Principled Argument

I guess we’ll have to convince people.  Letting others know that they should be free of financial interference and the threat of being beheaded for peace sounds like hard work.  But it beats the burden of living under idiots who think an election win proves they’re smarter.

Make a case that government works best when it’s doing almost nothing. Explain that people aren’t free while others are buying them things, and the subsidized will start to realize why they feel uneasy no matter how comfortable they are.  Other strategies don’t work, as seen by how much life blows.  It’s even more than usual this year.

At least we’ve learned that no other strategy works.  All it took to learn was sinking the nation.  For one, the plot to win the presidency by targeting battleground state areas has proven to be a miss of a loss.  Hoping to sneak out a few votes in Ohio and Florida doesn’t sound like a grand way to revive America’s promise.

But at least small-minded election engineering beats copying Democratic handouts, which is an even worse way of selling out.  Voters will just go with the actual waster instead of the halfhearted copy. Similarly, those raging voters looking for their own bully lust for nothing more than brute force.  The lack of principle is only topped by how they are bound to lose even more badly.  It’s only so amusing.

You’ll note that none of the calculated approaches are conservative.  The responses to election failures are similarly pathetic in transparent calculation.  I blame whatever the establishment is.  They’re desperate to lose without principles, which is why the party should nominate someone unprincipled who’s guaranteed to lose.  The tilted odds are like casino games, which makes this a good time to point out one notable candidate couldn’t keep his open.

Perhaps it’s time to try convincing the public that they’d be better off with their money than politicians, not to mention they’d have the chance to earn more.  Work might sound depressing, but laying about hasn’t been as joyous as pictured.

It should be easy to convince people that they deserve to be left alone.  You can still make friends, so don’t worry about having only voices in your head for companionship.  That’s essentially what Twitter is.  Regardless, people yearn to catch a limited government pitch.  Kicking the ball isn’t effective in soccer, much less in American sports.

It’s shocking to those who think about politics every dreadful moment how many haven’t heard the contrast. But many people going about their days without knowing their senators’ names presume Republicans want to burn down the environment to get rich.  Add on how they live only to take down the other team.  It’s just politics, right?  Presume everyone who disagrees wants to turn America into New Russia.  That’s only semi-true for half the sides.  Parties aren’t random groups like a public high school’s enrollees. Each is supposed to represent particular principles.  That one should start acting like it.

The cineplex rarely helps.  It’s apparently asking too much for those who inflict purported culture on us to distinguish between right and wrong.  So put the free market into practice.  Skip productions that reflexively treat businesses as evil until businessmen who fund such dreck get the message.  I’ll save my film bucks for features where bad guys modeled on actual terrorists no matter how racist accuracy is called. Hollywood can deliver a message without a lecture.  Breaking Bad was a show about consequences, not preaching about the horrors of tweaking. Be on the lookout for meaningful chemistry.

The answer to nominating occasionally liberal Republicans is to go full leftist. Right? I can’t figure out why they keep blowing winnable elections.  Providing even less of a choice is sure to intrigue voters.  Bitching that a case for properly limited government hasn’t worked is a favorite hobby of the quasi-conservatives who’ve never made it.  Note them by their preference for the weakest strongman imaginable, a taint that will stick to them longer than the one attached to dumb kids in junior high who thought music’s future lied with Milli Vanilli.

Nobody’s happy, if that helps.  Making the argument that liberty beats handouts is easier upon noting how those listening are wallowing in woe.  It’s been that way for at least a couple years.  While remaining in a cesspool for awhile may be seen as a sign that those wading may somehow enjoy the surroundings, it may actually mean they don’t realize there’s a way out.  Start ripping off manhole covers. Autonomy is your right even if the government presently states they can take it.  I wonder how freedom polls in contested counties.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at

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