Rulebook Confetti

If you’d like proof that contemporary pompous idiots can’t build a better country, look around.  Ignoring the Constitution is an unprincipled sort of principle.  The lawlessness feels uncomfortable, but stick around for the stagnation.  Technology makes humans feel smarter than they are, especially those with the intelligence of butter churns.

It’s a supreme folly that modern man is less stupid than counterparts with the misfortune to be born earlier.  A wifi connection proves nothing more than the ability to occasionally pay a bill or mooch from neighbors who use dog names as passwords. Yet some use today’s marvels to condemn any notion from the parchment era as outdated.  What could William Shakespeare know about me?  He didn’t even Snapchat.  Modern arrogance prompts scoffing at universal rights like they’re as antiquated as Atari. Meanwhile, the same myopic snobs pursue economic policies discredited last century and pimp windmills that predate colonialism.

The notion that we should be free to conduct our affairs as we see fit is so old because it’s so fundamental.  The thoughts of 18th-century men who didn’t wish to be bothered remain applicable unless cruel and unusual punishment is the cool new trend.  This election violates the Eighth Amendment.

The Constitution hasn’t been burned only because it’d add to our carbon footprint.  I’m not looking forward to heading forward with those who condemn as obsolete a document which prohibits the government from shutting down their blogs.  It’s uncannily tiresome how often we have to reply to those who point out the Second Amendment was written in the musket era that they’re not tweeting via printing press.  Bad guys upgrade their firearms, so we’d better keep up.  I’m just glad the right to do so is written down. It’s easy to look up for anyone who thinks novel comforts confirm human advancement.

Universal situations don’t change with access to air conditioning.  The Founders knew what many today do not, namely that every age is plagued by people who think accumulation equals wisdom. Our year’s people are quite arrogant for a bunch of moping brats who think the government makes people rich.  Many don’t realize the men who created our nation could also accurately predict the future. Today’s Vox-style boasters are as surprising as a light switch.  For dudes living in the olden days, the guys who recognized natural rights sure were smart.

But nobody’s praising a whig-wearing white man who believed in freedom to spend one’s own income here in the future.  Progressives who have presided over no progress style themselves as more brilliant than James freaking Madison, who was 36 at the Constitutional Convention.  Today’s deep thinkers wonder how he could get any work done in his childhood bedroom.

Disgust at what’s past means trouble now.  Take how we don’t get a choice of at least one candidate who cares about the rules. You’d think that’d be a requirement.  But the Constitution has the nerve to respect free will.  We’re stuck with the effects of various lousy outcomes that follow disregarding established truths.  The president thinks checks and balances prevent us from buying happiness Greek-style.  And this limp tyrant is sure to be followed by someone who thinks being called a despot is a compliment.  We’re not going to wait for some legislature to approve: we have progress to pimp.

Designers of Humans 2.0 must feel unrestrained.  Limits on power are inconvenient.  Our government is not designed to take trillions from you to buy things you never knew you wanted.  The fact it has to be stated states it all.  Getting away with doing as they wish is confirmation to fanciful lawmakers that they should continue imposing their purportedly enlightened will.  But getting things done doesn’t necessarily overlap with doing good.  Burying three hoboes today doesn’t mean four should be tomorrow’s goal.

Measure success by how it’s unappreciated.  It’s hard to notice what works smoothly.  Something that creates tranquility ironically inspires resentment in boring minds.  We’re blessed with a government designed to not hassle us, and all brats can do is complain about how they had to make up an insurance mandate in order to get a few poor people poorer insurance at great expense.  And you say our system of government is up-to-date.

Today’s enlightened citizens are oppressed by not having enough federal force in their lives.  Who can be free without orders?  Deciding what to do distracts from freedom as much as having to generate income.  Tell us what to do and make others pay for it, already.  A detailed itinerary issued by a government minder isn’t a constitutional requirement, which leads me to believe it’s not sophisticated enough for 2016’s adult babies.

That unencumbered feeling is normal.  The very thing that enables their whinging is what the national statists hope to destroy.  They’d appreciate the irony were they as clever as they believe.  Sadly, contemporary pinkos are about to get help from the overbearing executive: there’s not one presidential candidate who says you deserve to be left alone as guaranteed by law.  Those not good at running anything want to run our days.  They can at least extend the courtesy of not pretending their laws are legal.

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