Tense Term

Those aware we have a Constitution are used to furtively shuttling it between clandestine fireproof shelters, so we don’t even have to go through disruption of habit by preserving it a bit longer.  Who wants to feel unburdened?  Get released from prison after being convicted of Democrats thinking you earn too much, and the sky overhead can seem frightening.  The point’s moot, as liberty has not been paroled. Start thinking of cells as cozy.

We may have to rumble with our own gang.  Standing for freedom will be tricky under, sigh, President Trump, which is where no non-Eastern European model should want to be.  The fight for a government that works precisely because it’s small enough to ignore will continue. Citing the rulebook will run counter to the vindictive tantrum style of his most prominent suckers. They’re merely begging to be dominated and voted accordingly, and we get dragged along.  Taking after a leader isn’t always admirable.

Opposition is easy when foes with dreams of expanding useless spending make the other side look appealing.  These dragging moments offer a chance to again point out why the government does for your life what the Browns do for football.  It beats calling anyone resistant to joining your cult a weak loser.

You don’t realize how lucky you are when it could’ve been far worse.  The lack of even more pain counts as a blessing because we have advanced so much as a species.  There’s a big downside to getting this particular appalling choice if you felt too optimistic.  Namely conservatism is in danger of being connected to someone whose impulse was to control to compensate for his demonstrated inability to dominate.  It’s too bad there wasn’t a way to make Hillary go away while Trump also had to sulk and not run his casino.

Make the president-elect read the Constitution, and not just to prove he’s literate.  At least Napoleon conquered things.  An entirely unsuitable little man whose desire to boss around others conforms with bloated government will linked to the side with P.J. O’Rourke.  No, it’s not fair, so tough. If we thought life was a happy place, we’d be liberals, and they all seem miserable for believing it.  You try being pleasant while maintaining the risible fiction that Obama brought peace and equality.

We may as well get more poor standards about which to complain.  You may have noticed semipermanent stagnation accompanied federal micromanaging.  Now, hope Congress will resist adding 50 percent more examples of why what pompous progressive buffoons say is the opposite of what they do.  The president’s party is irrelevant if you’re looking for a twist. We could do without so many examples of overreach, as it’s an effort just to alphabetize the ones we already have. Statists running their mouths and the economy into the ground would be more fun to mock if it weren’t so predictable.

We’ve defied overreach for so long that it’ll feel weird if the odometer ever spun down.  Don’t pencil in a vacation yet.  This was a perfect chance to beat Hillary, and the genie added a catch to our wish.  The counterinsurgency continues even though the party label says we can halt.  The side with all the phasers certainly isn’t letting the Borg assimilate us now.  The ruthlessly efficient hive keeps losing track of the resistance despite their cold boasts.  Pity the poor individuals captures and outfitted with cybernetic implants. Conquered users are forced to tweet lies about saving manufacturing jobs lost to progress.

There’s one easy job that millions can perform, which is great except for the pay.  Offend Trump if he indulges his statist fantasies.  Getting under his skin is easy considering he’s been a public buffoon since before Roseanne’s show got silly with the Conners winning the lottery. It’s not the Super Bowl, but we have been practicing for this moment over much of our lives.

Look for allies where you can find them, including dopes with votes. Congressional Republicans who seemed mushy pre-Trump now come across as moral titans who think the John Birch Society is too collectivist. I’d love to think making what’s conventional look good was his plan all along if he ever thought out anything.  Watch for a spike in Google searches for “congressional obstruction” as the public realizes they don’t like someone arrogant with the black-glass spirit telling them what to do.  This will truly be a Trump term.

It turns out genes aren’t passed between spouses.  The election taught us about science.  Selling out precious principles to maintain power is one skill Hillary didn’t pick up from the president she’s related to by marriage, which is a byproduct of a couple never spending time together.  Someone who’s lusted so much to get back into the White House will never sleep there again. It’s not like her husband did that often.  The erstwhile First lady married to the man who will never be First Guy is tone deaf for more than her voice.

At least Hillary was historically bad at it.  The impossible failure’s ostensible hubby could innately prey on the feelings of others, an evil superpower he’s used to charm ladies out of more than donations. By contrast, wifey can’t figure out if a bagel would be good for breakfast without a staff meeting and Huma tasting the cream cheese for poison.  A lot changed in a few weeks. This crazy couple involuntarily forced from public life proves opposites attract.

Trump’s a dreamer in the sense he’s incoherent.  Wake up, people.  His wholly counterproductive notions are only exceeded by his willingness to trade them away.  At least he’s a Republican!  I’m going to guess our dear leader is not about to become an affable grandpa willing to heed advice.  The eternally pleasant next president could try preempting foes by taking their positions.  But thinking he knows best may preempt that.

Topping Hillary is tempered by the topper. Liberty still needs an active defense against active government.  If you ever feel weary holding back the forces of cloddish bossiness, remember he’s so bad that he had to face Ms. Clinton to win.


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