Gig Gagging

Government can’t keep good humans down.  Growth despite it all is the greatest testament to the human spirit in the face of traitorous members who want to control our transactions for our own good.  The only industries thriving are all in areas outside state control.  Life’s predictable in that way.  At least the specifics of reactions are surprising if you fear boredom.  You can call simple negotiations between someone with something to sell and someone else with money to buy capitalism if you need to define it, but just know the thing you want is out there for a price.

Oh, it’s just progressives literally stop people from moving.  Your unassailable right to get a ride from anyone willing to offer it at a mutually-acceptable price really ticks off people who think they were elected to supervise.  As usual, the government doesn’t trust you, in this case to hire someone so you can get somewhere from the back seat. Ride-sharing embodies the tension between supply and demand in an unprecedentedly pure way that naturally freaks out elected autocrats who want you sitting still.

The predictability of the regulation-minded stands in stark contrast to the way markets evolve in unexpected ways.  I’m tired of news stories about the newest city to hassle a company that sells movement at an agreeable price.  Uber-banners are behind on trends. You may as well hope your town gets a cupcake bakery.

The garage sale economy is not as low-rent as it sounds.  Peddling junk that others admire enough to purchase proves we each determine what is valuable.  Life is about perception and connecting those with differing levels of taste, which you wouldn’t know from those who think we vote our way to job creation.  It’s worlds easier to find what you’d like on eBay and Etsy than on a ballot.  Let the world shop for your attic’s contents and glue gun knickknacks.

Politicians don’t get that we poor saps are already watching for bad deals.  The most important regulation takes the form of feedback from those who voluntary chose to interact.  Shoppers didn’t need a command to check star ratings.  Noting whether or not others were satisfied puts regulators out of work.  Thankfully, they were just impeding us at our expense.  They can learn to peddle what’s in their attics instead.

Technology tops regulation.  The government can’t keep up.  An utter inability to maintain pace with human ingenuity should tell statists something.  Their restrictions on good people which bad people disregard are no different from trying to stop crime by making guns a pain to buy legally.  If you don’t believe me, look it up on the supercomputer in your pocket that was somehow created without a mandate or federal grants.  The government also doesn’t care for new ways of communicating at literal lightning speed, as news of their idiocy travels quicker.  The most relevant law is Moore’s.

Working with each other on a voluntary basis is hurtful to those who are kind enough to claim we’re not capable of managing our needs.  Politicians and those who select them never take a hint.  Humans work better when we choose who gets our business or money.  By contrast, having precisely one health care option has made everyone feel nauseous.

Killjoys strive to find ways to crack down anywhere our species thrives.  Take sales taxes on internet purchases.  The whole point was that consumers felt free because the lack of punishment by grabby politicians.  We’re a few clicks from literally anything, and the ironically greedy see that means to speedy fulfillment as a way to prop up states who think draining the economy preserves civilization. The worst part is how smug they are about chasing off jobs.  Maybe the goons will learn by 2017 that people don’t exist for the sole purpose of funding government.

Commerce doesn’t even need a name.  What we call the free market is simply an exchange between parties that have stuff each other wants.  The exchange can involve any combination of items, cash, and exertion, and I don’t care.  Find someone who wants or has your things and see what they’ll trade for it, as it’s your business.

Be consistent about home invasions.  Liberals who claim their foes want to regulate the bedroom want to impose themselves everywhere else in the dwelling, not to mention their eagerness to demonstrate perversities.  Humans will always find a way to get their goods and find a way to compensate.  That’s unless you shouldn’t be allowed to pay a driver.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at


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