Thinking of Tomorrow When Today Sucks

I just wish Donald Trump would do all the things liberals fear he will. Bossy foes of responsibility are freaking out over a longtime big-government aficionado who makes bluster seem dignified. Conservatives wary of how little his promises are worth are the ones who should be composing rude chants, although I haven’t seen many Weekly Standard subscriber types indignantly yelling in the streets about Tangerine Hitler stealing an election.

A guy who stumbled into the White House is not taking the definition of conservatism from us, at least not anymore.  Winning is a curse when the candidate from your sort-of side embodies none of what you believe.  With the perfect chance to reverse the rot already suffocated, those who know the government is outfitted with both checks and balances have to preserve what they can.  His devotees have to live with nominating the worst possible option for installing what they want.  But so do we.

The hardest thing in the world to find is apparently a normal conservative who can articulate the case for properly-limited state without being a lunatic.  I always thought the greatest challenge was discovering a funny Big Bang Theory episode, but this election seized the title. Anyone hoping to spin down the debt clock gets another term to search for allies just in case.  I’m sure President Trump will be as restrained as he’s dignified.  But it’s good to prepare for wholly unlikely embarrassments.

Thinking ahead could help limit overreach by a guy who’s too impulsive to even ponder the present.  Conservatives are armed with a backup plan, unlike the improbable victor who ran for president as a joke.  Never stop looking for someone with a plot to spend less who reads at a seventh-grade reading level.  It shouldn’t be hard to find someone more dignified than the cussing hobo eating out of the garbage.

Self-proclaimed conservatives who are anything but sure are mouthy about a win without integrity. Defying any sense of the word, the ungracious winners are unpleasant due to the personality component that compels them seek domination by a powerful warlord.  Everyone involved isn’t masking weakness or anything.  The Hannitys and D’Souzas threaten where reason fails.  Do you feel scared?  You can align with them, as I’m not interested in any club where they threaten those refusing to join.

I know we’re not supposed to be insolent enough to question the president.  It was traitorous to not vote for him, after all.  But rebels will be here with criticism whenever he pimps something doltish and/or Obamaesque.  We will not compromise, as his phalanx of tough party-smashers wouldn’t approve of us giving in.  The party infiltrators have already proven to be inept thieves. Dissent among the majority is simply a matter of noting there’s an alternative to being ordered around by an administration comprised of outsiders for a reason.

We’re going to be dictating terms.  You may think principled originalists are not in a good position.  But this is a Rorschach situation where it’s important to learn who is locked in with whom.  The Republican president isn’t instinctually conservative, which is supposed to be an upgrade from establishment nominees who were nominally so.  Disrespect the chain and get yanked.

The Republican will act like a liberal unless conservatives stop him like Democrats want.  Politics is tricky.  All we know is kicking government in the junk will start with the legislature.  The next president could be easy to work with in his way: a guy whose entire reputation is about trading with a history of getting fleeced will be allowed to boast of success as long as people who’ve read the Constitution get what we want.  We’ll be keeping an eye on him just in case he’s an utter screw-up.

Negotiate while the other party is distracted.  That’s shrewd advice I bet is contained in one of the many Trump books I’ve never read. Use insecurity against those who make a show of toughness.  The faux casino titan’s fans are worried deep down they backed a pitiful loudmouth who couldn’t even demolish right.  You better believe grownups are going to be sore about it.  Liberal tears only sustain for so long.

An unwillingness to stick to principles inevitably leads to discarding them entirely.  Pornographers are proud to call out hypocrisy without realizing that it’s a byproduct of standards.  I apologize for demeaning pornographers by comparing them to Trump, his wife’s oh so classy nudie shots aside. Concessions are easiest for those with no doctrine to concede.  We want less debt while he wants to give in.  Maybe this term won’t be as horrifying as portrayed.

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