Half-Irked, Half-Bored

The plan to beat Americans into submission has worked well, which makes it the only thing presently functioning.  Everyone residing in this erstwhile kick-ass nation should be in revolt over how much they’re bossed around.  Instead, many got in the mindless habit of complying.  I guess receiving directions is easier than the anxiety of decisions.

Exercising autonomy is subversive, at least according to those conditioned to obey.  The government was trying to beat down citizens so they wouldn’t be upset about vanquished liberty.  At least, they’re better at cynicism than commerce.

Ask the guy plummeting off the cliff how many more stop signs he needed. There have been too many moments that have passed by which should’ve provided clarifying realizations to ostensibly free people.  The quantity of preposterous intrusions is overwhelming for a reason. Politicians think they’re smarter than the vaguely fellow humans over which they rule.  Those elected don’t have a choice.  Those who elected should feel shame for being too lazy to think further.

A business plan is tricky to assemble, so bossy leaders will forego private sector work in favor of ordering everyone to quit worrying. First, they need to convince those they see as subjects that independent thought is as pointless as it is dangerous.  As a result, we cope with the perfectly perverse humiliation of a president who kneels for despots while kneecapping Americans.  The incessant invasion into our right to buy what we wish from whom we’d like is beyond tiresome.  Thanks to doughy federal agencies concluding it’s in their interest to monitor your health, you can’t even enjoy any food you can afford.

As a reminder, you’re still subject to an insurance mandate in a country founded upon telling authority to sod off. The notion of piping down and obeying offends the ghosts of every patriot who died before 2008.  The specters are also horrified by how we wait in line to be molested by nasty felonious high school dropouts for the honor of traveling by plane.  The TSA shouldn’t be the result of conquering the sky.  Stuffing ourselves either in the sky or on land is also frowned upon because we apparently lost a war.  Humans have every damn right to consume ice cream from the container despite lemmings claiming the Celery Patrol’s warrantless searches are for our own good.

The junkie needs an intervention to see how low he’s sunk.  You may find it hard to tell if these addicts scorn the Constitution or are simply ignorant of their own capabilities as humans able to make decisions.  It’s a fun game.  At least be glad the executive respects the amazing framework.  Oops. Well, maybe that’ll happen if there’s anyone left who wants the respect that accompanies letting people address their own health needs.  The alternative is to continue letting the government presume we would never buy plans to counteract diseases we don’t presently have.

Those old people who wrote our rulebook didn’t know there’d ever be suffering.  Let’s pool our resources to counter the hoary idea that values and experiences are universal.  Next, embrace the deflating notion that we can’t understand each other unless we share identical backgrounds.  We may as well burn Shakespeare’s works.  That oppressive honky had the nerve to think consequences follow actions.

At least psychology textbook publishers have ample material.  They should send Christmas cards to everyone who casually accepts rights violations.  Taking income sure seems like legalized theft if you ponder what’s taken compared to what’s returned.  Well, it helps others and makes the economy purr, if you haven’t heard the claims. Plus you don’t want anarchy, do you?  Hand over half your working life’s reward or the wolves will take over the streets.

Dare enjoy food?  Calorie counts take the happiness right off your tongue. Representatives of a chunky government have decided it’s their right to control your salty impulses.  Some tasteless drones assent because they think it’s someone else’s job to make decisions.  As a result, you’re forced to notice how much energy your ice cream pint contains lest you think of momentarily forgetting consequences.  Doesn’t the Constitution list weight monitoring as one of government’s functions?  If not, it should.  It’s for our own good, much like smugness about how, say, it’s fine to ban plastic bags because enlightened comrades use the bacteria factories they call reusable sacks.  A vague benefit requires infringing on your specific rights.

Take a picayune restriction to counter the massive interdiction.  The oscillation between massive incursions into our lives with irksome regulations doesn’t offer much variety.  Humans should feel the urge to flip off those wagging fingers in their faces. Instead, some bees scoff at those who dare think honey belongs to the insects who made it.  Resist such buggy behavior.  Don’t ask permission first.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/604353.


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