Active Excuses

Drunks have the toughest time with mean stairs tripping them.  At least those who refuse to accept sobriety as the natural state can pretend it was Jim Beam’s fault.  The professionally inept resort to passiveness while explaining away ceaseless rough patches in their relationship with incumbency.  Perpetual victims are not going to expend much energy pretending to feel bad.

Life is tough when things just happen. Decline is a choice decliners refuse to admit they make.  The only thing worse than not accepting their active role in ruining circumstances is if they know and won’t accept it.  Performing such mental gymnastics will be as active as they get.

Terror attacks suck, darn. I wish there were some way to stop them like noting who’s responsible and killing them preemptively.  But we don’t want to be mean. Perhaps more social services would convince our enemies that we’re cool.  Sequestration caused even more terror than Gitmo.  It’s easier to blame Western decadence than Middle Eastern barbarianism. Sure, scolding victims doesn’t keep us safe.  But it does allow for deflecting blame and responsibility.  The only cost is more bloody surfaces.

Note who’s failed to stop the threat by how they blame items.  The self-righteous resorting to whining about gun control assigns sentience to firearms like a dull Stephen King novel from the past few decades. The global terror organization that’s out to murder you for existing would be stymied by a background check.  Here in the real world where some Muslims have decided that us living our lives is a capital offense, their diabolical notion is the problem.  Knowing we’re out to get them first is an effective deterrent in a way a waiting period isn’t.  Let’s try it sometime.

Acquiring tools are an afterthought once intent’s been established.  But present policy consists of pitifully attempting to limit the implements instead of hunting the predators.  Maybe only 35 people would have been murdered while enjoying their evening if there had been a magazine limitation that wouldn’t work.  The government succeeds at disarming.  It’s just that the targets are the ones without a way to propel bullets.

There’e another trillion dollars missing, and you’re going to be made to feel guilty.  The economy’s being run into a wall if the motion seems like progress.  Perhaps the antidote to a lousy economy doesn’t kick in until after nine years, which means our criticism of Barack Obama was mean and impulsive.  As penance, we should admit the nation needs more redistribution to counter semipermanent woe.  Sure, stagnation was caused by deciding big earners needed to share in the first place.  But we’re talking about fairness here, so give up what’s yours.

Uninterrupted access to political offices is a common trait among many moaning they can’t affect events.  Those who proclaim government can bring peace and keep your plants alive even if you never water them feign paralyzation as soon as anything bad happens.  The problem in the first place is the amount of power they have, which is to say massive.  Our condition plummets the more they seize, so it’s a good thing consequences don’t exist.  Why do bad things happen when they’re in charge?  Talk about tough luck.  Please don’t do any research into causality, as it’s the one thing this White House won’t fund.

Lucky you gets to choose between two angry humans who claim to embody your frowny nature.  Hillary whines about those who suffered under her beliefs.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s entire campaign is about stoking resentment, which is exactly what we’d expect from an unappreciative brat who should’ve put his inheritance in bonds if he wanted to be rich. It’s best to preemptively bitch when losing is certain.

Each faith-shaking candidate acts childishly no matter how they’re in their seventh and eighth decades, respectively.  Blaming others is discouraged among kindergarteners. Someone else must’ve been supposed to keep the casino profitable and help the ambassador.

The chance of having barbarians smash your skull and meager material goods is a fact of life, according to people who strangled the economy while brushing off the terror threat.  The omnipotent, benevolent government can’t fix this dang economy or stop fiends who want to murder us.  But they will issue blankets to victims.  Handouts are the ultimate docile response to initial fecklessness.

Another lecture about this bleak existence’s meaningless should assuage your depression.  Modern leaders scoff at self-reliance, and not just for ulterior motives involving their own utter lack of skills.  They either don’t realize they have the power to affect events or realize how bad they are at it.  Those who want the government in everything think it’s too feeble to alter events.  Meanwhile, they don’t trust you with decisions.

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