Shock As Hammer to Head Causes Pain

Mock the guy bracing his head against the seat back he’s facing if you wish.  But it’s probably wiser to copy his example, especially if the craft is rattling.  Those shaking their heads at attempts to recreate the global harmony and prosperity found between the last two world wars await failure not with glee but because we sadly know what’s coming.

The simple act of noticing patterns is blasted as negativity by people living for the moment because they forgot what happened yesterday. We can only hope they retain the memory of why the glass isn’t chewy like ice.  Enter your passcode now with the expectation of having to call paramedics.

Voting counts as a job, or at least it should to shut up those conservative whiners who dare notice millions of despondent Americans are out of work.  It pays well per hour.  A few political observers somehow remain shocked that those assured life is a game rigged against them will keep voting themselves pittances.  But many presented with the option are fine with just barely getting by if it means not working. The option proves consumers pay attention to costs and benefits.  There are healthier ways of confirming markets work, usually involving a chance to earn.  Ugh, jobs suck.  Still, they beat croaking on Medicaid.

Presenting the option to bathe in resentment creates the poverty from which poor souls can allegedly never emerge.  Why do you think the left is so nasty to Ben Carson?  They don’t want anyone having crazy ideas about learning to save lives while rising out of poverty.  The excessively stable are more frightened by what happens when those coerced into funding realize they’re not tied to an area code. The successful people they despise better not stop producing, as that’d mean no funding for the ditch-digging and re-filling that will create wealth.  Those paying for all this nothing wouldn’t be that vindictive, right?

For putting people over profits, the new health plan is sure hurting both.  Obamacare is only going to get worse because some humans pay attention to what already happened, namely the nasty things that follow being forced to participate.  We brace for devastation not because it harms Obama but because Obama caused harm.  None of that matters to people getting rich complaining about getting rich.  Compassion junkies find nothing more diabolical than exploiters who outrageously demand to be compensated for service, especially when those people endure years of training so they may save your life.  Very smart economists have removed the profit motive, which has been again shown to be the one thing that drives up prices.

Don’t be shocked by the security failures that follow if Satan grants a favor and permits the election to fall to someone who’s at best a putz at it.  Lying about disregarding someone who asked for help is now portrayed as presidential by people who still cringe about Nixon. Those dismissing what Hillary Clinton did and didn’t do regarding Benghazi seem awfully uncurious about the result of leaving four men to defend what’s left of a place some random folks toppled.  We really should find the culprits, as I suspect the mysterious hoodlums are the same ones who keep kicking in our economy.

I only speak for myself, but I’d prefer a president who gives a rat’s ass about not leaving diplomats dangling after destabilizing a country.  Defeating a calculating woman who left an ambassador to face terroristsis the hopeful result, not the initial goal. Ensuring such a horrid excuse for a leader is never near power again isn’t personal no matter how much we dislike this particular nasty human: we’ve just seen what she does and doesn’t do when granted unearned power.  Elect a Republican in her place not for the sake of partisan gloating but so we don’t get an executive who yawned through a September 11 terror attack.  Now, listen to more about how government is here to help.

It’s not pessimistic to notice everything blows and is about to suck worse. Foes presently strangling the economy for its benefit think moaning is out of electoral estimation because they presume everyone thinks like they do. Not all people are out to retain political power at all costs, which is a revelation to the party that thinks political power fixes everything. That’s why they headed straight to compete for public office instead of doing anything useful.

Those tired of predictable failures just want to elect someone to reverse the rot. Some even note it’s possible to have complimentary goals, like how a person can get rich while helping others. Um, that’s what hiring someone is. Of course, those shocked that businessmen allowed to fatten their wallets may open them aren’t free market fans, either. If things aren’t going well, at least we have a plan to fix them.  Simply avoid repeating whatever’s being done now in this repetitively calamitous era. Life doesn’t always have to be this tricky.


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