First-Person Plural

It’s never your fault if we are in this together, so smash the windows of merchants you dislike and accuse your neighbor.  Accepting punishment for what different humans did is proof people help each other. Besides, your biases and privileges control the hands of the oppressed, which is why you should be on trial and not those who happened to commit felonies.  Crimes are everyone’s burden, as those who’ve noticed it feels like we reside in a nation-sized jail could confirm.

Lumping autonomous individuals into faceless groups is sadly definitive of our collective era.  Bullying self-determination is to be expected when your fondness for cheesecake is discouraged because it raises health costs for the rest.  Persons who align themselves with unpleasant faceless groups cede liberty as policy.  If that’s not creepy enough, they’re also in charge.

The difference between what they claim and what actually happens would define liberalism if sympathetic journalists weren’t covering it. Black Lives Matter angels feign fretting about wrongful murder by law enforcement based on complexion when they’re merely hostile toward those jerks who keep them safe.  The chance to rail at cops as a murky group instead of examining particular cases is why they bonded in the first place.

The group call to get frenzied is only scary if components think it over. Blob members don’t have time to reflect on the obliviousness of engaging in exactly what they’re condemning when there are highways to block.  On the unlikely chance they’re held legally accountable, ask for a presidential pardon from the guy who uses “We” referring to himself after anything bad happens.

Leftists never take personal responsibility, which they perversely think is principled.  They’re together in shirking. Concealing themselves in groups in turn absolves themselves of accountability. Women’s studies majors found a way to cope with a lack of useful skills. The lack of rules applies to war propaganda against their archenemy. No, it’s not ISIS: they hate the bloodthirsty Klan cops, of course.  The culture of condemning police somehow turns criminal.

Violence follows when those assigned to stop it fear ending their shifts in body bags. It’s as if there are respiratory consequences for poisoning the atmosphere.  Those who made bitching about toxic conditions into a career have created an environmental catastrophe.  I blame the AR-15.

Islam forbids the teaching of patterns.  Man, a lot of terrorists pray toward a certain city, something only bigots mention. Keep what’s going to kill us secret for self-preservation.  Some members of this particular religion act in a lethal and rather unholy way toward fellow humans.  But that’s not intolerant like a dirty look at a fellow member the next day.  You can pretend they’re castoffs and hope that stops the blood flow.  You can also hope your neck’s too thick for the saw.

It’s tough to identify those culpable when nobody’s held accountable.  We keep bad guys in Gitmo, or at least did until President Obama decided that imprisoning the worst humans made them mean.  Colonialism just further ticked off otherwise peaceful Muslims, just like pointing out who attacked whom. The time paradox is incomprehensible, which is why this White House has been unable to stop terrorism no matter how nice they’ve been to a very peaceful faith.

In an era where nobody’s going to accept punishment just because they did something wrong, it’s appropriate we’re dreading a tribal presidential race.  Each side throws rocks at each other.  Meanwhile, we own the adjacent glass showroom.  Both parties have chosen candidates who eliminate the sense of self.  At least one party is a disappointment.  There’s no other way to make collectivism work. Maybe that’s a sign to break up the band.  But a solo album means there’s nobody else to denounce for a lousy Pitchfork review.

There’s too much present anger to appreciate life’s absurd subtleties.  But anyone who still cherishes the word “I” notes it’s actually cultists who are ironically selfish.  Hiding in a crowd is a way to dodge the burden of standing alone.  The cult-like devotion to frightening ideals is dissipated by sharing identity with those surrounding you.  Collective liability means nobody is guilty of anything.

A bunch of people paid to pave the roads, which means you mooched on your way to a paycheck.  The urge to give credit to oneself is very counterproductive to our goal of uniting in productive harmony as Borg.  Getting away with any actions you please sounds fun until realizing it also means no person gets credit for excelling.  Mediocrity is the best we can hope for when personal profit is demonized.  The arrogance of those who drag down others is ruefully funny.  Don’t draw too much attention to yourself with loud laughter.

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