Victory Growl

You’d think one’s hero winning would bring contentment.  But it’s important to keep striving even whilst at the top.  Stay miserable until your savior wins the Super Presidency.  Trump fans sure are angry for having their impossible dream come true.  Sore winners are emblematic of our times, so at least it’s good for something.

Other than defining this wearying election cycle, the unwillingness to be pleased might be making everyone a bit cranky.  There are consequences for a campaign based on resentment, which affect more than those who could use a nap.

Note who’s not up for governing by who never stops campaigning.  Rallies are more fun, anyway.  Who wants to make decisions that’ll tick off voters or other countries when you can bask in cheers from the faithful?  Those who think hearing Trump speak is worthwhile whoop for any madcap scheme instead of peskily pointing out that mustard doesn’t turn into gold no matter how long it’s frozen.  Promising the next time will be different is easier than policies that work.

The fascination with bluster is a characteristic shared by the previous White House occupant.  The seeming opposites are two sides of a coin confiscated by Washington to pay shovel-draggers in the name of fixing infrastructure.  The first black and orange presidents are each respectively cult leaders who like being in charge without having to do anything.  Both gentlemen found the one profession where it’s possible, namely presidenting.

Trouble starts when adrenaline wears off from the high of hearing how close our nation’s CEO is to enacting prosperity.  The realization will just take a bit more alienation.  Those who’ve noticed their beloved president’s guarantee isn’t quite working are understandably angry, although it’s still their fault. What he’s actually doing either fails to match his dreamy campaign promises or sucks in practice.  At least that’s a wide range of possibilities.

Has the guy from the party that was once renowned for skepticism of government fulfilled his promise about enacting utopia?  Perhaps we’re too critical, as there might be a secret laser net border wall in place.  But his most zealous fans wanted something tactile as a symbol of accomplishment.  A figurative barrier just won’t cut it.  How are we supposed to watch potential illegals get punched by the spring-loaded boxing gloves hidden within that way?

The result of thinking a politician will cure your ailments is as predictable as the dreary economy.  It’s not just government in general coming up short: this particular head of state assures us he’s going to bring back jobs while punishing fruitcakes who dissented.  Pathetic human worship is bound to fail, which places dreams even farther away.  There is a way to bail out from the downward spiral.  But it sadly involves humbleness, which is as in short supply as a levelheaded debate.

Even those still shocked by November’s results figured the rage would subside.  But it’s the only thing fueling this inspirational movement.  Who needs oil?  Republicans suddenly enthusiastic about federal planning are not about to chill upon realizing the new emperor is peddling the same lousy solutions.  Doing so more crudely with more blatant lies is how we stick it to the establishment. Supporters with glazed eyes were too busy projecting their hopes of miracle cures to notice their limbs haven’t reattached.

Ranting about conspiratorial forces is usually seen as a loser’s hobby.  But many alleged victors don’t ditch twitchy habits just because of winning some election.  Credit Richard Nixon’s precedent.  Every story from Hollywood, New York City, and Washington is about a driven person compensating for not feeling loved.  Flyover country has to suffer.

Pray to not be this bitter after getting everything wanted.  Otherwise, you’ll end up like Sean Hannity, and nobody wants that.  But the only man awarded a blackbelt in the ancient discipline of Sean Fu is at fault for backing a gaudy hypnotist.  Our president is loyal to the ideology of Trump.  Hannity’s dreamboat opposes big government in the sense that he’s in charge and will fix it.  If he ever seems unfamiliar with how to approach a problem caused by clumsy interference by messianic politicians and limp bureaucrats, remember he figures he can just tell them to do it right.

The guy who couldn’t sell football to Americans continues to dodge personal responsibility for ample shortcomings.  So, that’s what being a conservative is now.  Those who adorably think he gave up his billionaire lifestyle to save us aren’t about to check facts.  This totally wasn’t an ego-boosting attempt to get free airtime for his businesses, which are wholly involved in selling his personality. Those who buy shouldn’t bother keeping a receipt.  Winning the presidency is the only funny joke Trump’s ever told.

Some remain baffled why he’s trying to spend our way to prosperity.  I’m sure his family won’t get far enough ahead to be shielded from the consequences.  Many of us could’ve told you the only thing more inevitably disappointing than a politician is a politician who claims he’s not one.  But voters were too busy going with the single-payer guy as the best hope to repeal Obamacare.  If getting what they wanted didn’t create happiness, falling short is unlikely to do the trick.

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