No Better Over Time

Trying stupid things for more years isn’t going to improve results.  One more shot probably won’t help.  For evidence, remember every moment back to 2009.  Heed the inadvertent wisdom of grandmothers like Hillary Clinton who prove the value of learning by showing the horrors of reciting the same garbage for most of a century.  A sharper whippersnapper who is half the ‘90s relic’s age would be far preferable as president, even if only for remembering nuclear codes. She’d write them on a Post-it and stick it where Putin could see.

Ideas trump experience, as a bright trainee beats a veteran putz even if the former has to be taught where to put his dollar if he uses a K-cup.  Greenhorns capable of recognizing how things work have a greater skill than those who have tried repeatedly and failed.  The next president should be one who can think new things out instead of approaching the same problem the wrong way for the millionth time. Woody Allen says 80 percent of success is showing up, and we should know better than to take the advice of a geezer who makes unwatchable films for snots while living as a scumbag.

Good ideas can get anyone through bad times. By contrast, a few more trips around the Sun or to the Capitol don’t necessarily provoke wisdom.  Some of the dumbest people not only have failed to achieve sagacity through the years but have actually hunkered down in fortresses of ignorance.  Tell them that duct tape isn’t the best way to attach boards, but they’re convinced they know best.

Internships only help those who are willing to do more than photocopy. Barack Obama would’ve spent his work experience smoking on the loading dock while thinking of what title to bestow upon himself for his résumé. The trainee president’s failures are only in part due to his unimaginably cushy life and four measly Senate years split between grandstanding and campaigning.

Bad ideas persevere in those too stubborn to mellow out enough with age to humbly reassess ample shortcomings.  Wisdom would help Obama cope with situations he hasn’t yet faced. But he’s as youthful as he is foolish.  It’s a relief he doesn’t have an important job.

This guy wouldn’t be a better executive if he started in 2028.  A few extra Senate terms serving as a sanctimonious dingbat would’ve been too much for impatient voters, anyway, as we still mop up the aftermath of cultists who insisted we had to screw up the country right away.  It may not offer much comfort to now he would have pulverized the china just as thoroughly if he had been the future first black president.  The only advantage if Obama had magically been humble enough to forestall running would’ve been the chance to elect Thomas Sowell first.

The reluctance to support a senator for president may dissipate out of necessity, for which you can thank news channels fixated upon the buffoonish faux titan who proves he fights by moaning.  Whatever the sad reason, a couple governors who managed to be successful despite the president kicking their crotches have headed back to their respective state bunkers, so there aren’t many executive options left.  But we may not have to fear that the next president who shifts from the upper chamber will be as lousy as the present one.  He just has to make sure to not believe the same preposterous notions about the excessively careless caring for you and your money.

Of course, executive experience can be helpful, as bossing around others is an invaluable talent.  Some football coordinators can’t put it together when placed in charge of the entire operation.  But many do fine once promoted, as well.  Make sure to select candidates who aren’t trying to get away with holding and interference.  Some staffers have leadership potential even if they’ve applied it in a group setting.  In political terms, someone from a group of 100 still can run things.

By contrast, a woeful manager won’t suddenly display competence as CEO, which you can picture if you like horror by imagining Jerry Brown finally getting to take his version of California national. A decent philosophy can overcome not having previously encountered similar situations. Conversely, the fading Moonbeam shows that nonsense remains the same no matter the decade.  A rotten approach doesn’t improve with age, as those waiting for a good Big Bang Theory season know.

Time served is only beneficial if it’s spent pimping decent concepts. Harry Reid is retiring while still having done nothing more than prove the elusiveness of redemption for the limply wicked. Another couple shady elections wouldn’t make him brighter.  He instead will blessedly take his misery to the private sector.  In fact, elected Democrats get dimmer once they realize they can exploit a certain electorate into semi-employment.  They would’ve been fired ages ago in any job where a sad majority of voters weren’t their bosses.

As for becoming less dumb, it’s possible but extremely unlikely.  After all, Obama’s still getting fleeced by adversaries and mathematicswith almost seven years of practice.  Don’t bother telling him the same applies for his dreams of an NBA career.


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