Work to be Done

A blowhard makes an ideal supervisor as long as workers are willing to stomach some acid.  Indigestion beats rotgut.  The mouthy figurehead thinks his benevolent guidance leads to success.  In truth, we’ll profit only when he’s not paying attention.  Thankfully, that’s bound to happen frequently.  Let nobody tell you we live in uninspiring times.

A grandstander who doesn’t pay attention to the details is the company’s best hope.  We’re exhausted by leaders screwing up the big picture with plans to regulate every little thing.  But a big conniver could be a hands-off head in reality if he just wants to makes a big show of being in charge.  Cocky leaders forget to check time cards.  See what we can get away with while he’s speaking again about the assignments he’ll do for us.

Get work done while the manager is grandstanding during the Michael Scott presidency. Roll eyes at his horrid jokes and try to have a productive day even though the company’s becoming obsolete. We’ll get work done at little times during the day.  Somehow, we manage.

Our constitutional ideals may be safer than we think thanks to Trump losing that Post-it reminding himself to violate them.  Libertarian goals are furthered by a president who doesn’t pay attention.  The failed board game tycoon is laissez-faire in the sense it’s fair to say he’ll be lazy at governing.  Reagan took it easy by design, so we’ll accept an inadvertent aping.

How was Charles Dickens supposed to remember what he wrote hundreds of pages ago?  He’ll just keep the story going.  Likewise, the author of Think Like a Billionaire can’t be bothered to track thousand-dollar dreams. It’ll be easy to, say, talk him down from his preposterous Obama-style infrastructure scheme, a task which is easier because he’ll have forgotten what number he mentioned.  An inadvertent return to principles of liberty counts as a semi-win.  America’s CEO is the sort who’s too careless to remember who he fired the day before.  Just wear a different-colored shirt.

We wanted a president who doesn’t bother us.  By sheer accident, we may have him.  An oafish loudmouth who thinks the Christian messiah should’ve been gaudier isn’t precisely Coolidge’s reincarnation.  But Trump is the sort of jazzy magnate who doesn’t look at what he signs. You know he’s bored by everything but the ceremonial ostentation.  A guy whose greatest commitment involved yelling at faded stars to sell lemonade will forget his promises to hassle us into alleged prosperity.  We know he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Keep it secret from him, as he doesn’t know.

Trump will ideally bring the useful sort of negligence.  His disturbing notions of what makes America great involve taking money to control behavior, which was known as liberalism until Sean Hannity decided a benevolent tyrant bathed in pink marble actually embodies rugged liberty.  Exhausted citizens who seek to evade further prodding can only hope a guy who doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast will fail to follow through on threats.  Lack of commitment is a virtue when the involved parties pimp vice.  A couple divorces are a promising sign when they involve a leader who flaunts bad plans.

The Constitution will be saved if its foes forget they wanted to burn it. Any relief through 2020 will occur not by design but rather ego size failing to conform with reality.  Trump has a lifelong history of not meeting his own expectations.  Granted, they’re rather high, what with him boasting of being the best ever at everything.  Nod and feign fealty to distract the man with the golden crown from how we know how insipid his rare ideas are.  Supermarket steaks are for suckers.

The wrong people are wearing safety pins while screaming at skyscrapers. Of course, there are no right people who engage in such pitiful conduct.  But everyone’s upset for the wrong reasons.  Marginal party identity aside, voters elected a statist, which should please the calm and rational liberals warning that minorities and homosexuals are now endangered.  Perhaps they’re upset because they know Trump’s not good at keeping his word.

If we’re going to get someone who thinks federal authority creates America’s greatness, at least it’s someone too busy gazing at portraits of himself to check if peasants are adhering to mandates.  The ones made out of paint don’t move like his reflection in glass, and it’s tricky.

We’ll finally get a president who’ll be running the government like a business.  Unfortunately, it’ll be like his businesses, where braggadocio replaces a product people want.  Now, people have to buy his product, which is Trump’s greatest dream considering his frequent failures at selling despite his ostentatious claims.  The only hope for involuntary consumers is that he spaces on compliance.


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