The Unprincipled of the Thing

Republicans must be lying about wanting to get reelected.  Why else would they have their spines removed?  The procedure can’t hurt as much as rejection.  I refuse to accept any politician could be cowardly, so there simply must be an alternate explanation.  The Party of Nixon isn’t keeping promises.  It’s a core tradition for the side that respects the past.

Prisoners are scared of the open sky upon release.  That brings us to today’s Republicans.  It would actually be surprising if the supposedly new straight shooters did what they said to the point that supporters would find success uncomfortable.  Picture the poor Buffalo Bills fan who worries about nervousness during wild card week.  At least I think there’d be apprehension, right?  Can a backer of a good team confirm?  The tribulations that accompany success are worth it, or so I’m guessing.  Let’s advance for once and find out.

Trying to hand out entitlements changes who they are, but at least it hurts the nation and chance for reelection.  Everyone wins!  Republicans who claim they can administer the welfare state better are like producers trying to make Paul on The Wonder Years more normal in later seasons when they should’ve left him as the prototypical nerd. Talk about singing out of key.

Republicans need to stop selling light beer with the same calories.  For one, they’ll never keep pace with that other party, which is efficient at doling out inefficient wealth transfers.  More importantly, they promised to behave.  Voters give each side a chance.  Democrats lose because their beliefs screw up everything, while Republicans get banished to minority status after refusing to reverse what the opposing dolts did.  At least the parties are different.

The purported last hopes for preserving the Constitution say they’ll save it, then don’t bother. They’re somehow seen as unreliable.  Contrast the feeble surrender with the Democratic willingness to bribe their voters.  Like rich kids in an ‘80s movie, buying friendship is not ta fulfilling approach. Regardless, socking earners to benefit takers somehow doesn’t spur prosperity.   Those foolish enough to succeed are understandably ticked at the bill from the Treasury.  The frustration is only exacerbated when those who claim they’ll defend promotions back down. It’s easier to cut one’s hours in favor of waiting at home for a check.  Reagan’s organization still claims to oppose that.

The captains assure us landlubbers the hull will stop taking on water if we drill more holes.  The water pressure will seal it because it’s nautical science.  Failing to stop the other side’s silliness sinks us all.  The damage their cravenness causes isn’t merely self-inflicted.  This is what Democrats mean when they note we’re all in this together.

Instead, utterly principled advocates of limited government fear shriekers who demand to keep what’s unearned.  Redistribution harms the economy while creating dependency at the expense of achievement, although it works otherwise.  Democrats fail to retain seats for punishing success.  Republicans then thank fed-up voters by refusing to abandon class warfare maneuvers.  If the GOP were a restaurant, they’d pull a commercial featuring a dining family after three insane social media replies calling them bigoted transphobes for presuming only a mother and father would love their children enough to take them for pancakes.

It’s tough to turn down someone handing out money on account of being human.  But we adjust once the magic wallet’s spell wears off. People are naturally going to complain when an entitlement is taken.  Those who refuse to then change habits are like toddlers, only without the excuse of having traveled around our Sun enough times to grow up.  Welfare reform lead to people bitching as they will when the well of currency dries up.  Then, they stopped stewing long enough to convince employers they were worth hiring. While we wait for another Democrat who’s as mean as Bill Clinton, the side who impeached him could at least stand up for those funding indefinite benefits.

What the other side did doesn’t count because of their dumb policies.  The only thing Obamacare cost more of than money, our health, and liberty was Democratic seats, but only because it was a historically crummy plan.  Its namesake selflessly cared about nobody but himself. Big-government enthusiasts advocate heavy commercial regulation because they presume everyone is as selfish as they are.  The namesake managed to inflict the damage he wanted in a sick attempt to fulfill what he figured would be a cool legacy.  That perverse definition of utopia is one more reason I won’t visit Barack Obama’s library.  It’ll just be shelves stocked with the two books he didn’t write.

The problem with unsustainable spending is contained in its name.  At least half the major parties should stand up to it, especially with two-thirds of the branches in control.  Tell people they are capable of getting their own, a radical ancient notion that should at least get a contemporary hearing.  What if we’re doing it wrong despite our modern gadgets? This is the faction that claims to be for free markets, at least aside from the freaking president. Nonetheless, someone should be for the simple trades that you may describe as human behavior.

Commitment to bad ideas always tops a half-assed version.  Democrats who promise to enact a welfare state do better than Republicans who back slightly less of it.  Neither their own fans nor the other side will start thinking they’re cool for copying the other side’s poor ideas. Their poor reading of what the public wants explains their skittishness about enterprise.

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