Hating for Togetherness

Forced diversity is really getting the point.  Primitive America was about living on your terms and telling those who disagreed to cram it.  But the more enlightened take on our country’s values is about making everyone respect everyone else.  The law’s involved to relieve the burden of choosing to upset social justice warriors.

To be fair, only those who dare think Iran will go atomic now or that business owners know what customers want more than the president need to change their reactionary outlooks.  Sticking right-wingers in stockades is still frowned upon.  Lunatics shrieking about intolerance at anyone who thinks the wrong things about human traits is punishment enough.

Eliminating ideas the Fairness Brigade think aren’t inclusive enough makes as much sense as anything else that’s gone on since 2009.  Banishing sanity doesn’t leave time for reflection.  Let your very close Facebook friends know you think marriage remains a special ceremony between members of different genders if you’d like to know just how reasonable the purportedly permissive can be.

If those who want to destroy for broadness’s sake seem confused, it’s because they want to think whatever they please while denying the possibility of criticism.  In other words, you shut up.  Backward progressives want complete liberation, which includes nobody ever harming them internally.  Feelings are protected by law.

Did you know things cost money?  Life’s unfair, especially when you’re shopping to mutilate yourself or kill a demanding life inside you. Public money covering despicable or disturbing procedures is how we share collective guilt for the delusions of the few.  The only thing better than murdering babies is billing taxpayers.  Just make those rich thieves pay for the inconvenient products of fun.

Applaud leftists for their commitment to their ideals no matter how wicked.  Well, I guess that just means worse results quicker, but at least it’s with feeling.  The self-righteously amoral moved the bar so they won’t even accept the premise that they might be wading in blood. Now, they get indignant at the idea that anything should come with a bill, including ending the life of a totally not-living being in the name of female independence. Remember that abortion fans who refuse to accept how babies are made believe in science.  All they’re charged for the argument is their souls.

Abortion is liberating.  It’s jokes that hurt.  The presumption that every last innocuous thing is evil in a racist way that hates women has sure made for giddy times.  Every statement, gag, or passing thought is scrutinized like murder evidence by joke-killers.  For them, terminating fun is the most fun moment.

The only thing very open-minded liberals like is making sure others aren’t amusing themselves.  They don’t seem very joyful no matter how much they suck away from others.  Confiscating raunchy wisecracks and large soda pops is less fun than fun itself.  Mandating calorie labels on your containers of your favorite junk food is more urgent to them than living a little with a handful of Fritos.

Making others cope with silliness is how we get along.  Sitting next to a pet on a bus or plane because some modern adult baby needs therapy is the latest trend in legal silliness. It’s not like silly laws to have dangerous effects or anything, but dopes are being empowered in reality by their intellectual equals in the Capitol. Imposing an uncomfortable situation on others is the specialty of those who insist no one punctures their bubbles.  Accommodate them by law while they live as they wish in public.  They’re very selfless.

Nobody is less tolerant than the tolerant.  Stop giggling, as they don’t permit mockery.  Doing as they please is going to infringe on you, but that’s the burden of liberty.  Forcing nuns to buy birth control is just one of the pleasant side effects of mandatory insurance.  Sure, government lowered prices in the same sense Hillary is authentic.  But nobody said coercion would be cheap.  Wait: I checked my notes, and many did proclaim it would be.  Prices were supposed to lower with options.  Unfortunately, there’s a strict no-refund policy, so don’t bother looking through your shoebox of receipts.

Get along or get jailed.  There, you’ll have an even harder time socializing.  It’s little wonder that participating in such idiocy isn’t voluntary.  Liberalism is so great that you must play along. You’re not smart enough to do such non-dumb things on your own, and you’d never help others without the entity that creates so many charity cases acting as an intermediary.  Silencing dissent is the best way to eliminate distractions.  You’d be so unhappy if you knew we didn’t have to be miserable.  Compel the large things, and the small things will take care of declining on their own.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/604353.


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