Serviced Goods

You perform a task valuable enough that someone will give you something for it.  Next, take said something and trade it for a thing or task. This process destroyed America, you know.  Well, it depends on whose tweets you consult.

The process of perpetuating existence used to go unrestrained in this nation, which explains its erstwhile success.   Sophisticated modern man won’t let people just act, as there must be control.  The managers need their cut, which is why you don’t feel rich or free. But at least you can take direction by rule.

Capitalism is not a system.  It’s a brand applied by detractors of making your own money.  Champions of noting imaginary unfairness had a good reason to pretend making money through commerce was diabolical, namely being awful at anything people would buy.

The system is purportedly as undistinguished as it is greedy. But uninhibited trade is truly nothing more than buying things by trading what’s yours.  There’s something evil about the simplest of transactions according to anyone who doesn’t feel like offering value.

Those demanding others buy their goods are the quickest to spot and condemn selfishness.  Even their definition is wrong.  People who haven’t noticed that central control ruined most of the 20th century think politicians peddling favors is capitalism.  In actuality, an indifferent government which only prosecutes fraud is the very way to prevent such sneaky maneuvers. It never occurred to tens of millions of publicly-educated people that retail could take place without official sanction.  Idiots who’ve never made a straight dollar have decided they get to approve every crooked deal.

The grime and callouses indicate you’ve been toiling to pay for what others demand, so your efforts will be commended.  It won’t happen personally: such acknowledgment would encourage individual spirit, which runs counter to unified goals.  Start using “we” as a pronoun.  Hand it over to those with the softest hands around.  Those with the least to share are the most eager to do so.

We’re supposed to be tired of counting cash stacks by now.  The lab results accounted for everything but human behavior.  These particular pseudo-scientists don’t even blow up fun things with chemicals. Instead, they just destroy your retirement plans.  Elaborate theories concocted while pursuing useless degrees that supposedly prove recipients are the smartest never seem to work off campus. Actual earners too busy getting paid while learning skills to pursue postgraduate diplomas.

A bunch of awful people think it’s our species that’s bad. Take their deflating presumption that members won’t help others on their own.  Big government defines psychological projection, which you don’t need a federal grant to see.  The use of force awfully stupid, as well. Government is to money what Taylor Swift is to punk.

Printing cash differs from creating wealth.  The drag on the economy ensures there’ll be plenty more people to help, and the lack of resources ensures there won’t be enough to go around no matter how much is confiscated.  Oh, and it’s pretty lousy to cut that deeply into a paycheck, a fact those who think redistribution is moral seem to miss.  A system that incentivizes longterm reliance creates people who need it while draining the assistance pool.  There wouldn’t be as much destitution if the economy was unleashed, and who would we help then?

If you want to experience what capitalism is, do the opposite of everyone who could be the next president.  Unrestrained exchange is not practiced by either candidate, as you get a distinct choice between a goon who buys favors versus a schemer who sells them.  Do you prefer the flaming aircraft or parachuting into the laser sharks?  Yeah, I’m writing in Alice Cooper, too.

This warped take on free markets is repulsive on its own.  But what’s really sick is that some less well-read comrades think paying off the elected constitutes capitalism.  Unless you’re buying things or time, you’re engaging in cronyism.  Trump is for free markets in the same sense he’s understated.

Spin the wheel and get lucky.  Rent-seeking contributors to either candidate actually do everything they can to distort free markets. There’s nothing fair about this competition.  Needing approval to get in business creates chances to auction slots.  This isn’t the definition of entrepreneurship we had in mind.  You can believe the refs will remain honesty after they’ve been paid off.  Place your Super Bowl bets with me.

A contribution to a politician with waivers in hand is the best way to get ahead.  Give them a little pocket cash to make your problems disappear if you’re unsure. A thinner wallet will help any business owner’s posture.  By contrast, all financial misanthropes want is a system where the government has so little influence that buying a politician would be useless.  It’s easier to do nothing.  Spend money making customers happy instead of senators, unless you like sucking up to get a license.

Too many sad souls have been conditioned to think nothing is possible beyond scraping together a small stipend.  There’s more than bribes cut from bigger bribes.  All it takes is not being told how to act. At least it’s easy.

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