Don’t Not Disobey

Somehow, Americans forgot they’re supposed to break rules.  Obeying is for Frenchmen.  By contrast, the country that showed inches-long digits to the metric system should be fuming right now.  Snarling individuals ignore alien orders, just like the Clash would want. Sure, our favorite Sandinista-supporting punks might not appreciate right-wing goons appropriating their ideas.  But we’re just chucking beer bottles at a government that thinks its job is to tell us how to do ours.  Those aren’t the career opportunities we had in mind.

The only way to make being bossed around worse is putzes doing it with the force of law.  It’s not like they’re good at it.  Your leaders are losing trillions on a product everyone has to buy while Apple makes a fortune on nothing more than peer pressure.  I’m typing this on a MacBook that was purchased at a building with a glass front that I don’t believe was run by the Department of Labor.  Use your iItem to coordinate with fellow dissenters.

Don’t worry about capture: the government is listening to everyone but hears nothing.  Recognizing that unique ruling style prompts the sensible to disregard the countless parade of orders, regulations, and rules seemingly developed by escaped mental patients ordered into existence by twerps who represent everything but us.

Underground living isn’t just for bunker preppers anymore.  Conditions are and will sadly remain oppressive enough that sensible people just give up trying to comply.  Exchanges require evasion when the government gets too nosy, which is why cash will make a comeback just like vinyl.  You’ll soon be buying James Brown albums with bills that employers will increasingly use for compensation.  I’d worry about the IRS man learning of our schemes if I thought he could count higher than his fingers.  Remember to tip your servers off the card so they can buy their own things instead of funding another crummy Medicaid expansion.

Living in the past is a viable option when the future remains bleak.  We can make some of our ancestors proud by pursuing Irish democracy, that noble tradition of simply refusing to comply.  The portion of my family that sailed from Cork will be glad to adopt you.  Doing nothing naturally is a good fit for more than lazy people. The sort of people who own guns are uninterested in registering them. The fact there hasn’t been an armed insurrection shows just how polite Americans are.

If we were out to prove the state’s incompetent, the jury would be bored enough to ask if they could vote for guilt already.  Another elected tyrant is going to make them weep about missing their families.  We should join them in walking out and going about our lives.  Exercising the option to evade whenever possible is only revolutionary in the sense that being not bothered is a rediscovered option.  Our best citizens already pay as little taxes as possible as a patriotic duty.  The government would just waste money that would otherwise help fellow citizens through buying neat things.  Help others by not forking it over.

Listen for the taxpayer-funded bogeyman knocking over your lamp as he comes to capture you.  The rebellious may be saved by the autocrat’s cloddishness.  Luckily, the bullying state is also incompetent, which means kids who just want to eat lunch in peace may not get their apples smashed.  Just watch these coyotes try to capture roadrunners.

The only real crime when so many stupid things are illegal occurs when human cabbages marginalize themselves.  Feel free to own the guns you’d like, ignore the crummy insurance mandate, and keep boys out of girls’ restrooms.  Feign participation in crummy civic life only enough to distract those who steal from your check to help you get rich.  The Soviet joke that the workers pretended to work while the government pretended to pay is frighteningly applicable.  I didn’t think such an attitude would be necessary in America, particularly according to a history text I recall that says we won the Cold War.  But predictions are tricky, especially about things that haven’t happened.

Enjoy the benefits of crummy times, like the chance to develop middle finger culture.  The unwillingness to comply is not in the shrieking Trump way, especially considering their desperate urge to be accepted as loyal minions by someone who in turn tries his hardest to be accepted as a wealthy man. Anger without control is for convicts.

Actual independence relies upon the fundamental unwillingness to do a stupid thing ordered by an idiot, which is a constant problem these days. Our comically dysfunctional system means a desire to not be managed singles one out for bullying.  But this monolithically imbecilic government can’t catch all of us.  Hell, they can’t even corral a few. Play the statistics that our arrogantly dim rulers can’t grasp.

Anthony Bialy is a writer and “Red Eye” conservative in New York City. Follow him at Download a free ebook of his 2015 columns at


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