Flat Government

Class warfare is classless.  Oh, and it’s immoral and counterproductive, too.  But the rudeness really gets you.  The mannerly thing is to not provide inequitable assistance to any one income group, as the rich and poor can get along without supervision. One side can hire private armies, but their gritty adversary learns to fight guerrilla warfare in the streets, at least according to many Hollywood productions I’ve watched.  Alternately, they can just negotiate.

You should never be bothered if you offer labor for wages or goods for cash.  Government’s true role is indifference, and not in the letting-veterans-die-on-waiting-lists sense. Instead, figure out economic value amongst yourselves.  Once you can vote, it’s time to grow up and learn how to deal with others, kids.

It’s sadly fitting in our perfectly demented times that a flat tax is somehow portrayed as favoring the wealthy.  Such envious framing presumes that today’s skewed take is the correct one.  In the same sense, the best way to see a sunset is by looking up from the gutter.  There’s nothing ironically greedier than thinking others owe a greater slice as the pie grows.  More importantly, the ingredients get wasted. Washington shreds the cash it’s sent. The claim that politicians can reassemble destroyed bills into even more of them seems dubious.  Humans who earn raises should not be expected to give a higher percentage to be frittered.

The notion that free market fans back the rich is as distorted as the belief Donald Trump is either.  True commerce is not tilted in one way.  Yes, everyone fights for themselves, and that’s exactly the benefit.  You know what you want and how to get it.  Others have to engage in discussion to get what they’d like, so everyone’s holding everyone else accountable.  Hey, check it out: we’re self-regulating.  Next thing you know, we’ll be capable of buying insurance without an order.

Mean companies won’t get very far exploiting you, what with their competitors being nicer. And the one thing our government has proven to be awful is helping the little guy, unless a swift kick to the naughty bits counts.  It’s as if incentives are reduced if one doesn’t personally have a stake. I just wish there was a broader lesson to apply.

It’s easier to win at chess once you realize the pieces are movable.  A lack of subsidies or punishments allows those presently pulling low incomes to rise without penalty.  Yet politicians feel they help tread water by throwing anvils at those taking swimming lessons.  While it’s fun to have godlike power, most of those elected who wield it aren’t fit to shine Satan’s codpiece.  Life on this dumb planet may never be heavenly, but at least we can experience the alternative joy of being left alone.

Those who see getting rich as a competition are doomed to lose.  Nobody’s profiting at your expense except in the way you buy things you like, and that’s actually fun.  Help others get rich through purchases, not taxes; you get approximately a million times more value from the latter.  Maybe those newly-wealthy twerps will even hire erstwhile neighbors as a result of being allowed to keep what they’ve earned.  There’s no bigger nonsense than the concept of “giving back” as if the prosperous took something in the first place.  Paying a salary in exchange for profitable behavior is the only giving necessary.

Bullying the economy is the only fad worse than Miley Cyrus. Get out of humanity’s way so individuals are free to advance. Wealth-spreaders need to find a different approach to action.  They see life as an oil painting where nothing moves.  We have moving pictures now and even talkies.

Like Dangerous Danny Davis, some are better officiating than participating.  Government’s job is to punish fraud, not grant favors to the successful.  The wealthy don’t need another break, whether they own an insurance peddler or solar panel company that generates nothing but subsidies.  Capitalism is just a name given to people trading what they have for what they want.  Complaining that it’s heartless doesn’t make a voluntary trade immoral.

Simultaneously, there’s precisely nothing compassionate about paying the poor just enough to not get ahead.  Have some faith in self-improvement. Wealth distribution presumes the proles are stuck in place and thus can possess nothing more than their trying circumstances.  Whining about a rigged game is for those who think everyone else is a failure.  There are nicer ways of talking down to people.

I don’t understand where all the beer went or why I’m so thirsty.  Lump sums don’t last, just in case politicians haven’t noticed.  Those looking past tomorrow need the chance to earn steady income.  Punish success if you’d like less of it, you sick freak.  Barriers stop progress, to the shock of some.  Government would ideally learn the lessons that entrepreneurs already know.  But they never will, as they don’t have to worry about their own funds evaporating. Restraint is the politician’s greatest asset.  None of them know what they’re doing.  The good ones admit it.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at http://twitter.com/AnthonyBialy. Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/604353.


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