Tee’d Party

The frictionless resistance has already lost its grip.  Hypocrisy isn’t developing muscles.  Professional paraders mocked those who noticed the country isn’t working before trying to copy them.  They won’t take monstrous ideas like self-reliance and retaining what’s earned, naturally: they just hope to copy the tactics without also being motivated by distaste for federal oppression.  Freedom means paying your own bills, and that’s just costly.

The Tea Party is shorthand for everything liberals loathe about our nation.  Liberty by law is noxious to those who appreciate everything about America as long as it changes into another random loser welfare state that emasculates itself to remove any urge to fight back.  In the spirit of bipartisanship, shame those evil racist Red State dunces who dared to notice what’s legal, not to mention that the country runs better when it’s not committing crimes against itself.  Also, liberals want their own version.  Just please don’t pray or drink Pabst un-ironically.

I bristle at charges that the Tea Party was as fake as Shaun King’s complexion boasts, mostly because I never got my Koch checks. No nefarious conglomerate has to pay people to have ideas that encourage the right to be left alone.  Mandatory communalism endorsees struggle to believe anyone could volunteer.

Those who wonder why Obama doesn’t get credit for three dollars of growth think good ideas start with money.  Funds come from someone else, of course, as spending your own is so unfair.  And who wants to run a business for profit like some soulless Republican?  That sounds like an overwhelming amount of effort, not to mention the taxes as punishment for success.  It would’ve been easier to perpetrate organized defiance if everyone didn’t go back to work.  By contrast, many liberals are ready to picket at a moment’s notice.  Count it as employment if you’d like.

You’d think a bunch of filthy hippies would generate organic resistance.  Instead, the sloppy Frankensteins create genetic monstrosities that would make Monsato blush.  Give them more and they’ll be successes.  As with everything else they believe, government enthusiasts think it’s simply a matter of mustering enough currency to convince others. They’re too important to earn it themselves.  Cynically and fruitlessly thinking an advertising budget is all it takes explains Obamacare, at least.  The idea backed by the biggest financier wins, according to those with crummy ones.  And you say they’re poor at business?

Moral equivalency is toxic when applied to the other side, as well. Treating all anger as justified disregards the source.  Wes Anderson and the Transformers people both make movies, so why aren’t they all respected?  Popularity isn’t everything.

Conservatives wanted the government to obey the law.  Meanwhile, Trump’s noisiest foes freak that he might not be involved in lives to their liking.  Deafly going to DEFCON 1 shows how they fear they won’t be oppressed enough, at least not in the charismatic style they preferred.  Why can’t we get a cool guy again to suavely bark orders?  For now, those who happen to be in the country illegally might learn we have rules, and that’s just mean.

Charles Bronson-style revenge fantasies are due for a comeback.  Imagine the president’s critics intimidated into silence by the IRS for the full Tea Party experience.  It’s not just so they can see how they like it, as empathy without identical experience is apparently impossible in an era where we all live in cybertubes.  More importantly, liberals would finally grasp how casually oppressive the system they adore can be.

There has to be a better way to get bullying fans to see how exhaustingly stupid our government is.  So, Trump could actually do something useful.  Disobeying liberals who might agree with many of his policies if his golden name were taken off might be the only way they learn.  Explain irony tomorrow.

If a new boss ruins the office, it wasn’t a good job in the first place. Conventional revolutionaries used to be a fan of collectivism until the cast change.  Nobody enjoyed the Coy and Vance episodes. But the Bizarro Tea Party condemns the entirety of Hazzard County. That Rebel flag was banned for tolerance.

Steadiness is tricky when you hate everyone in a different jersey.  It’s easy keep protesting when an adversary exercises power arbitrarily.  But fighting all overreach on principle means a chance of losing one’s Purity Pin.  Some only want to get sadistic on dissenters.  The Tea Party is followed by the You Comply.  People somehow disregard it. Their indignant group is designed to compensate for low enrollment with loud noises.  Somehow, the opposition doesn’t seem to gain much traction.  They get lots of support as long as it’s required by mandate.  It’s too bad friendship can’t be compelled.

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