You the People

Nothing’s more inconvenient to cheaters than the rule book.  Spill a Dr Pepper on the inside of the Clue lid and claim the winner is the one who stabs other players the hardest with the little candlestick.  The game’s not as much fun when the least imaginative person at the table improvises the action.  At worst, they treat more important things like a game.

The country is no place to slap together guidelines out of contempt for the play.  Liberals think the Constitution sucks.  It may be hard for them to say politically, but it’s reflected in their carefully-chosen words and clumsy actions.  They won’t bother escaping to a less mean country with universal insurance.  Instead, they’ll just reimagine this place in their image.

The chasm in political culture makes sense upon realizing the legally-binding founding principles are bunk to one side.  That doesn’t make the debate balanced.  Suspicious humans with zero trust in their own natural rights have passed on the chance to be treated evenhandedly.

To be fair, we should be frightened of the horrifying prospect of people permitted to take care of themselves and even dare to make decisions.  Universal health care trumps universal rights, although the former has been exposed as nonsense. Anyone who likes John Lennon enough to have thought that we’d be in year eight of earthly bliss should be the only ones who have to cope with such goofy ideas.  But they insist that everyone suffers along, just as the Founders intended.

The ends don’t justify getting mean.  Barack Obama’s last year will revolve around failing to even bother to pretend their moves can be rationalized. The guy who laments the lack of dictatorial powers hasn’t exactly shown a willingness to work with legislators to limit the burdens on free citizens.

It’d be bad enough if flaunting disregard for the republic’s boundaries helped. But he punches the economy at liberty’s expense.  I’m unsure of the benefit.  Destroying competition was supposed to make everyone equally happy, which you can sense strolling down America’s boulevards. To my knowledge, the Cuban government is dissimilar to ours, which makes copying our new friends an odd move.

All these checks and balances written by slaveholders in wigs really get in the way of progress.  If you think this country has been a racist hellhole from day one through today, you’re bound to think treating people differently by complexion will fix it.  Minorities need federal assistance to right historical wrongs, and such patronizing treatment is totally different from old racism because it’s benevolent.

Obey your king and not some dumb lords.  Executive orders are an interesting way of passing bills to make laws even if they are not technically by obsolete notions legal. Disregarding statutes while making up new parts is part of the reshuffling which is sure to result in you getting dealt plenty of aces.  Besides, our rules must compensate for failures of their previous efforts to design a perfect society, and they’re bound to get the redo right.

There’s a planet to fix, so stop worrying about what happens when the government does as it pleases.  Skittish guardians aren’t going to wait for downturns to straighten themselves out as people react to incentives.  The White House’s inhabitants certainly don’t trust markets, as that involves letting icky greedy humans decide how to trade the resources that they value because of what it took to acquire them.  Autonomy would be awful.  Trust one very unselfish human to tell everyone else what to do best, and we’ll finally achieve order.

What if folks didn’t spend in a way which benefits them? That seems very likely.  Transactions that make both parties happy certainly couldn’t pay off for society at large, either, so we better pretend the government is both allowed and equipped to decide how money gets wasted. People negotiating work and product compensation can figure out things Joe Biden can’t.  As for those down on their luck, the right to bargain means charities are actually far better at helping, as well. It’s not merely illegal for the government to define guidelines for ordinary transactions: it’s illegal for a reason.

Obama thinks neither America nor Americans are special. But it’s not like that means he dislikes it here.  That said, he does what he can to ensure both become true.  Dragging down the successful is easier than being one of those bourgeoisie achievers.  Thanks to the sensitive nature of their mission, the Progress Cadre only gets away with what they think they can.

Those who think this country is about sharing what individuals earn and apologizing for military triumphs over diabolical putzes are bound to think all those articles and amendments are burdens imposed by cracker bigots.  Your restrictions would’ve kept them from getting record numbers to quit even looking for work.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at

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