Can’t Find the Blues

Liberalism loses, in case you haven’t been keeping up on the news.  Naturally, liberals are similarly unsuccessful, even aside from our personal feelings on their levels of charm.  The charge is mostly about politics, as they prefer.  Their failures at the only thing about which they care make their fondness as baffling as their beliefs.  Statists’ inability to create anything but woe is hurting their ability to be in position to mess things up.

Only a charming charlatan for the ages has been able to stay in power despite his awful record.  Everything is hurting under Barack Obama but Obama, including his sad party.  It’s no wonder that he thinks the successful only pilfer: it’s how he’s gotten ahead.  Life is a zero-sum game for those with zero skills.

Fans of trusting the people sure like imposing their stupid solutions on said people.  Bossy victories are the favorite of a president who likes giving orders. Tell him to complete any project, and he’ll glue his fingers together.  Those misguided souls taking direction from him are hopefully going to have their nail guns confiscated soon.

A dictator-y elected official is thankful for help from those appointed.  Thank your crappy courts for much of today’s similarly crappy radical social change. Partial credit goes to those who think five jerks nominated by a jerk in the White House and confirmed by 51 Senate jerks settle an issue for eternity.

People who complain every time the upper chamber functions as it’s supposed to and freezes some overheated garbage are fine with doltish snobs telling us what kind of country we’re supposed to have. Stop electing those goons who dream of imposing a facile agenda by filling the slots.  We may finally get the chance to weed at the root.

Governorships have turned as crimson as the Senate, while there are plenty of legislatures with which conservatives can work from Washington down.  So, Obama’s been helpful in his perverse way. The rejection of what’s going on nationally in many states is bad news for progressive vessels like California and New York aside from how their hulls are rusting through.

Liberal governors hate competition in part because they don’t want idly despondent citizens realizing they can move to states with jobs.  Republicans thinking of sucking up via promising handouts should take every liberal initiative being rejected as a sign. Don’t try to copy a failing foe.

It takes force to give people what they never knew they didn’t want. Washington since 2009 has been about muscling through burdens on a partisan basis, which is how good government works, right? The notion is as successful as the programs.  When your concepts are this awesome, there’s no need for consensus.  At least, that’s the odious lie those losing their grip try to peddle to anyone dim enough to plan on visiting Obama’s cavernously empty presidential library.  Some people grow accustomed to propaganda and flushing cash. That gift shop is going to be such a ripoff.

Top Republican fundraiser Obama would have actually helped the popularity of his causes by holding up on punches. Instead, he’s busting his thumbs. Every life-punching edict has come with force. The gnomish progressive giant’s pet goals wouldn’t be so loathed if he at least pretended to care about incorporating some dissenting notions. Instead, you’ll take his proposal just like you will the dreadful outcome.  It turns out people don’t like being told to do outlandish things by someone who doesn’t realize he’s denied the power to unilaterally make orders.  He could learn something new about humans every day.

With this many losses by Obama’s supposed comrades, opponents of gut-punching those who dare earn or cherish liberty are in position to rescind lots of pain. Don’t bother thanking those who’ve inflicted a semipermanent ache for inspiring change.  It’s not just his party but the country that’s lost.  The damage he’s done to both while glorifying himself will only ultimately help one by inspiring reversion. His party is permanently set up to take income in a maniacal attempt to make people richer, but America isn’t.

We won’t have to listen to much more about how selfish Republicans rob the poor for their own interests from the guy who emptied the till while not locking the service entrance.  It’s a shock that a guy who spends money he never had and thinks cowering in the hope it’ll end a fight constitutes a foreign policy has invested precisely no thought to the future.  He’s spending trillions to get nothing, letting villains prey on the innocent, and infringing on your right to decide how to go about your business.  It’s so adorable you thought it was your business in the first place.  Such pompous plans won’t last any longer than the politicians who pushed them.

The whole extralegal slipping-outside-the-Constitution process infuriates more people than Obama realizes, not that he cares.  The semi-retired executive doesn’t give one damn about what happens when he retires to think about how amazing he was.  That’s why there’s nobody ready to fill his half-assed place.  The lack of a suitable progressive heir is the equivalent of buying higher real unemployment through unconscionable debt. Whether the economy, security, or personnel to implement what they want, Democrats have the same plan, which is to say no plan.  Just try to bluff through the day.  I’m sure they’ll find a charismatic charlatan within the next few minutes to keep the pain going for twice as long.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at

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