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How can you be loyal to an idea?  They don’t even exist, kind of.  You can’t hold a notion against your rib cage like a shady campaign donation or impossibly tacky furniture that oafs think is classy. But a race between two of the most materialistic candidates possible reaffirms there are things money can’t buy, even if the president-elect isn’t one of them.

The concept of obtaining items is what makes the act possible.  Freedom to trade unleashes free people.  Admiring a dreamboat candidate who promises to crush trade partners doesn’t help, especially if he’s infamous for lusting after goods without respecting the acquisition process.

Committing to unfettered interaction is crucial if we hope to finally get a good Republican.  Let’s keep our eye out now for one who isn’t either a boring mush or a boorishly dim autocrat. The chance to reverse the cultish political approach seems as remote as three percent growth, but that’s why we have principles. This election was a test of character, so note who failed.

We certainly weren’t about to have our rights defended by a 70-year-old who knows as many words as a seven-year-old.  A guy who couldn’t sell football to Americans won while failing to make the case for natural rights he found artificial.  But our freedoms remain even if both the winner and popular vote-winning runner-up refuse to respect them.  Everyone has the right to conduct and mind one’s own business, including the hateful nationalists who backed him and the shrill Hillary fans who didn’t realize how often they agree with his policies.  Amuse yourself with any irony you can find during these dark times.

A simple person couldn’t sell pretty simple goals.  To be fair, the Democrat serving as the Republican president has a consistent sales record despite his boasts, although regularly over-promising isn’t a virtue.  The eminent domain fan who was quite open about buying favors wasn’t about to promote voluntary mutual exchange. People can choose how to trade, which doesn’t mean getting sweetheart deals from those who schemed their way into office.  If you have no skills, selling access is an easy way to get rich.

The response is the cause.  Paying our own bills is worlds easier if there aren’t restrictions.  Draining the economy to help people have more money may not be as compassionate as it seems.  Next election, let’s have at least one non-welfare queen from which to choose.  The guy who thought free speech should cost you may not possess the proper instincts to defend people sick of being nagged by the stupid freaking government.  What does he know about the joy of open commerce?  Now, he can sell favors.

The dainty establishment candidates were too liberal, which is why Republicans went with a big-government brute.  Someone inclined to control is not about to cut off bureaucracy at the knees.  A kneeler who pretended to tower won thanks to a foe who could barely stand.  A frighteningly high percentage of voters want a strongman with the same party affiliation even if you can see the outline on his blazer of the old insignia.

Remember to criticize silliness no matter the letter that follows a candidate’s name.  Mocking your own side is a reminder that everyone connected with politics is a toxic egotist begging to be punctured. Call out Republicans if they pimp something cloaked as sensible. Take tax credits, which pretend that rewarding certain behavior is proper federal conduct.  Give everyone the same damn rate instead of bribing what your side likes.  We should be indifferent to how kids spend allowances they earned.

Of all the Trumpian nightmares that will haunt the Stupidest Party, they’ll hopefully be visited by the specter of phoniness.  His miracle conversion to constitutional foundations that he could remember would shame Saint Paul.  Uncannily, he just happened to start believing in unalienable rights the moment he commandeered the party that used to believe in them.  He’s already forgotten the term.

Suffering through a different party’s term with the same encroachment will again be pointless without remembering what to change.  Thankfully, it’s easy to remember the goals of helping yourself by earning and others by spending or giving.  Find people who match your criteria instead of trying to convince yourself same criteria’s in people. Government is to human achievement what Hillary is to campaigning. There’s nothing rarer than a successful marriage where one party tries to change the other.  I fear another divorce for Trump.

Those hoping to be seduced are willing to settle.  But it takes a hopeful with half-decent beliefs to take on a subjugation peddler.  Don’t copy the opposition if they rely on something gross.  Republicans learned the wrong lessons by attempting to replicate Obama’s effect. Liberals need a charismatic charlatan to sell their squalid take on servitude.  Ideas about surrendering autonomy to a government that’s gambling away your pension don’t sell themselves.  Now, the GOP has a guy who has vowed to spend fortunes of your money on infrastructure and entitlements.  It’s to help you get rich.

Trump is an imperfect example in countless ways.  He’s not inspirational except to those clueless enough to think a garish loudmouth with an extensive history of mucking up what should’ve been easy is classy and tough.  But the point still remains that contempt for a government as lawless as it is feeble should, well, trump personal style.  It’s just especially so in his case.

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