Mean Ends Justified

Crushing others must be the greatest virtue.  That’s why true fans cheer for whoever nabs a title even if it’s the stupid soulless Patriots. Loyalty is for suckers, so buy whatever championship merchandise is sold in that ad right after the commissioner hands off the trophy. Winning for winning’s sake is the cool new virtue in this judgment-free world where everyone disdains everyone else.

The cults are closer than they think.  The leaders would be surprised by the twist where they end up wanting the same thing.  Even Stephen King wouldn’t be such a hack.  But reality can be strange.  Take how two presidents in a row from different parties and wholly contrasting personalities set power as their ultimate goal. Just being in control is enough for these incredibly modest executives.  They’re politicians, yes.  But they’re also leaders.  Don’t ask where they’re going if you want to keep tagging along.

There’s no time for your insolent queries.  Principles are for the conquered, so stand aside and let plunderers do what they can to maintain their triumph.  Fans can’t cite why winning more electoral votes is good without mentioning the amazingness of the respective men they’ve decided can fill the void that Zoloft and Halo Top could not.  We’ll have a third straight term of the second consecutive guy citing his win as his greatest achievement.  The mere fact their administrations exist proves what they think is a tight case.  Why spoil it by trying to get anything done between elections?

Good news is in store for those who lust to be dominated.  Your fetish can remain in the open, freak.  Boasting about tallies instead of explaining why voters were correct inevitably leads to an appallingly vigorous exercise of state power.  If the goal is winning at all costs, the actual term won’t be marked by smooth sailing and a commitment to human liberty.  A guy who’s gotten sweetheart deals starting with the one he was handed at birth isn’t about to respect simple exchanges of currency for desired goods.

We’ll finally be strong.  Context is irrelevant.  Far too many superficial freedom fans harbor a sick nationalist fantasy where the president’s firm but gentle hand moves corporate chess pieces to capture recession’s king.  In reality, Trump is just throwing checkers at you.  American advancements now begin with a guy who thought he could take on the NFL telling conglomerates to obey or get spanked.  They aren’t suggestions: his advice is now legally binding.

Bossing around is what good leaders do.  What: is the government going to trust you to do what’s wise?  That’s anarchy.  People have no idea what’s good for them, which is why democracies elect a tyrannical messiah to guide us wretches to earthly salvation.   Cite initiatives ordered into existence for a religious experience.  Tracking their consequences is unnecessary, as winners wouldn’t order something lousy to occur.

A vote’s outcome shouldn’t be seen as the prime example of our nation’s fulfilled goals.  A great president is good by letting us go about our days.  By contrast, one who thinks his selection proves the nation’s worthiness will use the resulting authority to confirm his prominence.  And we ordinary non-presidential folks benefit, as long as America’s greatness is created by the government and not in spite of it.

Getting consecutive executives who cite their own victories as achievements means we must be lucky.  That presumes voters chose properly, and I see no reason to doubt the rationality of our species.  We look at screens that feed us information every hour we’re awake, so humans are bound to be more informed than ever.

Claiming something happened is adequate for the modern voter.  There are too many new Facebook posts to follow through on yesterday’s boasts. That’s fine until we look up.  I mean, we have to eat at some point, and food through a straw is only so filling.  The difference between did and should is the most important in human experience.  It’s also the distinction that ultra-sophisticated modern voters are most likely to see as quaint.

You losers with your beliefs deserve to be fed to the lions.  What will faith get you?  Believe in men and not ideas, as that’s never led to regret over being penned inside a cult compound.  The electric fence is only to encourage devotion.  Thinking an Adonis of an Einstein in the Oval Office will make America cool through fiat means never checking up on him.  Of course they can make us rich while turning fat into muscle: the supermen among us won elections, and that’s the hard part.  Warping reality is a breeze.


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