Sabotage As Policy

It still counts as an accident if the driver aims at the wall.  But the insurance adjustor may take notice of the cause.  Incompetence versus competence in failure is presently a debate topic if you want to know how things are going. The most frightening part of these stupid times is that Barack Obama knows what results from his policies.  Arguing about whether he’s a putz or demented mastermind is quite a legacy.  Of course, let’s not forget what a petty little man this president is, either. Fair people weigh all sides.

Contemporary pain is easy to bitch about as if it hurts more than those who broke bones in the past.  But these ouchies are unfortunately unique. We’re enduring a new kind of American nightmare where Tim Burton designs our days minus the quirkiness.  You can try to vote yourself Beetlejuice, but you’re more likely to have memories of Willy Wonka trashed.

Bad presidents used to try hard but simply muck it up.  Jimmy Carter was simply outfoxed.  Obama invited in the fox and tapes bacon to us.  Logic makes it seem baffling why he would kiss North Korean keister or the fact a Gitmo parole board exists. But it all adds up as long as the goal is making us look like particularly dim babies.  I didn’t say it was sensible.

It’s particularly perverse to volunteer for life as Iran’s bitch.  Our kneeling executive may actually believe that the mullahs are only spinning atoms for peace.  Still, I’m more inclined to believe that even this White House’s staff isn’t dumb enough to think they’re disarming a bad guy with their deal, with the exception of Marie Harf.  In truth, they think it’s so unfair how not everyone gets nukes.  Scientifically, that’s elitist. Plus, what if some future Republican jerk blows up some innocent party?  We best spread the splitting in the name of fusion.

Peace will be here tomorrow along with a robust economy.  For now, sinking America isn’t raising other countries.  At least we get humiliation as a reward.  We hurt the Persians’ feelings once, you insensitive brute, so we’re going to apologize on nuclear terms.  Our country is weak thanks to lack of backbone.  Giving away vertebrae will do that. I’m sure our new Ayatollah pals know how to weld them via extreme heat.

Those who persist in thinking guns overwhelm any humans who hold them into committing felonies aren’t going to change their outlook for terrorism.  Consistent pacifists never look to fight back.  Blaming the container where we store bad guys for contempt aimed our way sounds like the theme of a Michael Moore film. But such twisted editing still plagues our horrid offscreen lives.  The president can’t seem to answer what caused the contempt aimed our way before we fenced in terrorists offshore.  These poor terrorists must’ve been indignant about previous American offenses like natural rights and killing global scoundrels.

Your sadness is part of the scheme.  It’s not an accident you feel wretched, if that makes you feel better.  So from where do you keep summoning energy?  Our flight plan into irrelevancy hinged on citizens getting too worn down to fight back.  But the anger keeps us going.  The continued resistance to Obama’s nonsense means he once again miscalculated about this country.  I’m starting to think he’s bad at math.

What’s it gonna take to get you into wiping your feet on the Constitution today?  Handouts were supposed to function as bribes to acquire your acquiescence.  Yet discouraged yet resilient countrymen try to wait out the fallout.  No, you can’t excel under present gloomy conditions and would be punished even if you somehow managed to chip through the chains.  But what we can do is set you up with a benefits package. Your souls were supposed to be cheaper than this, which explains the debt.

At least any version of America that survives will have ample cautionary lessons.  It will be to our eternal shame that the next president after the one who saw us through an unimaginable terror attack scolded us for painting targets.  Let’s elect someone who likes it here next time, shall we?  Enough voters wanted a gentleman who thought America was the problem, so they can’t act like they’re surprised.

It’s been harder to find someone glad to be a citizen to run for president than expected.  I blame the challenges resulting from trying the alternative. Rubbing the shoulders of villains brings peace in the same way dependent Americans discover prosperity.  The humiliation of either begging for groceries or for wicked nations to not bully us should feel like stinging wounds.  Irrelevant dependency didn’t happen by poor luck.  Obama’s a success on his terms, which is to say he failed.


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