Big Deal, Little People

If laws apply to everyone, then why run for office?  Those who vanquish their way to elected employment are too good to obey the silly limitations they casually impose.  Kind despots presume we’re too useless to live without limitations.  Independent thought is to be punished for the subversive precedent.  Obeying is a demonstration of faith, so smack yourself upside the head even if you don’t grasp the reason.  Your very smart rulers have their motivations.  Questioning them is a problem in and of itself.

You wouldn’t want those enduring the burden of organizing your affairs subject to the indignity of struggling with the handcuffs they slap on us.  The uneven application of federal prohibitions makes life exciting.  Humans with humdrum lives live vicariously through athletes and James Bond movies.  It’s about time they envy politicians as the real high-living reckless cool folks.  After all, they’re plotting our days for us, unlike some lame TV star.

The immunity from standards is particularly galling among those who tear down achievers.  Ordinary people are hassled for everything by regents unaccountable for anything.  But that’s how modern man wishes to reward those blessed by divine right.  If obeying the Constitution is so important to you, ask yourself why we elect a king in the first place.

The next president and his gang of toadies want to control you while being above it, because that’s what serving the public good is about. Shuffling the “get out of jail free” card to the top is their reward for ordering our lives.  Expect this level of happiness to be perpetrated.

Elections are now a chance to prove superiority.  Endless, overwhelming, and picayune restrictions aren’t going to apply to those who prove they’re more amazing than the proles by winning slight majorities. They dish out personal exemptions first thing, as that’s why they ran in the first place.  That many votes means they’re better than those of us who merely cast ballots.   You fools would rather have businesses compete while paying low tax levies instead of deciding who lives and dies.

People agree to obey standards through basic decency.  We’re in trouble once enough scoundrels realize they can get away with a lot.  There’s not that much stores can do about shoplifting if thieves are determined. America transitions between presidents who drove up prices for the rest of us.  Anyone who wondered what would happen if a conscience-murdering president disregarded standards has the answer.

Like his successor has already began before he even gets in the office, the lame-duck-in-chief broke his job’s limits like it was a hobby. To be fair, he had to in order to make America poorer and weaker. You’re not ingenuous enough to eschew believing ends justify the means, are you?

Mouthing off is the next president’s style, and which enemy of patriotism will call for manners?  Take joy in not being called a racist whenever we notice the president is crummy.  But prepare for a third term where the universe is ordered to warp to the will of someone too disreputable for honest work.  It’s a different party, which makes it okay.

At least selling us on defying the way things are be hard to sell considering the seller.  Our greatest asset is Trumps’s singularly exhausting style.  He couldn’t make drugs sound enticing to Charlie Sheen.  Yet, he still tallied a mint’s worth of lucre.  His ability to call himself a success illustrates the difference between a free market and rent-seeking.  Or maybe his presidential foe attended his wedding because they’re close pals.

The tangerine scowler possesses an almost comical devotion to skirting the rules.  Here’s a reminder that someone who boasts of buying politicians will be responsible for the Justice Department, which reads like a joke.  Don’t worry, as it won’t be funny.  The first corrupt business president’s greatest achievement will be not sneering publicly about constitutional interdictions.  There’s probably a pill for that.  Thanks to the federal health scheme he doesn’t think goes far enough, he can get a prescription even if you peasants can’t afford it.

Perhaps genuflecting properly will be rewarded.  I just know you’ll totally be one of those privileged citizens rewarded for bootlicking loyalty. The chance to be granted extralegal privileges is why we slavishly devote ourselves to parties.  Principles are important, as long as they involve finding the allegedly strongest human and believing deeply that our representatives will punish those who slight us.  And you thought jobs resulted from creating goods and services customers want.

The most lawless possess the reflex to reign over others.  I almost think it’s psychological.  Putzing autocrats aren’t eager to dominate while overcompensating out of a finely-tuned sense of irony: they just get off on the sensation of being bad while those behaving are forced to watch.  Trump White House minions wearing gimp masks would be redundant.

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