Big Government, Small Man

There’s a growing revulsion against being told what do to with your life and what would otherwise be your money.  That’s silly, as why else do you have a government?  Your decisions might be as improper as your spending, so let’s cede for prosperity.

It’s hard to say how conservatism is going to recover from your government vigorously not working for you.  That’s to say if it does.  Realistic expectations are best chained to bright hopes to keep them from floating to dangerous heights in recognition of how our stupid world operates.  Those who’ve read the Constitution with the intent to obey it rarely the chance to put policies into action.  We’re only one party away from having a choice.

The freedom to trade isn’t freely reported.  A lazy and unfair take on laissez-faire economics has led to many thinking we’d be doomed without the economy being shoved by law.  The curious notion government not only helps but is the only option is paired with the baffling thought that we presently have anything approaching a hands-off economy.  Our grabby taxes and regulations would make the Founders furious enough to wage revolution against us, and they’d win over our candy-asses while armed with only muskets.

It gets worse, naturally.  Pecuniary liberty is now linked to the last guy on Earth who can be called a believer in it.  You may have noticed how every solution Donald Trump proposes involves telling you to be successful.  Hey, it worked for him, right?  Being in charge isn’t worth it unless you can have power over others.  A guy who got off on firing people is sure to operate meekly.

Our generation has our own Herbert Hoover, which is surely an auspicious sign.  The president is another Republican businessman, so what he pursues must be conservative, right?  At least the man who gave us FDR was a successful miner and humanitarian.  On the other hand, he didn’t fail to confiscate enough wagers from seniors in Atlantic City.  Regardless, nothing embodies the freedom to interact commercially like massive tariffs as punishment for buying from a non-American.  I’m suddenly thinking of that right-wing rascal Richard Nixon creating the EPA while imposing wage and price freezes.

Our bebop president is making it up as he goes along.  His discordant tune is inherently statist: without a guiding principle, every problem is naturally solved by a semi-legal initiative.  Leading by capriciousness doesn’t just apply to his present policies, which reflect what Fox & Friends covered that morning.  His own personal shady dealings provided a clue of how he’d operate as president, so pay attention to them last year.

Anyone watching with both eyes knew of his projects’ shortcomings, eminent domain abuse, and unsavory ostentation.  Also, don’t forget his bragging about buying politicians, although he assures you he’s completely different.  Trump is just another free market fan who made a fortune cajoling election winners.

If you don’t have evidence, go with charges.  Everything makes sense, which is why conservatism is blamed for a financial crisis caused by the government forcing people who couldn’t afford mortgages to be allowed to buy houses.  It happened when another Republican was in office, after all, and they like business.  Those who want nothing to do with this will receive blame for all of it.  Actual conservatives know that life is unfair, and the confusion between party and ideology will offer firsthand proof of it.

Two parties intent on burying the needle aren’t broadcasting at subtle volumes.  Duck as they slug it out over which version of unwieldy government will prevail.  Meanwhile, those who vainly hope this nation will obey its own rules are tarred and feathered when the precise opposite of their goals gets enacted.  In a perfect world, everyone would receive the credit they deserve.  The ideology that acknowledges just how impossible that is to achieve isn’t getting much traction.

Which version of bullying do you prefer?  There’s either a Republican in office who is wholly incorrectly presumed to favor shrinking the federal footprint or nefarious business interests who keep Democrats from enacting the peacefully equal society they just know works on paper.  Taking away health care is how Republicans wage war on the poor, according to those who refuse to realize Obamacare did just that.  At least one party is honest about wanting to take what’s yours, so give them credit for rottenness.  Then detract it for their histrionics about how a slight cut in wretched debt will lead to dead grandmas and orphans.

So much conflict is based on misunderstanding.  Liberals who despise Trump like he’s a pro-life Hitler should realize how often they concur, if only for our amusement.  Those without a Twitter egg in the fight would rather people get screwed over voluntarily.  We can at least walk away in our private lives.  That’s the whole damn point.  People in general and Americans in particular should be allowed to choose to deal with anyone they wish.  Instead, obtrusive governing will be blamed on P.J. O’Rourke fans.  The inability to avoid hassle isn’t punishment enough.


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