Fuming Voting

People always think their best when they’re angry.  Don’t doubt or look it up.  Just listen to me, jerk!  Sorry.  It’s easy to be overcome with this hot emotion.  Lashing out is the nation’s most productive industry now that we don’t make things anymore, at least according to lashers.

People who claim to have no power sure do seem to vote for many winners.  The permanently indignant have had eight years of the president they wanted guaranteed to be followed by someone who will whine from the Oval Office.  As with a high tax rate that never changes, stability is overrated.

You’re expected to seethe.  Spot the creeps who shriek on your purported behalf by their tendency to semi-excuse violence.  From unjustified anger at justified police shootings to harassing counter-protesters, the fists are expected to fly.  Wear a shirt with room to rotate in the shoulders.  As is the case with every other issue in this most pleasant of elections, each choice offers zero benefit.  Isn’t it great how voting makes a difference?

Life is mean, claim hopeful presidents who’d make it meaner.  As with every other single decision she’s made in her manipulated life, Hillary Clinton is soft on crime for selfish reasons.  Meanwhile, her quasi-foe has a fake tough guy image for his feeble adherents to compensate for frustration at life being mean. They’re not even clever. Lame threats and put-downs that would get the loudmouth laughed off an elementary-school playground are now considered awesome burns.  Someone like him rising is a shameful reflection of his fans.

The best teachers whine that classes are unruly.  Who’s in control here? Blaming those in power for violence is tricky when the social justice agitator weaseled his way into the boss’s chair eight years ago.  Barack Obama remains totally cool, unlike that last jerk who checked your time card.  Any CEO who believes workers are right to be ticked off is bound to harvest profits.

Fecklessness as policy doesn’t work as smoothly as you’d think.  Thinking otherwise is how we ended up with a White House uncomfortable about fighting terrorism or cop-condemning maniacs.  It’s obviously a very reasonable ideology.  An inflexible commitment to an insurrectionist philosophy has led to many pavement sections drenched in glass shards and human blood.  People in charge claim life is unfair, and the incongruity is the least disturbing part about it.

Keeping power counts on keeping people feeling like they’re marginalized.  What’s not kept is liberty.  The Man is holding you down.  Please don’t notice who’s in charge.  There isn’t a looming solution to constant indignity just because they promised to bring one. Perpetual motion is possible if outrage is the fuel.

Balancing the levels between anger and false hope is a tough job if you think this president doesn’t try hard.  He presumes businessmen are also exploiting suckers, which is where his contempt for actual production stems.  You’ve been patient for this long, so what’s a little more time, trouper?  Besides, help is coming tomorrow.  Wait for Godot just a bit longer.

An enraged electorate overtaking a prosperous one exploits the public in a way the businesses politicians demonize could never do.  Projection only feeds the public profiteering.  Republicans are officially no better: Trump pimps the same sort of legitimized rage that’s now bipartisan.  Elected demagogues conditioning subjects to resent life have also coincidentally condemned access to guns, as they figure there’s no humanly way to control impulses.  The inability to behave has become especially pronounced with encouragement.

The preoccupation with grievance restrains a country once dedicated to the hope that people can better themselves.  As usual, the purported cure causes the disease. Patients threaten each other outside creepy rallies.  The only way to get better is by noticing patterns.  Those leading have grifted from you, claim same leaders.

Best of all, there’s no relief possible.  Anyone preaching an ideology revolving around bitterness at mysterious forces proficient at oppression can’t just change into sunshine mode upon seizing charge.  Such hustlers must maintain kayfabe and continue to demonize anyone in power as a greedy thief feeding off your dreams.  To be specific, they mean anyone else in power. The supposed exceptions are going to fight the system from within. And the battles will be on your behalf.  Empty your wallet’s contents into an envelope and mail it to your savior to dissipate that burning feeling.  It’s not a request.


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