Sucker Bet

Those seduced by Donald Trump shouldn’t feel too bad, as they join an extensive group of ex-wives and floozies with poor judgment.  It’s not like he’d disagree, at least with the quantity.  I just wish he had spent decades demonstrating that the only thing he peddles is nonsense.  To be fair, he’s quite skilled at selling something if the product is nothing.  He’s only been telling tall tales publicly since Reagan held the office he never will, so what’s another month learning he may have a casual relationship with honesty?

Standing up to politicians is tricky for those waltzing with a clod.  Trump lies more blatantly than any politician, which has been misconstrued as directness in this very rational environment.  Office-holders who spend lifetimes honing the craft of deception are incensed at how little effort he’s put into fibbing.  It’s not as if he doesn’t have practice at being deviant.  Use Hillary’s husband as unctuous inspiration.  She can only win because of Trump, so not aping Bill’s wholly phony compassion is another campaign gift to her from the opposite podium.

Look around at your allies.  If you feel shame, pick a direction and run to the horizon.  The coalition of blind partisans, shameless nationalists, and outright racists is unbefitting of a congregation that once included the common interest of constitutional fidelity. Bragging about success during failure’s midst is an unworthy substitute.  If you’re willing to believe Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are worthy intellectual lodestars, you’re probably also adhering to unrequited dreams of being bossed around.  The hourly savings may seem worthwhile, but Trump is an ultimately costly dominatrix who can’t hold a whip.

It’s hard to keep up with Trump’s changes.  His ability to contradict his own stances is too sophisticated for mental lightweights like Charles Krauthammer.  How can you be for and against gun control, socialized medicine, and amnesty?  It takes a special kind of leader to turn that feat.  You’d have to earn a Trump University doctorate to understand such political complexities, and you missed your chance. So, just obey the man who only donated to his opponent to confuse her.  He’s destroying Hillary from the inside.

Sure, the new standard of principled conservatism involves preposterous stances that countered ones made moments previously.  But that’s just to stay current like a shrewd businessman.  The customer is always right, so say red and blue make orange if that’s what the audience wants to hear. A search at that low-energy loser site Google would show Trump’s been inconsistent on par with a Christian praying toward Mecca.  But a good entrepreneur appeals to as many potential clients as possible, which is why he’s taken every stance on every issue.  He merely has to hope insulting every last human cancels out sucking up to them.

A braggart with a history of destroying enterprises while claiming he’s thriving may deserve scrutiny.  But zealotry precludes careful analysis.  Commitment to the new General Secretary means ignoring how henchmen were suckered like Obama voters.  Empty-eyed fans who didn’t recognize the pattern deserve the ensuing humiliation.  Three-card monte players fell for an alluring statist promising paradise through unilateral action.  Feel free to tease them about their purported fondness for outsiders.  Worst of all, they were hoodwinked by someone who blows at pitching untruths.  That’s what makes him an adversary of the system.

Don’t trust a politician: place your faith in a bullplop artist who says whatever he crudely calculates will appeal to anyone currently within earshot.  The establishment is being taught a lesson about the superfluousness of training to deceive.  Why spend years practicing? There’s no reason to even run for state legislature first.  As for his preposterous plans, they change as quickly as the weather. Look what he promised Atlantic City if you trust him on repealing Obamacare.  Remember how he announced he was a great businessman?  It must be true, as he says what he thinks.  Lots of great businessmen have to concede a constant barrage of losses in tax forms.

Bitching about a rigged election is a preemptive way to save orange face.  That’s the only thinking ahead Trump’s ever done.  Loudmouths who claim there’s no difference between the parties actually make it so.  Create the future you desire. Those with beliefs beyond obnoxious conspiracies try fastidiously to make the case that life would be smoother without the government roughing it up.  For now, any hope of unencumbered economics has been lost to deadbeat who can’t even get a job.


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