Know What’s Valued

Barack Obama is one of you, as long as you’re from a commie continent on some Star Trek planet.  As a visitor who’s brought odd ideals from his home world, he respects rugged American ingenuity except for all the parts of it.  He just has contempt for our way of life, that’s all.  Maybe trying everything you like in reverse will convince you humans he’s one of the gang.

The disrespect for everything that’s worked can’t go any better.  Statist condescension is why Americans must work together by law, even with people you hate.  The point of free association is to avoid as many jerks as you can.  But now, you must put up with the most unpleasant salesmen by law.  I recommend paying the fine. The Bizarro Citizens have no idea of how much pain they’ve already inflicted.

Present understanding of evil’s nature leads to blaming implements.  Sure, objects might seem indifferent when they’re not being handled by creatures equipped with free will.  But all those history books Stephen King wrote teach us otherwise.  Every gun-slamming scheme they release revolves around the notion that men are angels until Satan and Wesson’s devices touch their hands.  Lack of free will is crucial to making liberalism palatable.

The reactionary idea that free men could shoot bad guys or just stuff in the woods must be banished.  Normal folks need to be hassled. Meanwhile, those who act villainously have been forced by a mean society into wickedness.  Wickedness is the former group’s fault, of course.  Don’t bother tracking which faction will commit assaults in response to feeling offended.  That dang bloodthirsty NRA keeps telling its members their brains control the triggers and not the other way around.

Telling others to respect other others is so insulting.  America is just another racist empire which uses the wrong pronouns for transgendered people, according to those who think cultures without concepts of private property are the purest.

As a quasi-colonial bully, our imperialist country is nothing more than an attempt to turn Earth into a Starkiller Base that can fire on itself.  The notion that people with rules advising places without them is offensive, as we can’t judge other cultures just because they’re horrid.

Some manifest destiny fans still insist we have the only empire which spreads power in order to leave people alone.  Our own government is properly constructed to be powerful enough to not bother citizens, which is a feat of greatness and goodness.  Disdain for spreading concepts like being left alone makes sense if our liberty-dedicated nation is the bad guy. Well, we did once have slavery and didn’t change the definition of marriage until last summer, so perhaps we do suck.

Wretched people are the happiest with the way things are going.  Despising the country that defeated communism via glaring and brought the world most of its soda pop choices seems baffling.  But that’s only because you’re hateful enough to respect free enterprise.  The sophisticated view portrays America as the Evil Empire, only with more obesity.  Feel shame that we have so much energy to consume and so much downtime.  We could stand to buy a border-sized Fitbit.

Our managerial president installed this thing backward, which explains why our money’s dwindling as quickly as our self-respect.  Those who somehow obtained power curiously think government makes America work. But the whole point is to have the government get out of the way of making America work.  We already know which side is right, and check the labor force participation rate if you have any doubts. The president watches his taxpayer-funded Sunday Ticket and just knows he could have a higher passer rating than Aaron Rodgers.

The only thing that makes knowing what’s better for others worse is knowing nothing.  To wit, the highly-educated cretins running your lives are going to make everything better by taking away everything that functioned smoothly.  How else would you improve things than by smashing them first?

Everything is novel these days.  These are the rare revolutionaries who are scared of guns.  These particular wine cask-smashers want to exchange liberty for cheap mortgages and expensive insurance.  Both are costly.  It takes years of studying economics to determine losing autonomy is worth stagnation.  But at least everyone’s angry and sad.

We’ll have to give up all we hold dear to retain this despondency.  The new and unimproved America requires either a distorted reading of our Constitution, which I’d like to remind everyone we have, or willful flipping off of the refs.  It’d be nice if liberals would have the nerve to be more upfront about their intentions.  There’s no way to get results this poor without deviousness.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at


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