion when one side is viewed as agents of the Satanic Kochs.  There’s no reason to debate anyone we’ve been told wants Iran to go atomic just to embarrass the black president and who steals from the destitute to buy backup billiards tables.

Merely deluded people call for gun control out of desperate frustration after every shooting, think it’d be nice if everyone could see a doctor without fearing what that costs, and think working stiffs do too much for too little.  It’s still counterproductive, ridiculous, and semi-tyrannical to think that government will solve crises any more than holding napalm is the most effective way to deal with cockroaches.  But the chance to convince others has been discarded in favor of discrediting them.  It’s going as well as White House stewards’ efforts to assure us Obama’s not handing the Joker hospital blueprints.

People who detect a pattern where federal power only helps by spooking bad guys can’t possibly have a point.  The loathsome characterization of the party out of the Oval Office as orphan-smacking Ayatollah pals should horrify anyone who’s only delusional and not calculating.  But this White House will just call them traitors next.  Principled liberals could revolt against the contempt.  But that’d make them the next targets.  Being told you’re rotten for perceptiveness is not as fun as you’d think.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at


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