Expensive Market

Vegans would devour steak if Paul Ryan said salad was healthy.  Hating a person is one of the most fun things others can do.  But thorough contempt can blind us from what targets are actually saying.  It’s not as visceral, but it’s probably wise to at least hear what those we despise have to say.  Call it compassion.

Take how liberals suddenly believe in free markets because the election winner they loathe opposes them.  Criticizing Donald Trump is enjoyable and useful.  But some who went as far as voting for that corrupt itinerant hiker are compensating for the fear we’ll notice how often they agree with the guy who won. Typical enemies of commerce who think the Republican must be antithetical to their values have become unlikely allies in preserving competition.  Partisans only like it when one of theirs doles out favors as rewards.  See: parties are different.

While it’s never bad to review the basics, the daily lessons are tiring. Conservatives ask for strength before explaining one more dang time how a purported tax break can actually just be a handout. For example, track carveouts granted to particular conglomerates that managed to flag Trump’s limited attention with tantrums loud enough to crack fillings.  Giving panhandlers change ensures they won’t leave the subway.

Sadly, we’ve come to expect a frightening portion of Americans are hostile to American values.  Working while keeping what’s earned without bitching is foreign to those who think the Constitution is what’s holding us back.  Smug nitwits of that type aren’t the problem, at least not for this specific example.  The surprising and disappointing part pertains to the audience that requires lessons on what freedom means.  It’s the same one that used to pretend to care about permitting commerce.  Democrats have the advantage of not being full of it when they waste your money on stupid junk.

Any special favor to one is an affront to others.  Both sides would agree to the principle, while neither is able to resist in practice. Politics can’t be fun unless you can play deity with parishioners’ involuntary donations.  Heathens refuse to support causes they like with taxpayer funding, and their reward doesn’t seem pending on this absurd plane.

Be upright about hypocrisy to limit exhaustion.  At least admit individual deals for goodies don’t limit government.  A lower levy for a beleaguered industrial concern sounds like it encourages capitalism until realizing competitors are stuck with the old rate.  Well, that seems unfair.  Such capricious treatment isn’t good for business in the long term.  But the press conferences with job numbers sure are exciting.

One day, we’ll stop electing presidents who think they can defy economics through charisma.  Long-term goals are important when the present is exhausting.  A temporary boost resulting from a handout hasn’t fooled reality for two terms, and the boundaries of existence aren’t going to change now.  Conservatives know this.  Or are those whooping for the cheap infusion not into that whole limited government spiel? That’s a fun question for them to ask themselves as they root for a branch helping particular companies as the rest sulk and lump it.

It’s a remarkable coincidence that each party is fine with intrusive rule as long as it’s used to do as they wish.  Each faction may claim different policy goals.  But coercion by law is inherently liberal.  Use state resources to compel any legal behavior, and you’re being bipartisan by siding with Nancy Pelosi.  As so often happens these days, there’s only one side, and it’s the one that takes your money to help you get rich.

Afterburner politics won’t get us ahead, at least for long.  Injecting fuel into the exhaust gives fighter pilots an acceleration burst.  But the quick thrill of momentary acceleration is reduced by empty tanks prior to landing.  So that’s why they don’t use it all the time.  I blame the military for resisting renewable fuels, as solar power could keep our jets in the air indefinitely, at least after dawn. Until those enlightened times, there’s a downside to gimmicks.  The nation feels burned out for a reason.

At least Trump-loathing liberals are willing to slam him even when they agree.  Partisan enmity must be strong when Obama cultists suddenly think federalism is cool.  It may be ironic like a hipster fetish. But Pabst sales spike no matter if customers drink it while smirking.

Confusion right now is normal.  This is just the wacky part of a Shakespeare play or Three’s Company episode before the misunderstandings are resolved.  The usual exhausting suspects will be back to bashing commercial transactions if a free market fan is ever elected.  That may take awhile, so accept their cognitive dissonance as a consolation prize for confiscated liberty.


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