Unsettled Science

I need people in lab coats to reiterate my prejudices.  It’s totally not insecure to seek affirmation of politics through science. Remember to claim results can never change to maximize insufferable smugness.  You can’t disagree with experiments, says the gloating art history major.

The supremacy of scienticians who just happen to reach liberal conclusions is assured by those in agreement who think their views are indisputable.  That’s why they think anyone who disagrees is an orphan-stomping caveman.  Classifying everyone who disagrees with them as monstrous is scientific, you see.  Ask Bill Nye, who proves their point.  It’s just not like how they think.

Those who know nothing about politics display the same level of understanding about science.  The most pompous humans maintain devotion to methodical study of theories.  But sloppily referring to an incomplete study they didn’t understand in the first place fails to prove that, say, puttering hybrids are necessary to keep the Earth from sinking in to the ocean.  Humans understandably want to determine what’s certain.  But it’s more important to recognize what we’re incapable of knowing. It’s especially so for Democrats.

Study preeners are so arrogant that they toss away what little sympathy they have, not that there was much after they ruined insurance while arming Iran.  Blame the misunderstanding of what they think reinforces their biases. Science is a process, not a conclusion.  Don’t bother trying to explain that to those who think their contempt for Neil Gorsuch is provable.  Those who claim to stand for it sure don’t get how it works.  The irony is as natural as gravity.  Hit the floor to demonstrate.

Make sure to only like genuine studies, namely ones that validate your preconceived notions.  Decide what should happen first just like a chemist.  The politics of convenience apply to what subjects students take.  A few absences are better than learning a challenging lesson.

Take the steadfast refusal to look at an ultrasound, which is necessary lest we want to discover something indelicate is occurring in abortion clinics.  Those who profess allegiance to evidence might realize it’s babies that are getting tossed in the recycling bin to return for organ deposits later.  Ending life is one of those things where you don’t even need a lab.

A century of human progress means we can’t live anymore, anyway.  At best, we could flee to a new planet, but we’d only ruin Saturn by living, too. Also, the rockets would further pollute Mother Gaia on our way out. Global warming is so bad that it turned to climate change.  Now any weather that happens can be blamed on us, including seasons.

The Ice Age is making it hard to concentrate.  Still, anyone remotely interested in the scientific process would realize it’s preposterous to think a planet-sized ecosystem might include a manageable quantity of variables.  It only features everything we have.

Pomposity races hypocrisy.  Both engines create quite a large carbon footprint.  Those sure that comfort will make Earth the opposite don’t seem willing to turn off lights that make it feel civilized. And they certainly won’t stop tweeting.  Most phones are powered by positive vibes, so those are okay.

The only certainty is that words cause irreparable pain. Microaggressions have been determined to hurt feelings as fact by the realest of sciences, namely social.  Hate speech is hurtful.  It’s right in the name, caveman.  Just as sure as solar power is why your lights are on, universities are proving why the First Amendment is last in their hearts.

You’d feel confused if you couldn’t tell who a dude is.  Please stop giggling at gender fumbling, as they’re serious about respecting the rights of disturbed people who don’t believe their naughty bits.  Those most devoted to claiming their views are backed by science sure are stubborn about not accepting that genitals determine who’s a man or woman.  There’s a pretty easy visual test related to externality.  Those shrieking about purported offenses on Tumblr all day never get to see those attached to genders they theoretically find attractive.  So, that’s why they don’t know.

The science is settled on liberalism.  It’s easy to examine government running the economy.  Sure, it’s into the ground.  But how would we track the vector?  Motion is the important part.  Likewise, Obamacare claiming millions more have insurance differs entirely from more affordable and obtainable treatment.  But saying it’s so is all it takes.  The solution is psychological.  At least, it had better be, or we’re screwed.

Anyone whose views are logical shouldn’t need to drag out charts.  Those unconcerned by 20 freaking trillion dollars in debt are bound to misread them. The graph looks right-side up from here.  Twisting statistics while claiming they’re irrefutable is as anti-scientific as it gets.  We watch liberalism fail daily.  Those whose genes don’t contribute to evolution wrote down the wrong measurements.  More money for schools will cure foolishness: it’s science.

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