Bitching About the Rest

There’s more to life than government.  Thank heavens.  Presume it’s true just for sanity.  Those immersed in tracking the stupid moves of elected morons can easily forget to focus on non-political aspects due to forgetting they exist.  Enjoy life, as it’s supposedly possible.

A dearth of apocalypses is encouraging in its way.  The world was supposed to end after various administrations, and the worst that happened was it merely getting crummier. So, cheer up.  Remember how many things aren’t affected by the election.  Appalling actions of ruling brutes just makes those aspects harder, especially if they cost money.  I’m starting to think reducing the apparatus’s role improves the quality of existence.  It doesn’t matter if the aspiring tyrant is ostensibly on our side: turn your back to remind them who’s boss.

The best part of having a life outside of politics is not having to dwell inside it.  Pity the poor souls who’ve professed allegiance to a candidate as a full-time job and hobby.  Don’t feel too bad, as they’ve probably cursed in your mentions about your lack of loyalty.

As for those who don’t worship astoundingly infallible humans, this is a time to paint even if you’re not artistic and sing even if you’re tone-deaf.  Politicians can’t even run the stupid government, so follow their example in a more innocuous manner.

Indulging in preferred entertainment could actually change results.  Customers can feel better by not consuming garbage.  If you’re tired of how political races end, start with the culture, which is begging to be rudely smacked. Trying to win an election first in a society where a self-parodic Lady Gaga is lauded is like trying to rebuild a crashed car.  Avoid accidents in the first place.

Don’t get upset about politics when they’re are so many other things over which to fume.  Preserve sanity in the best way possible, namely by taking a break from paying attention to aspiring totalitarians attempting to control your life.  Aspiring warlords find your lack of tribute insulting, so keep being insolent as a defiant American and human.

Resist the sort of personal centralization that would lead to dreaming about letting either Barack Obama or Donald Trump have power of attorney.  The fact one’s a constitutional lawyer unfamiliar with the Constitution while the other floated through business school is irrelevant.  When you’re finally fed up with the letdowns, clock out for a bit.  Yell at a sports team instead of politicians.

Is there a song or show you may enjoy instead of reacting to the most recent atrocious intrusion suggestion pitched by both parties?  There may be a distraction in melody or amusing twist.  I’m personally working out the blues with the new Rolling Stones album, the release of which I’m using to define what’s otherwise been the Barry Manilow era. It’s never too late to rock: Mick Jagger is 73, which means he’s only three years older than the president-elect.  I know who I’d prefer to see onstage.

I’ve also been catching up on the DVR instead of seeing which Fox News Trump shills are suddenly cool with Russia, not to mention taxpayers funding useless paving.  I’m also mad at whoever didn’t tell me The Mindy Project was so hilarious.  Being far enough behind that I’m still learning Hillary is evil at 2X speed while fast-forwarding through campaign ads is one of the benefits of waiting.

Wondering who’s going to hector is no way to live.  At least the era of inspirational bothersome leadership enhances other senses.  Music sounds more stirring and food tastes better when it’s an escape from the drudgery of authoritarianism.  That’s not an excuse to make circumstances rotten, but at least we can enjoy ice cream and punk rock.

Don’t make the result of a terrible choice worse by playing along.  Losing minds over this stupid election is exactly how the bossy brutes want us to react.  Gloom over a vote tally plays into the notion that government makes decisions for us, which is why liberals flip out even more histrionically than usual when it doesn’t go their way.  Add their infantile natures for truly perfect tantrums.

Unlike those twisted enough to actually prefer being controlled, relaxed Americans always hate presidential results.  What inevitably follows is deflating in predictability.  There’s nothing worthwhile about the political process or results.  At best, legislation is a necessary hassle to be minimized.  Make it personal as well as national for despondency on every level.

Those moping since the election could enjoy life while admitting they should be in control of their own lives.  But that would mean being happy, and anyone still respectively cheering or lamenting the infusion or lack of Trump or Hillary in our lives clearly doesn’t want enjoyment.


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