Mood Swings

If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best, claim those who are always at their worst.  Truly graceful swings from lovely to abysmal are uncommon.  Electoral trends tilt from one edge to the other, which sadly often appears to be the same side.  Politics defy physics.  Rotten times don’t have to last forever, which is heartening to those optimists who think we’re living through America’s death scene.  It simply requires as much work as pain. While we’re not looking forward to the repair work, the deterrence created by sleep deprivation is irrelevant in this exhausting world of ours.

The most helpful thing to those hoping to regain power is the other side screwing up.  Considering the arrogant putz filling the Oval Office chair, that’s not a challenge. The only thing that could stop Republicans from capitalizing is doing what they always do.  Acting like the opposite of their foes would help.  Nobody able to sit up and read should want to copy the Party of Biden’s efforts.  But if those in politics were wise, they wouldn’t spend lives affiliated to a party.

As you’d expect for government work, trends do not form a perfect pendulum swing. Perception is distorted in a sadly fitting manner.  Superficial observers conclude that each extreme ruins things, leading to the other faction getting its big shot.  But it’s really both parties ruining things, not ideologies. The typical political arc resembles nothing orderly like a balanced weight obeying the spinning globe.  Instead, it oscillates from a liberal screwing up to a pretend conservative acting like a liberal screwing up.  It’ll predictably come back and smack those who aren’t watching.

Those who thought right-wing monstrosities dragged us down are always shocked upon learning that the government spends a bit more than the unfathomable sum it confiscates from the fruitful.  Or maybe it’s those infamous limited-government entitlements that doom us to Chinese Debt Hell.  You Diyu not want to land there.  A president who acts like he’ll cut spending is one who hopes you like surprises.

Those searching for differences between the parties will be dismayed to recall the depressing end to George W. Bush’s run, which was good preparation for today’s even more crushing times.  It is somewhat nice to know government isn’t the solution no matter the equation.  If you want liberals to like his initiatives, leave his name blank.

Those who refer to the last Republican president as Hitler W. Satan should know he spent taxpayer money like they adore. But the guy from Reagan’s team was in charge, which means the economy could only have failed because he was using Atlas Shrugged as a guidebook. To my amateur outlook, bribing people who couldn’t afford mortgages seems like a liberal concept.  Still, tracking what side likes which things seems exhausting.  Let’s make America great again instead.

You can choose anything you’d like, as long as you’re fine with the Subway breakfast menu.  Does the place that used to employ Jared bake cookies that early?  Nobody’s fine in the Obamacare-or-fine era. Regrettably yet fittingly in the era of government consolidation of commercial options for your benefit, you get to choose one party or another that copies the first.  Humans capable of infinite choices in a country founded upon not limiting them get to pick between Democrats and Republicans acting like statists, the difference being one is honest about it. Voters go for the straightforward thief.

Those who joined a party which thinks it has a moral responsibility to spend your paychecks couldn’t be happier about the essential lack of competition in the candidate selection process.  That’s not just because races between big and huge spenders match their model of an efficient government kindly doling out affordable insurance.  In both cases, neither works.  Democrats get what they want either way, namely their purported foes acquiescing until losing.  It’s crummy for the country, but that’s irrelevant when there are elections to win.

As for anyone masochistically interested in gaining office to mop up endless spills by the other clumsy side, it’d help to stick to something decent.  A spending freeze might finally defrost our checking accounts.  Watering down drinks doesn’t impress boozers as much as you’d think. Republicans should notice it’s their surrender caucus that gets wiped out by those who don’t respect white flags.  Tearing down enterprise at entrepreneurs’ expense is another function the private sector can’t address.

One side frustratingly tries to dilute the other’s message instead of having the nerve to sell its own.  At least half the parties should be against bootlegging, especially knowing that an electorate capable of sniffing out phony goods will shop elsewhere.  Let people make their own real things.  Respecting that simple principle would aid their quest to get at least one vote over half in each race.  But maybe those calm souls who think Ted Cruz makes Satan ashamed will go GOP if we expand Medicaid just a little more.


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