Ideas, Not This Man

Humans are awful, which is why it’s better to follow ideas.  You should even be a little suspicious of me.  Actually, be very suspicious.  The soundest philosophies are not associated with one person.  That’s the whole point of believing in a government that’s as small as it’s supposed to be: the concept stays alive even if the biggest backer of it gets hit by a car.  Still, please be careful while crossing.

Unlike the current nationalism fad, free markets aren’t a cult.  It’s true no matter how devoted certain buyers are to White Castle.  But it’s tough to maintain purity.  The one party supposedly sort-of interested in leaving you be has been hijacked by a crowd forming an angry face.  I thought everyone was sick of one guy with dubious capacity for logic bossing about everyone.  But many shrieking rally attendees just want to be on the dim jerk’s good side.  Put a framed photo of the president on the mantel next to photos of an unworthy family.  Most raging bullies have swell ideas.

Since they need ideas reinforced, be sure to state once more that we won’t be associated with the Trump minions.  Let the longterm consequences stick to those who made a rash decision to align with a hateful goober.  They made an even worse deal than their leader does.

The benefit of joining the mob is an association with a glorified blog commenter spewing his deluded manifestos aloud. Meanwhile, they’re forced to condemn whoever the Hell the elites are.  Radio hosts claim it’s not them, and anyone who sells airtime for a living is bound to be honest.  It’s clear they didn’t understand free market transactions to begin with. Like we keep saying, they’re Democrats.

The commitment to delusion is nearly impressive.  There’s plenty work for any psychologist that wants it, making it one of the few fields to thrive.  Based on voting records, it’s clear we deal with sickos who enjoyed high school.  Anyone who still thinks Barack Obama is the coolest can’t wait for their class reunions even if they don’t have jobs about which to brag.  Cafeteria castes never ended for this clique.  It’s time to graduate to a belief system not based around a fake nice guy proclaiming sharing is so cool that it should be mandatory.  The effectiveness doesn’t increase if the leader admits to being unpleasant.

Money belongs to those who received it as pay, which is somehow presently a radical idea. Worship very flawed men if you wish.  Just know support for those who advocate bad ones doesn’t taint us.  Popular or not, constitutional fidelity remains the only valid political stance.  Ask why not being bossed around scares people.

Thinking for oneself is the ultimate throwback.  Tough primitives from maybe 30 years ago didn’t need a schedule dictated to them.  All righteous intrusion-haters want is a reasonable tax rate that remains unchanged as they get ahead, not a de facto dictator they try to convince into lowering the burden for just them.  People who don’t want to be bothered tend to be uninterested in candidate worship.  It’s tricky to want a leader you trust to trust you.  But the alternative is being punished for objecting.

Look for ideas, not their salesman.  Republicans have conducted an eternal search for Ronald Reagan’s heir, as it sure wasn’t Ron Junior.  It’s understandable to mention the Alpha Republican’s name reverently seeing as how we haven’t seen his successor’s performance because of time’s nature.  But we don’t need his zombie clone, although I’d certainly vote for that in November.  What’s still alive is what he wanted.  Look for someone who shares his vision of pointing missiles at global villains while lifting the curfew on citizens.

I want to forget the president’s name.  The notion of being unbothered is sacrilegious to those who want their leader’s profile chiseled into the stadium’s facade.  The belief in a muscular leader subduing threats is very North Korea-y.  You may have noticed the lack of abundance in countries where the government and executive are the same, hopefully from afar in a Daily Mail story. But some want to enrich the current Kim by importing Juche.

New Jonestown settlers either think a goon can will happiness into being or just hope to curry favor.  Meekly beg for handouts and not executions.  Those excessively devoted to one candidate are either mindless or calculating.  I’m unsure which is better.  The Koreans who are free from light pollution didn’t have a choice. Revulsion to hassles will outlive us all.  Campaigns based around coercion die of natural causes.  But natural rights have no expiration date.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at


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