Dollar and Change

How are you planning to get rich: by having a good idea?  It’s highly unlikely.  I’m sorry to be so negative about your capacities.  But the whole reason we have a government is to discourage your silly dreams by law.  Don’t feel bad about the lack of lucrative notions emerging from your skull, as that’s a natural byproduct of joining together.  The hive thinks for us now.

We’re not expecting you to work if government’s doing our thinking.  So, relax, gentle citizen.  With initiative discouraged, the supremely compassionate government will naturally buy you things as compensation for that blue feeling.  That logic follows in its twisted way.  Kids asking for 10 dollars so they can get a Mother’s Day present have grown up, at least age-wise.

Everyone’s for someone else paying.  The lust for carveouts funded by slicing into everyone else’s portion is sadly bipartisan.  This is why shrewd observers hate cooperation.  Those with so much integrity that they don’t have to show it condemn the Obamacare mandate while cheering a tax on companies daring to hire people in non-American lands.  Force is swell now if done on behalf of a vague sense that executive action is the source of our greatness.  What changed?  An election.

It’s beneficial to reduce things to the simplest terms.  Just don’t get simple-minded.  Since it apparently needs to be said, that’s not a virtue.  Take the oversimplified approach to finance that requires political assistance.  Give me money so I have some.  That’s the only way to fight selfishness.  How else could people obtain capital? Money doesn’t just fall into paychecks.  We’ll never get ahead unless we tax enough to invest in infrastructure.  Yes, that may sound inefficient to the heartless capitalist.  But losing a chunk of our investment together is how we feel united.

Why are you hurting the Statue of Liberty’s feelings with your selfish desire to earn and retain?  The notion that any random company could hire people in whatever country it pleases is hurtful to American progress.  Hiring some foreign person is racist.  So what if it’s cheaper, especially when the alternative is to be regulated into oblivion within the country stereotyped as a libertarian frontier? Your Twitter eagle avatar isn’t crying enough.

The conflation of national pride with a muscular government that constantly embarrasses same nation explains every dang criminally stupid federal policy in recent memory.  Brace for sanctioned bullying with a patina of statism framed as patriotism.  The president will intervene similarly to the style since 2009, only while vigorously praising America.  The alleged endorsement of our founding values makes the coercion worse.  But at least the brainless commands make us feel jingoistic.

Creating value is as old-fashioned as paying bills.  Someone else can take care of that for you.  Yet ancient economic wizards maintain that hoary spells still work.  Trade makes both parties richer.  And they get tougher, too, as getting every buck available means making a case for oneself.  Earning confidence is now elitist, so hurting the feelings of frumpy broads and dudes who somehow made bears ironic is an added benefit.

Self-reliance sounds frightening until realizing the alternative is counting on Bernie Sanders’s senatorial votes to avoid starvation.  That lunatic crank is only the most prominent American who won’t grasp the difference between cash and wealth.  Even learning the distinction seems to be too much work.  Way on the other side of the same coin, the gold-clad president totally isn’t overcompensating for insecurity about his lack of acceptance.  Trump will use cash that isn’t his to purchase anything on your list.  His unique real estate background of boasting regardless of acquisition will actually come in handy for this particular style of governance.

Sure, redistribution might seem dirty and inefficient and contrary to liberty and a certain way to crimp productivity.  But I just can’t imagine any other way in which one might obtain money.  That’s possibly because it would involve effort.  The special talk about where income comes from is too mortifying to share.  It’s better to simply presume currency just materializes out of the ether.  In that case, it’s only fair to take it by force and spread it to those who happened to receive less.  Whether pretending mandatory sharing is moral or punishing businesses who appreciate cheap labor, we’re not getting rich no matter how much we’re handed.


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