Civil Wary

Moaning liberals are staying true to form, so bless constancy.  It’s not like they’re capable of changing.  What would they do: learn skills? George Soros wouldn’t pay them to pursue engineering degrees, so they’ll continue bellowing about homophobia in front of Trump Tower. They’ve decided to stick with what got them here.  Switching to independence isn’t the sort of change they had in mind.

Having nothing about which to complain fails to stop them.  Meanwhile, the genuinely aggrieved cope quietly.  The lesson is hard to notice, which isn’t the only reason it’s ignored.  Those polluting your Facebook feed with cosmically inane George Takei posts aren’t the ones whose ostensible party is linked to a longtime member of the other faction who still endorses a vigorous take on power.  Yet their side is the one that maintains life is unfair.

Those most entitled to complain are least likely to do so.  It’s hard to appreciate irony when everyone’s holding hand-lettered placards in our faces.  But those who are grownups more than legally can’t stop and debate on the way to work.

Donald Trump is making life harder for Republicans because that’s the kind of universe we have.  This may feel like a particularly peculiar moment on the timeline, so enjoy the freak show instead of scolding the proprietors for showing off pinheads.  As for the circus’s ringmaster, one would think he was promoting discord on purpose if one wasn’t familiar with his other work.  A guy who’s afraid of staircases isn’t a few steps ahead as his more zealous critics.  Convincing people he knows what he’s doing has been useful in its way, at least for him getting to the presidency.

Yes, he’s attempting to learn different skills on the job than his predecessor.  But we should still check into getting a president next time who’s not a trainee.  Three in a row wouldn’t be a charm. Calling Stumpy McTrumpfinger’s efforts ham-handed is an insult to hams.  We could’ve told you what happens when a guy without a functional political philosophy takes office is we could hear over whooping derpy slogans.  “Whatever works” is a byproduct of not not having an idea at the start.  There’s plenty of time to come up with at least one.  A long, long time.

As the pervert learned during Mass, saying whatever comes to mind has its downsides.  This White House thinks subtlety is for movies with foreign talk, and they didn’t come to the cineplex for a literacy test.  Hitting the buzzer first doesn’t necessarily lead to the correct answer.  Policy via blurt isn’t necessarily a virtue, especially depending on the mind.

The straight talker has caused a lot of confusion.  Bluntness isn’t necessarily unequivocal, especially if the speaker is trying to convince you he knows what he’s discussing.  This particular president would speak more coherently if he knew what he wanted.  The goal of every human adulating him while genuflecting doesn’t count. Perhaps the next impulse will be the correct one.  Recall he ran on a lark, which informs every decision he makes affecting our lives through 2020.  If it seems like Trump’s making it up, it’s because you’re astute.

Why get serious now?  After all, he’s played a successful businessman for such a long time.  A certain indicator of security is the compulsion to flaunt supposed wealth.  In a reminder of English’s limitations, gaudy doesn’t cover it. Every bit of shiny flair stapled to Trump’s property is what you think a rich guy is like, or at least what the aspirer thinks we think it’s like.

Seventy years in, anyone marginally engaged can easily spot Trump’s thoroughly crude take on design and communication.  Hey: just like his version of conservatism.  The bluff worked all the way to the top, although that’s a testament to voters’ weak poker faces.  We suffer because the id guy’s ego is out of control.

Republicans pricing venues for 2032 victory parties should make sure their presidential mascot hasn’t chewed through his leash.  We only get the chance to be in charge every couple of elections, and this turn is being used on a longtime Democrat and permanent blowhard.  Someone whose obsession with proving strength has already been manifested in flippant outbursts.  At least he’s predictable in capriciousness.

How about winning for more than the sake of gloating?  Those who believe we can get by without mandatory federal guidelines should try to win next time while explaining what the party doesn’t endorse.  For now, casual political observers will naturally presume free-market policies are presently on display.  Republicans are the business side, right?  Pundits were making trite observations about short attention spans decades before Twitter turned our brains into circuit boards.  Hey, check out that bird!


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