Party Crashed

If your companionship is unwanted, it’s at least fun to leave.  Flip off the clique’s jerks and invent swear words as you free yourself from the burden of friends who weren’t.  When do you go against party?  How about when they go against your interests while blaming you?  Well, that was easy. This year, partygoers are being dared to flee without finding their shoes first.

Duck out of this lame soiree at the first chance.  Help others if you can, but we’re each responsible for fleeing any time the host is distracted.  Those fretting about low attendance should think about what their guests might enjoy.  A little constructive criticism may not sound like a fun parlor game. Still, it beats throwing highball glasses at each other.

Anyone sensitive to criticism deserves more of it.  I don’t see any way to break the cycle.  You’re not arming your foes when your candidate is the one peddling rhetorical weapons to political enemies.  There’s no reason to have companions if they’re not comfortable enough to tell you an outfit looks ridiculous.

Drill sergeants are only mean because they don’t want recruits stumbling in combat.  So don’t feel hurt by their strong suggestions for behavioral improvement.  Criticizing those on your side who need and deserve it is the opposite of treason despite what self-identifiers wearing red hats tell you about your purported support for Hillary.  Those framing voting as a test of dedication instead of a choice between the least worst jerk are hurting very human candidates by treating them as Marvel superheroes.  These lame radiation victims have abnormalities more than powers. They’d be lame even by DC standards.

Blindly endorsing the myopic creates more than weak vision.  Partisans with glowing eyes aid foes by being unwilling to note which areas in their leaders could stand to get better.  Humans should be willing to attempt self-improvement.  But that’s impossible if one’s following the savior to a polling place.  The one thing for which Donald Trump is known is modest willingness to become a fuller person, which is why he now knows almost 80 English words.

Anyone who understands free markets knows the value of competition.  Sadly, that doesn’t apply to anyone in this election.  When you think the government should dictate solutions, you’re not about to approach problems constructively. Central planning’s inevitable failures don’t deter those who refuse to accept their own shortcomings.

Monopolies don’t last, as those goons who think they’ve cornered support are doomed to get soft in arrogance.  Both fake business titans genuinely running for president are furious they haven’t run away with what they presumed would be electoral sweeps. Instead of using competition as a chance to hone one’s abilities to maximum efficiency, they ignore critiques as insolent, which exacerbates issues.  It’s an enjoyable campaign.

Knowing when to lambaste your own people is the toughest call.  Customer feedback improves performance.  But aspiring autocrats aren’t going to monitor their star ratings.  The whole point of giving oneself boundless power is not having to heed the petty complaints of customers who want to decide what to buy and for how much.

The guy who needs the most advice accepts the least. Trump is as clear a test as possible about whether or not you should get the hell away.  His innate ability to see how far he can provoke is the only time he’s not deceptive.  Naturally, it’s not by design.  Lucifer’s pet year is valuable in how it illustrates loyalty’s downside, namely being shackled to an exploding tangerine that releases a torrent of cussing upon detonation.  A slight nudge might send shrapnel flying, so sit very still.  His shock troops are about to get even angrier about how cruel the universe has been to their dream of bringing back manufacturing jobs from the middle of last century.

Treat candidates as above criticism to see them make more mistakes. Hillary is unable to pick out an outfit for herself, and her staff’s unwillingness to mention this to her symbolizes an unnatural amount of faith in a quite fallible person.  Entrepreneurs find the product they can sell the best, and in her case it happens to be her soul. Who are we to judge that she’s not skilled at peddling Chevrolets?

The unwillingness to challenge a quasi-queen who inherited nothing but an uncanny capacity to sell favors has doomed her to messianic arrogance.  As is befitting of a central planner, she’s ensured competition isn’t even fun.

Joining a party isn’t a wedding: you’re not bound forever.  Use Trump’s flexible take on matrimonial commitment as a standard if you still feel nervous about bailing.  Membership is a negotiation, which a group ostensibly dedicated to free markets should grasp.  Give up on someone who doesn’t want you anymore.  Their inability to see what a sweet person you are is on them.

Things you like may change for the worse, so don’t stick around to watch a former great stammer.  I stopped watching The Simpsons when it got goofy despite years of watching like clockwork, and I’m certainly not going to stick with something more trivial like a political party. These episodes suck and it’s obviously teetering on cancellation.

Perspective changes everything.  Maybe that’s not always good: those who destroyed the organization are sure insistent upon loyalty now. You’re expected to befriend the arsonists.  The old party was crummy, unlike the one that revolves around the all-galaxy phony and his desire to dominate you.  If you seek an exit sign, it’s in your line of sight and never going to be illuminated this brightly.


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