Good by Order

The intention’s not to create more polarization in a country where it’s presently the only thing thriving.  But there’s no nicer way to note our time’s defining political characteristic than by blurting out that liberals act like bad people. We’re only trying to help them correct self-destructive behavior, so concern troll away.

Be polite about informing those screwing over the nation, unlike how they, say, explain those against funding baby dismemberment are women-slappers. Cussing at everyone who thinks welfare neither helps the economy nor humans is one way to convince oneself of personal tolerance, as anyone in opposition thus becomes not worth tolerating.  If it burns to contemplate such a mentality, imagine living with it.  The knowledge that everyone else is dumb and wicked necessarily means advocating force to get anything done.  Failing to recognize humans are already helping each other is why they feel compelled to bully.

That whole voluntary part of helping requires trusting others to have consciences.  It’s the worst.  We’d better force everyone to care via mandate.  First to go is the apparently preposterous notion that charity can occur without being held at gunpoint, as liberals can’t even conceive of widespread donations. Forget that draining the deep end to fill the shallow side leaves everyone stuck in the pool.  What’s important is we’ll be together. The Salvation Army does what government doesn’t, namely win the War on Poverty. But that means there aren’t people to help, which makes us feel empty.

Pretending everyone has good insurance is sure healthy.  Even worse, the hatred for those who dare to profit forces us to do business with a government that receives a fortune for doing nothing.  Congratulations to those who hate corporations for creating a marketplace where buyers can’t say no.  Instead, smug junkies sickly enable the most profit-hungry entity imaginable, namely the one that consumes without producing as it orders you to comply.  Progressives somehow don’t prefer a world where soulless conglomerates would have to beg for money.

Stores need your business more than you do their product, so use that to your advantage. Trying to impress you enough to spend is what lowers costs. Or, we could see if making everyone pay inspires the monopoly to watch prices.  Every purported bit of relief is merely charging someone else for something you want.  Subsidies are the worst sort of profiteering.  But at least they make things more expensive for everyone.  Customers really care about prices when they don’t get billed.

Professional loungers know how to make money so easily that they don’t even have to bother.  The experts will just take some of yours as a reward for telling you how to do it.  A meddlesomely escalating tax rate is only partially a punishment for accumulating riches.  Those who dare offer people what they want in exchange for money are rotten for allegedly paying pennies to the indentured minions who do the real production. Running a business sounds like sweaty brute work for commoners who didn’t get into Ivy League schools, even Brown.

Entrepreneurs risking everything to offer a product have to hike the minimum wage, according to those who’ve never been in position to earn or grant one. Franchise owners live on the second floor because they can’t get in at ground level on account of all the bullion.  Their wage slaves can’t escape.  Who could change careers?

You may feel tired of teaching the insufferable about projection.  In that way, psychology is just like making money and international relations, as our present leaders never learn.  If it helps cope, note the low personal satisfaction among those who use the law to compel everything they won’t personally do willingly.  Tell them about voluntary investment or assistance and they’ll look at you as if you’re from the Planet Vulcan. Some believe so much in the goodness of humanity that rulers must impose order on normal interactions.  They will do the ordering.

Making up things is of great assistance to self-righteous causes.  Note how a baby butchery is the last group that deserves taxpayer funding, and they’ll huffily reply that women need mammograms.  Note ladies can’t get such a service there, and they’ll ask when you became such a misogynist with your fact-checking.  Unlike the patronizing sexists who demand squeezing the federal kitty for everything, I think women are capable of paying for their own services.  Bully one group to bribe another for universal happiness.  Amateur conductors feel like they’re creating a beautiful tune when they’re just ripping off melodies.

The omnipresent failures since 2009 could be useful if the remedial class can learn to be decent without a directive.  Trust others to do the same, and discard them as options if they are not.  Understand that eBay feedback is worlds more useful for judging conduct than the National Labor Relations Board.  Trusting their own judgment is the first step to becoming whole.

The only thing that makes destitute enervation worse is the lack of self-respect to fight terrorists and for a raise.  The latter enables them to assist those down on their luck.  For now, they create more brokenness so they can provide assistance.  Where else can you turn but to them?  Don’t worry, as they’re swell.  Ask them for confirmation.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2014 columns at


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