Their Opinion Is Noted

Nobody asked how you felt about having to buy insurance, trusting the jerks who run Iran, or a million instances of federal agencies wasting billions.  Therefore, feel free to change things back without permission so they’re not stupid and miserable.  Ignore what those who brought wholesale woe think, as the hassle posse certainly hasn’t seemed particularly interested in accumulating opinions. They’re more into dictating what you’ll do despite excessive proof they don’t do it right.

The next election is about hitting the reset button, and not the flimsy plastic one Russia took to humor Hillary. There’s no need to consult those whose lack of storytelling discipline necessitated a streamlining of continuity.  Recalibrating without discussion would just be playing by the liberal stylebook, which would be the first time they did something worth copying.  They’d be too appalled by forced change to appreciate adhering to their precedent.  Obama’s wretched shock squad will have to accept the return of prosperity and cowering bad guys as a consolation prize.  Don’t ask if they’re bitter about the problems they caused being solved, as they prefer bossiness.

The forces of tolerance block out everyone who disagrees.  Radicals don’t care about the opinions of those who think this nation is sweet. Return the favor during the reversion.  Imposing massive change is fine if you’re replacing something bad with good.  Instead, the Village Green Regulation Society discarded the ability to live without knowledge the government exists in favor of poking people with sticks.

We’ll just be changing it back, you know, so things work. The precedent of hearing out those opposed was wholly abandoned in the magical year 2009.  The ideas of those who did so were simultaneously discredited.  It’s a shame liberals didn’t ask around, as the results are therefore entirely their fault.  Myopic arrogance leads to thinking one knows best regarding others’ lives.  Who would’ve thought the lab rats would dislike it?  Thinking ahead is as obsolete as manners.

Irked folks can’t wait for when government is again relegated to enforcing contracts, not telling you how many calories are in the beer you’re enjoying. Considering how the present version of authority drives so many to drink, the last thing we need is infringement upon intoxication by noting the waistline damage. Control is to be wrested by from happiness-restricting fascists who think it’s their job to balance your fun. Black out the menu numbers as the first act of boozy insubordination.

No consent is required to return a raging entity to its defined boundaries.  We’ve got bad news for those who don’t want the baby mill to lose federal funding: tough. Planned Parenthood will act like victims, as those they murder never get a chance to make their case.  They could always start a lemonade stand if the infanticide slush fund dries up, although it might be hard for them to run a business seeing how their only output is lying.  Let them pretend the abortion emporium offers health care to the poor as we relieve taxpayers of the financial and moral burden of subsidizing dead infant retail.

Those who ruined our values and economy are naturally into imposition.  While it may seem polite to solicit bipartisan principles upon the journey back to free market principles, remember they didn’t offer the same courtesy.  You may do as you please with your cash once we disregard the wishes of those who neither trust your spending nor cared enough to ask.  Dogs off the leash in the yard may fear heading past their once-confined circles, but the liberation feels normal soon enough.  Anyone who didn’t ask our take on their violations of personal space can sit quietly.

Customer satisfaction surveys are not a hallmark of autocracy.  Taking what’s given is typically the only presented option.  I guess it’s consistent with the presumption that Democrats’ life role is telling everyone else what theirs is.  Those sick of micromanaged decline would prefer a break in character.  Alas, top-down supervision leads to bottomed results, both economically and in human relations.  If they’re angry that their precious federal projects get dismantled, it’s because they know the public will realize they can live without such alleged assistance.

The end of endless entitlements will cause a racket as a consequence. Expect high-pitched, painfully loud, and continuous shrieking from people with no other skills.  Thinking massive subsidies helps the poor is poor thinking.  We’ve already heard them out, not that we had a choice.  Since they didn’t listen when we warned how dumping blood in the ocean would attract sharks, we’ll start stitching up victims instead of hearing how fish guts would help the problem.

Liberty only sounds quiet because there’s less bitching.  Citizens will have so many more opportunities through the mere absence of taxes not being confiscated to fund criminally inept or actively ruinous policies.  Of course, that won’t stop the pyromaniacs from shrieking about fire hazards, so strap on your ear goggles to drown out those who claim it was laissez-faire capitalism that ruined the economy through criminally fatuous heavy guidance.

Big-thinking rule-breakers made you do things like buy insurance that harmed your well-being.  A system where providers have to beg for your premiums and thus offer deals on quality will replace pushy shouting.  The response to the command era will involve imposing alterations only so Americans can go back to running their own affairs.  Those who dislike it will offer their opinions.  But everyone else will be too busy getting back to work to care.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at


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