Bad Inexperience

An empty mind may be preferable depending on the skull.  There’s one thing worse than no ideas, namely having lousy ones.  Our trainee president has spent his conniving existence proving he’s horribly qualified to mop your floors.  But you wouldn’t dare suggest the new regent engage in manual labor.  A higher calling is why someone so majestic has never worked a real job.  Don’t infuriate him with eye contact.

Our next president has a background which should disqualify him to hand out samples at the mall food court, much less be head of state.  The difference is I’d trust the hardworking girls handing out Szechuan chicken on toothpicks to return my wallet.  Trump possesses a résumé that seems impressive until you call references.  Putin would just laugh and hang up.

A job interview is supposed to determine just what the grinning suited doofus did and didn’t do at the last jobs.  It’s fairly easy to spot posers.  But it takes a willingness to look.  Start by not worshiping anyone waiting outside the office.  Seeing if the applicant has screwed up even the simplest assignments is something the hiring manager should check.  The problem is, with voting, that’s us.

Except for peace and prosperity, the world seems in fine shape.  A declining America hasn’t led to the predicted corresponding reduction in hatred.  Poor John Kerry inherited a mess.  Eh, maybe you don’t have to feel bad for him.  A few years in the Senate doesn’t qualify one to become the executive any more than failing to sell football and vodka.

Both the lame duck and lamer president-elect have been blessed with garbage foes.  Whether framed as fighting unfairness or elitism, resentment continues for another term.  The realization neither has earned what they have is why they’re ironically and mutually dedicated to class warfare: their guilt paired with solipsism makes them presume every successful person lucked into it.  What do you mean, toil?

The worst people get the best luck.  Thank the universe.  Trump’s most recent purported combatant is famously appalling.  But he doesn’t deserve to be branded a business titan just because he claimed to be such.  The incumbent may loathe the next guy, but that doesn’t change how both think saying it makes it so.

The lamentably privileged cluster for self-preservation.  Like the president he suddenly loathed, Trump lucked out with the opponent.  Why should decent humans who don’t want to ineptly reign over other get the breaks?  The tradition of electing people with precisely zero worthwhile experience can be abandoned any election now. Voters should at least elect a governor who has some idea how to play executive.  But demeanor, well, trumps ideology.

Not reining in Gary Busey is quite an accomplishment.  I hope this is the end of candidates using a level for which they were unqualified as a springboard to the next. The horrid one without a previous government position nudged ahead.  But that only proves holding a job is not necessarily the same as doing it well.

A cabinet title sounds impressive to yokels regardless of competence to the same sorts who think government should organize our lives.  In their pitiful cases, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean we should have to suffer under the yoke of micromanagement. He’s going to keep promising greatness.  You mean someone can do poorly?

There’s one thing worse than inexperience.  Be glad for those who merely don’t know what they’re doing, as they’re far less dangerous than those assuring us they’ve disarmed bombs loads of times.  We better hope the country is better off entrusted to someone with no clue.

Ignorance is only a blessing if the person is smart enough to know they’re dumb.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with electing someone who’s never held office. But it depends on the person.  Take the twit whose wedding favor was handing a nasty autocrat the presidency.  Trump promoted being unqualified as a virtue.  He’s also a crummy person with nasty thoughts who couldn’t successfully bilk seniors desperate to plunk pensions into slot machines.  Find someone who was good at something and knows how a bill becomes a law: that’s apparently too much to ask.

Doing nothing beats doing something badly.  With stagnation in place, that means millions will be qualified to primary someone with instincts that should frighten us if it reflects the public.  It shouldn’t be that hard to find someone who was competent enough to deserve a promotion.  But at least we’ve learned one more reason why government’s for people who couldn’t hack it in the private sector.  Celebrate at the Trump Taj Mahal.


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