Don’t Bother

What if we did good on our own?  Oh, we can’t be trusted.  That’s why our nation is founded on the principle of being ordered around with step-by-step instructions.  So, quit disobeying like a Russian.  We can’t thrive until we all worship the president with enough fervor. Any slacker drags the entire commune down.  Pick up the pace, Larry.

Or, you could read alternate history.  America is, to use a lamentably ruined construction, great.  It’s just not in the way any recent president claims.  The sentiment is as right as the way it’s presented is frightening.  Presuming the president hands us favors in exchange for loyalty happened so casually that we couldn’t even twitch in response.

Despite the way many who claimed they wanted limited government now act, we excel despite federal hassles. Government isn’t patriotic, and the whole point is to restrain it and threaten to drop it from a helicopter.  Remember it was built by the lowest bidder.

America’s successes occur precisely because we’re not ordered around.  Do as you wish, and we all benefit.  See, we have to create what we want or buy what we don’t have, so trading with others helps them out.  There may even be textbooks that use chapters stretching for entire chapters.

A few citizens are still lamentably acting like any government could spur the economy, particularly our government.  The same style may not work under a wholly different personality.  Donald Trump will browbeat companies and foreigners into flourishing as has always happened, at least according to those who are suddenly cool with funneling money through what was formally called the Cesspool on the Potomac.

Federal force creates a strong nation in the same sense that Madonna created modesty.  A pimp hand slapping us into submissive prosperity is necessary to those in the stable who think a failed casino magnate is rich because his name’s in gold.  To be fair, that is a color associated with wealth, as it is a traditionally expensive metal.  But perhaps someone showing it off so prominently is trying a little too hard to convince us.  If it worked well enough to get him to the top, then that’s a reflection on the suckers impressed by the shine more than the mouthy peddler.

A nationalistic patina doesn’t make coercion more pleasant.  In fact, you may be surprised to learn nausea’s source.  Style doesn’t affect principles.  It’s a bit less than an exaggeration to note Trump tries to be less snobbish than Obama, who thought he was better than us despite every single thing he did.  But straightforward vulgarity isn’t necessarily a virtue, even in response to a condescending twit trying to arrange our affairs by law.  The New York Times is quite different from the Daily News, and they’re both garbage papers.  The incumbent seized upon the notion in the basest way possible that voters felt the nation wasn’t patriotic enough, and that’s the worst reason to still be running the economy from the Oval Office.

Trump fans are feeling hurt.  This is a sad face.  The irony is one of the few present enjoyable aspects of politics.  By being as secure as their leader, the very not paranoid followers think people are looking down upon them, which shouldn’t bother those so dedicated to telling it like it is.  In reality, it’s only snobby liberals scorning their de facto allies.  Conservatives are disappointed by the Trump faction’s dedication to submission.  The only thing worse than thinking an apparatus that can’t deliver the mail makes the nation special is thinking a person serving in it does.  Please bless us with jobs, Mister the Donald.

The conundrum’s worst part is failing to realize it exists.  Many who are Republicans out of habit either don’t grasp that his plan to use federal power to make dreams come true may not be conservative or were fine with being bossed around all along.  The question may be tough to resolve, much like how we never figured out if Barack Obama screwed up because he didn’t care much for the nation and wanted to knock it down a notch or if he was just a derelict.  There’s disturbing news accompanying either answer.

This whole time, we thought Obama’s foes were interested in limiting government to encourage personal autonomy.  But a disturbing percentage of gimps just wanted a dominatrix they respect.  They shouldn’t expect reciprocity, and it’s a great tragedy that they wait to be loved equally.  Meanwhile, nobody else finds their costumed silliness as anything more than dressing up to compensate for bored inadequacy.  The dedicated recipients of humiliation are impressed by the vulgar commands while the adults are suppressing giggles. Everyone else is uninterested in obeying.  Submission is for freaks. But we have a freaky government now.


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