Short-Term Memory Loss

A president living in the moment doesn’t think ahead of who he’s going to insult that day. Just go for it like a jazz solo. The long-term damage free spirit Barack Obama inflicts will be unprecedented, but at least he’ll sink his party, as well.  It’s not just the country he’s been trying to smack into submission that will be diminished but also his beliefs which command him to wage war on the rich instead of ISIS.  He can’t disobey such a bossy mandate.

Noting a politically and personally childish president isn’t helping his cause over time may offer little present comfort when the repo man’s at the literal door as Islamist goons approach the figurative one. But Obama spreading lunacy like the clap amongst his glazed-eyed henchmen has led to them seriously wondering if a disheveled Vermont pinko who looks like he should be handing out pamphlets outside a Joan Baez concert can lead them into the glorious collective future. We should encourage our bitchy hippie friends to pursue their dreams, if only because they aid ours.

Obama made the case for us.  Sure, he didn’t plan to help his archenemies from the other party any more than he thinks American wretches can feed themselves without his help.  But the result is what’s important, which is the brutal lesson of these terms.  Trying to name tenets of liberalism that haven’t been discredited is as fruitless as listing allies who like us more since 2009.

Fresh examples are helpful to those who prefer living to developing theories.  Jobs and families keep many voters isolated from liberalism’s pernicious notions: they just needed to see the junk in action. The ideas can sound swell, because it’s nice to think, say, everyone should have insurance at wholesale rates. In reality, the miserable scheme has led to insurers dropping out of the workforce like they’ll get entitlements out of it. Free is a good deal until there’s no money left to pay you.

Higher taxes to make the successful share serve the same purpose as a maximized minimum wage, at least according to those who think raises are handed out by karma. In reality, a higher floor and lower ceiling only mean more unearned distribution, which has been the defining characteristic of this grabby moment.  I’d personally avoid a philosophy entirely motivated by the bossily delusional idea that certain jobs demand impressive wages even if the worker isn’t adding that much value.  This administration’s flunkies know nothing of business or being useful, which naturally positions them to tell others how to do it.  That wideout should’ve caught the pass.

Arrogance only helped personally.  For someone pimping mandatory cooperation, this incumbent sure is selfish.  He’s cost countless elections for his team as he’s smashed through the levees. Were those holding anything back?  Losing the House, Senate, governorships, and state legislatures is the price of having a visionary leader screw up everything while pouting.

Firing the afterburner got him ahead at the cost of running out of fuel.  The physics-defying brat thinks he can tempt solar energy into powering planes. Imagine Emperor Palpatine retaining power while the entire Imperial fleet was defeated, and Return of the Jedi ends with more of a whimper.  We wouldn’t even need the Ewoks.

The dark corners of the Michael Savage-listening, “Nobama”-in-a-Twitter-bio conservatism often accuse this president of being an anti-American agent.  The semi-conspiratorial charge wouldn’t seem plausible without his actions, which have shrunk income as abruptly as the sense you’re free to earn it.  But the real secret plot is that he’s working on Republicans’ behalf.  Even Reagan didn’t make such a fine case to shrink government.

There’s no better example of how this president’s beliefs are garbage than the devastation he’s inflicted on his own party.  Perhaps his willingness to bomb so close to his own positions is supposed to scare Iran: they should fear him if he’s willing to ruin Democrats for his glory.  It’s too bad he didn’t actually use the technique to his advantage.  His demented take on leadership would finally make sense if he’s a dashing saboteur.

Of course, it could just be that this president is as nonsensical as he appears.  He’s likely just too pompous to realize he’s helping his enemy.  But secretly working for Ted Cruz’s campaign would be the first productive thing he’s done.  If he was blundering all along to set up the Party of Lincoln to dominate next year, I may just have to reverse my life goal to stay at least 100 miles away from his presidential library. I’d have to wait a few years after he’s done with the economy to save up enough to visit.  He’s done a great job if he’s trying to be bad.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at


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